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Monday, September 2, 2019

The Hachi Chronicle

Life with Hachi isn't as we expected when we adopted him off the streets in Texas. We've had to adapt to meet his needs, which are outside anything that we've had in a dog before.

But, despite it all, we do love him.
Nothing bad has happened in the past week. But I find myself sometimes resenting all of the accommodations that we need to make for his unpredictable nature. Then, I spend some time alone with him, and my heart tells me how much I love him.

We will do our very best for him. He is getting better but it's almost imperceptible on a week-by-week basis.


  1. Hachi gets more beautiful every day.... what a gorgeous kissable face... great shot... I have to say, I loved Jake but there were many times I wished we had not taken him from the street. when there were 3 dogs it was harrowing to say the least. when it change to two for a few years and then to one, life was better.. I say this to let you know I understand and we loved our street dog to pieces.

  2. I appreciate your honesty; I, too, have felt this at times, with different dogs for various reasons. There are good days and bad ones, for sure. I know how much you love your boy, and he is certainly lucky to have you :)

  3. Hari OM
    You are doing so well, appreciating and holding on to the positives, balancing the negatives... He's just so handsome! YAM xx

  4. He sure is a handsome boy. We are keeping our paws crossed that your pack will one day be happily united.

  5. I'm sure that love goes both ways. He is a handsome boy and lucky to have been adopted into your home.

  6. As we approach 9 years with our Hailey, I find myself sometimes resenting the damage she has done, the stress she has caused, etc. At the same time, she has my heart. I think it is ok to have all the feelings. It is what makes us human. Thanks for sharing them, we spend too much time pretending everything is perfect, when it isn't always.

  7. And none of this can be easy but the love always seems to shine through. You are a most lucky boy, Hachi!

  8. a wonderful blog I follow has 5 Siberian Huskies. they're all grown.
    but early on he found it beneficial to the whole family... especially his OWN blood pressure!
    to always have them go into their individual crates at breakfast and dinner time. with doors closed...
    each was able to eat in peace and not worry if a brother or sister was going to steal their food.
    that way they didn't have to wear a muzzle.
    it has worked for them. they all get along fine otherwise!
    but just like Hachi protecting his own survival at food time... it has been more relaxing for them all.
    they're so used to it now that when they hear their dishes being filled they go to their own crates! lol.
    it's worth a try? I don't know. am just putting it out there. and sending love and best wishes to you.
    bless you for your patience with him. xo

  9. KB it is ok to have these feelings...and best to get them out of your mind by sharing.
    Oh if Hachi could only talk. No one knows what he endured. I am a believer that love wins in the end
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. Rescue dogs always seem to have special needs and can be a challenge. I hope you see his gains more than his setbacks.

  11. I hope the continued routine will help him relax more.

  12. My heart goes out to you. I used to have those same resentments with Brut and the two packs. Still have them with having two packs sometimes. (((HUGS)))

  13. He is such a darn handsome challenge though.

  14. I do understand that feeling. I think anyone who has dealt with such difficulties understands. The important thing is, your commitment to doing your best for everyone, wherever that takes you all. And Hachi will never know about the moments when you feel resentment.

  15. It is a long and difficult road that will use and test all of your patience. He is fortunate to have you for his family.

  16. It's a little like having a sick animal. You give your all, and would like to do even more, but there are times when it's all too much, and you wish for easier times.

    Hang in there, both of you!

  17. I understand exactly how you feel. I love Luke so much, but sometimes his quirks can be frustrating, and the accommodations we have to make for him difficult. Just do the best you can. ♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  18. I also know how you are feeling. I truly admire your devotion and commitment and I know it's because of your love for Hachi. He is so lucky to have you as his family!


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