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Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Sunday memory

First, a Sunday memory. As I rode my bike today, all by my lonesome, I kept remembering the tiny and timid K who joined our family almost seven years ago. She initially was terrified of me - she tried to hide behind a washing machine when we first met. You can see how shy she was in her downcast eyes. We socialized her like crazy during her first months with us, having her meet hundreds of nice people, many of whom gave her treats. Very soon, despite her initial qualms about me, we became inseparable. Can you imagine how this tiny puppy became the K who we all know today?
K and I started the day in what is becoming a beloved interlude in each day. We puttered around our property and visited beautiful aspens. Since K can't check out the pee-mail on our entire trail network, she pays special attention to every bush and rock on our route. I patiently wait, knowing that it's likely the highlight of her day too.
The day dawned sunny and chilly, although the intense sun soon warmed the air. K seemed oblivious to her cast as she clomped through the forest, stopping here and there to soak up the sun.
After K and I had a relaxed morning together, I went out for a mountain bike ride. Very soon after starting to pedal, I took off my arm and leg warmers to feel every ray of warmth from the sun. I wondered if it would be the last day of the year for short sleeves and shorts. Tomorrow, winter is planning to invade.

I gazed at glorious aspen groves with a snowy mountain on the horizon.
I did an extra loop at the end of my ride to check my wildlife cameras and saw that I'd captured a photo of an insanely panicked deer. My camera didn't pick up any animal, like a mountain lion, chasing this deer so I don't know why she was so panicked.
As I arrived home, I almost crossed paths with a coyote leaving our property. Here, the coyote trotted past a wildlife camera.
Just a few minutes later, I rode past the same camera.
The coyotes visited our property regularly last fall, winter, and spring but then abandoned it for the summer. I wonder if they'll be regular visitors again this winter? As long as they don't mess with our dogs, they're very welcome!

I arrived home to find the Duo, asleep, side-by-side, with purple octopus guarding them.


  1. K's face hasn't changed since she was tiny. The same soulful eyes.
    I love the duo sleeping together with their purple guard. Heartwarming :)

    Emma Rose

  2. soulful eyes for sure.....such a cute chocolate babe, is hard to believe the mature so fast....
    Great trail cam shots! Nice wheels girl!

  3. K is still the same gorgeous girl that she was as a puppy, just less shy now. i appreciate you posting a picture of her as a little one, especially since i'm new to your blog. i was noticing (unless the lighting is playing with my eyes) that K's eyes looked almost green in her baby picture?
    wow, you really did miss that coyote by just a few minutes. i bet it would have been quite surprised to run into you on the trail!
    i laughed about the purple octopus guard. that last picture is cute. :)

  4. Being a total pushover for cute puppy baby pictures, you might have heard my Awwwwwww! all the way to your house.

    Glad you had a good ride. With a storm on the agenda, we are having very cool temps and I can only imagine it is not so far away for us too.

    Cheers, hugs and awwwws,

    Jo and Stella

  5. K was a beautiful puppy who turned into an even more beautiful lady! Gorgeous photos of her, I jut love hee eyes! They seem like they could tell so many stories!
    Great post as always thanks for sharing :)
    Kodi's mom. X

  6. Oh those EYES!

    Since I'm an eye person, I'm quite taken in by them -

    I'm still so enjoying the aspen pics too - with AND without K!

  7. Looks like you had a nice Sunday. Hopefully the deer is safe and sound. Stay warm out there. :)

  8. What a beautiful puppy K was! I'm not in the least bit surprised, though, since she's so stunning now.

    I love that shot of the golden aspens amongst the pine trees! That is just gorgeous!

  9. Love the first 3 photos! Your love for K shines through your photos.

  10. I was just looking at your photos and reading your words about K.
    You mentioned her eyes.,,,,
    I stopped for a minute and thought about something that silently crossed my mind today,,,,
    I gazed at some tall Douglas Fir trees and saw how weathered and season they had become from all the storms that visit and have left their mark on the branches.
    I thought about how they are the same beautiful trees as the younger ones, they are just seasoned. They have a new look as they have withstood what life has given to them.
    The same about K's eyes,, she has the same soulful look, but she is now seasoned, and has confidence, where maybe when you got her,, she had none. A bond developed through the storms.
    Gorgeous photos as always,,, tell your trees hello from me,, and I will greet mine for you

  11. Perfect Puppy, K's eyes were special even then!

  12. As beautiful as a tiny pup as today!!! And how we love that last photo:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. Awwww....look at sweet baby puppy K! Oh, she was cute (and she still is)! She was very much lucky to end up with you so that you could introduce her to the big, wide world in such a happy-making way. I wish I'd had somebuddy do that for me when I was a puppy.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  14. K is a beauty! Soft spot for chocolate labs. Mom's mom has had two, and both have been big loves :)
    The last photo brings big smiles :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  15. OMG. I cannot stand how cute K was as a pup. Nothing compares to hear beauty now, of course, but she looks like a little brown bear.

    It's a good thing that octopus was on duty. Clearly, they were up to no good.

    It's so sweet that R is helping K through her recovery.

  16. This is a test because people are telling me that they cannot comment.

  17. Glad Octopus is standing guard! That cam photo of the coyote is awesome - its coat looks lush.

  18. Wooo - glad Purple Octopus is on guard duty.

  19. Hi!
    K has a peaceful soul. She has a calming influence even in her fotos! I'm sure mr. octopus agrees.

    - hey I see coyotes around my residential neighborhood early mornings on my walk. So far they just look at me. A bit concerning though... Has K or R encountered one yet?

  20. Norwood,

    We had one very scary encounter when K was a young dog. She was off-leash and was lured into chasing a coyote. She disappeared into an aspen grove chasing one coyote and emerged from it with five behind her. They backed off when I screamed like a lunatic. However, if I hadn't been there and supervising closely, the outcome could have been different.

    I've NEVER had any other bad interactions with coyotes, and I've NEVER had ANY interaction when my dogs are on leash or right next to me (I never even see coyotes in this situation). Coyotes seem inherently afraid of humans and stay away. So, I think that you're safe walking through your neighborhood.

    I do think, however, that dogs who will be running off-leash near coyotes need intensive recall training so that they can be called away from a luring coyote. We've done that with both of our pups.

  21. That last shot is precious!

    I can't help but wonder if the deer was panicked by hunters...

    Love to see the photos of K looking happy and healthy with such a sparkle in her eye! It was such a treat to see her as a baby!


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