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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Shyla (The Super Dog) Saturday

Shyla is my right-hand dog. We share so many parts of life. Today, we searched for mountain lion scrapes (scent marks) together. She's amazing at finding them. I never taught her how to do it. Rather, with her keen sense of smell, she was curious about them from Day 1. Then, she observed my interest in them - and the rest is history. We make a great team. I know generally where to look, and she can pinpoint the locations of the scrapes.

There's another very useful behavior that I never formally taught her. As you know, she's my most frequent photo subject. These images are from that fantabulous mountainside of yellow flowers that we saw high in the Rockies just about two weeks ago. The sea of flowers was almost as tall as Shyla.

Often, when she's my subject, I call her to me for a galloping photo with her ears flying in the air.

Because she's Shyla the Super Dog, I don't have to physically lead her back to her starting place in order to try again (I never get it right the first time). Miraculously, over the years, she and I informally worked out a system where I say "go, go" after she runs to me. She knows that "go, go" means to go back to the same starting place and wait for instructions. She's incredible to work with, and I'm so spoiled by her.

Shyla and I have reached that sweet spot in life where we can almost read each other's minds. We can work together seamlessly, as long as we both have the same goal. I remember this phase of life with Angel K but, sadly, her life ended due to cancer soon after we reached it. I hope that Shyla and I have lots of years left together. She'll turn eight soon.
Happy Shyla Saturday. I love my girl.


  1. Happy saturday to everybody in your House . Love from Else Marie

  2. Love the picture of you smiling with your ears flying, beautiful Shyla!

  3. Such a beautiful girl in a beautiful field of yellow!

  4. I love your girl also... these are BEAUTIFUL, I love the one of her face coming out of the yellow. perfect shot... she is amazing and so are you to train her

  5. Happy Saturday to you and your high flying precious girl.

  6. Love love love these photos and how you and Shyla communicate!!
    I hope your Dad is doing well.

  7. 8 years, where have they gone? Shyla is so happy out there, and to think she has talents that didn't need any training at all shows how amazing she is.Love your Golden Girl in a sea of gold.

  8. What a wonderful relationship you two have! That bond is so special, and Shyla is definitely a smart and special girl. ♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  9. You do seem 'in tune' with each other. I'm afraid the terriers don't even perform the first time when the camera comes out, much less repeat something. What a clever girl she is.

  10. I love the expression on Shyla's face in the second picture, with the flying ears - she looks completely at ease and joyful :)

  11. You two sure are a great team. It's amazing what our dogs can learn even without us actually training a particular behavior.

  12. I love reaching this part of a relationship! I don't even know how to describe it, but it so completely awesome. I was lucky to have reached it with Brut, fairly early in his life. I'm glad we did since he died so early.

    What a bond you and Shyla have. Enjoy it for all it's worth!

  13. Oh, Shyla, Ma is SO jealous! I am afraid I would be too busy sniffin' or chasin' a critter to be interested in anything Ma has to say! BOL!!! You look so beautifuls in those flowers! You made Ma smile!
    Ruby ♥

  14. That is, indeed a special relationship, one to be cherished.


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