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Thursday, October 7, 2010


If you look carefully at the photo below, you'll see that we had a dog ghost sprint through our bird feeding area this morning. She was visiting to go for a run with R and the Runner. She moved so fast that she was transparent!
K and I headed out, much more slowly, for our short walk this morning. K wasn't quite awake yet.
K found a very small rock to step up onto (before I knew what she was doing) so I photographed her. She seemed incredibly pleased with herself!
Aside from our short walks, I've been playing games with K, teaching her the names of toys. So far, she's quite confident that she can pick octopus out of a line-up. Here, she's waiting for me to tell her which toy to identify.
I said "octopus", and she sniffed and then picked up her purple octopus. Smart girl!
I've been playing similar games with R, and he's hysterically funny while we play. Each time I give him a verbal instruction, he inserts a loud vocalization, either a bark or a high pitched trill, while complying. I spend our entire training time trying suppress my giggles. I'll have to video it for you sometime soon - it's too funny to be missed and he might stop doing it someday!

After I took care of K this morning, I headed out for a bike ride on my own. I started on my favorite trail that wends along a canyon wall, facing either west or north for its entire course. The sun hadn't touched the trail itself yet but the tops of a few aspens were afire with sunlight in the midst of the dark forest.
At the other end of the trail, I hit a more heavily used route, noticing some serious ruts left by what appeared to have been a brigade of skinny-tired bikes (cyclocross bikes?) going fast and wide around the turns. I contemplated how to deal with the damage... and, as I pondered, I noticed a brown-eyed Susan still blooming. What a treat!
Soon, the echoes of nearby helicopters caught my attention. They didn't appear to be firefighting helicopters but they kept dropping down to a reservoir, racing west out of my sight, and then returning to the reservoir. That was not a welcome sight. I decided to pedal up higher to try to see what was going on. In that time, the commotion stopped. I still don't know what they were doing but thank goodness that no big fires erupted. This fall has been the most stressful fire season that I remember.

It was another Indian Summer day, a day to be celebrated and a day to enjoy the sun on my skin. Yellow cottonwood trees glowed against the bluebird sky.
During my ride, a vision kept glimmering at the edge of my consciousness - K running along side me. Maybe it will happen again. I'm not giving up hope. Thanks to all my friends for their words of encouragement.


  1. Those skies so show why K's new collar was a pawesome choice!

    As for giving up hope, we knew that you wouldn't - you hadn't yet with all of your adversity - so why not keep the positive thoughts going with K?!?

    That is some ghost dog ;-)

  2. Love the invisible dog in the first pic! Oh heck, love all the pictures! K looks so happy up on that rock and I think the games you're playing with her are neat -and yes... take a vid of R's trills and vocalizations! How clever they are! And that cottonwood against that blueblueblue sky is incredible. Glad you couldn't see smoke or evidence of fire - awful.
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie's and Avalon's Mom

  3. I love that R is so vocal. Ginko is like that too. When he is out on the property, and I cannot see him, if I call for him, he always lets out a little yip to let me know he heard me. It's super sweet.

    I'm sure I'll miss that someday.

  4. Keep your hopes up, just as you do for yourself. K may surprise you yet. She is just so beautiful, especially so in today's photos.

  5. Sorry about the ruts, KB! I'll rake them over next time, that sand doesn't hide tracks too well. It was 5 people doing 5 laps in a figure 8 there last night.

    I'm pulling for K to run alongside you again, it'll happen, she's a trooper!

  6. I'm giggling over that early morning picture of K! Darn those paparazzi for sneaking around and catching you before you're ready to face the day!

    I'm glad to hear that her spirits still seem good!

  7. One thing I have learned with 6 dogs, never say never! I can't wait to see you two ride again. Make sure you tape R picking out the toys, sounds like he's having fun. It made me giggle.

  8. First of all, I am usually good at "seeing" things but, are you kidding with the ghost dog? Noseeum!
    KB is giving me the giggles with yesterdays sneeze and todays big yawn. That she got up on a rock is a wonderful moment! She will be fine, I think. She wants her place back, period!

    Hugs all around,

    Jo and Stella

  9. Geesh KB!
    You are such an amazingly dedicated woman with your animals! I can't believe the detail you go into with their training...I am turning into a great admirer!...then again, I also believe in challenging our doggie-buddies all the way, but you are obviously incredibly knowledgable and I am in awe.
    The early morning walk must be so, so uplifting for K. I am sure you can see it in her eyes!
    Again...your countryside is magnificent!
    THank you for sharing your life with us all.

  10. We'll be hoping right along with you! I have faith that K will be out there with you again some day!

  11. um, I hate to break it to you but "once a talker, always a talker" in the case of R talking while working. Loki talks all the time when he works. people think he's complaining, but he always complies. so i donno.

    he's especially funny when i "shoot him" dead. the complaints out of his mouth as he slllloooowly goes down to the ground actually works fairly well for a Bang You're Dead game!

    that first pict of K ... she looks like a dinosaur! :)

  12. Hellos there...I am Puddles and I is coming bgy from da OP place...they be's my wonderful furiends. But ummmm, I sure hopes they didn't warn ya'll I was coming by...hehehehe!
    Okays I gots to hand dis overs to my mum cuz her wants to blag fur a jiffy.
    Hello, I wanted to say you have some beautiful scenery shots and shots of your dogs on here...they are truely beautiful.
    And I also wanted to say anytime you feel hope has been lost just look in K's eyes and she will show you she is one dog full of courage, determination , and pereserverance.
    I hate to bring my dog into this but I am using him as an example, he had major back surgery due to a ruptured disc (he was paralyzed). It was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to watch my best friend go was heart breaking. But, he was a fighter and determined. He started walking the day after his surgery...not well but he was doing it. Today, you would never know anything had happened to him.
    Anyway, sorry to ramble but we are here for support.


  13. I love the picture of K on her rock. She's still queen of her forest!

    I'm glad you've had more warm days to enjoy. I hope they hold out a little longer so you can enjoy your outings with K in the sunshine.

    PS-Yes, a video of R!

  14. Hi K! We came over from The Chronicles of Woos! And we know Puddles too! Heehee! she is very funny. Hope you feel better soon!


  15. We came from our furiends the OP Pack to say hello and that we're sending healing thoughts to K. We love the photo of her on the rock!

  16. Our furiends, The OP Pack, sent us over to meet you. We lost our lovely Chocolate Lab from our pack this year and we miss him so. K, you are beautiful and we are so glad to meet you. Please come visit us sometime if you get a chance - we hope your paw gets better soon.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  17. Hi! The OP pack sent us over. You live in the most beautiful place! Hope K's paw gets better soon. That is a dog, that is going places!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  18. The OP sent me over too! I am sending lots of healing thoughts to K. She is a beautiful and courageous dog and I hope she will soon be able to join you on bike rides again.

    Your pal, Pip

  19. Hello deres!

    My furiends at THE OP pack sent me over here too. I am Maggie Mae!!
    You has a wunderful bloggie and I am now following you. Puppy prayers and paws crossed dat K recovers fully from her injury.

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae


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