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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quiet hikes and rides

R and I took a hike through a world suffused in pink at sunset yesterday. We hurried up to the lookout point and saw the tail end of the sun's show.
As the light faded, I captured R on a rocky promontory with the setting sun and mountains behind him.
It was a tranquil and relaxed walk, mixed with some training for R. The hardest part was that K was not with us - she was at home working on a kong with dog food frozen in it. She can walk only a fraction of the way to our sunset lookout point, a limitation that I hate almost as much as she does.
This morning, I took K for a short ramble to start my day. Clouds dotted the sky for the first time in at least a week.
I enjoy our short outings so much that I find ways to prolong them without having K walk any further. When she had her cast changed last Friday, everything looked fine except that K was getting a couple of sores on her wrist from too much movement. So, we really need to take it easy.
Taking photos is one of my favorite procrastination techniques. In the photo below, you can see how many layers of protection K wears over her cast to prevent it from getting dirty or damp during a little walk. She also dons a harness with a handle on top that allows us to help her on steps and over other tough spots. The main thing that we do with the harness is slow her down! She decided, late last week, to take a flying leap down 4 steps. Now, I grab the harness and require her to take one step at a time.
After I left K at home this morning with yet another frozen kong to amuse her, I headed out to check my wildlife cameras and take a ride. Near the camera where I captured mountain lion photos recently, I noticed a log with four claw marks, each about an inch long. I wonder when those claw marks were made?
Here's my favorite suspect for clawing the log since we know that he was next to it recently.
Then, I rode to Hug Hill, feeling desolate as I stood on the summit with no dog to hug. At least the view was stupendous.
And, every trail I rode had surreal sections of yellow tunnels. Nature puts on quite a show before going to sleep for the winter!


  1. You Live in a Amazing Place! Great Photos, What type of trail camera do you have? Are you scare to go out hiking when you have mountain lions around? They look like they are huge!

  2. That lion photo - WOW!

    And, you can definitely start to see the change in the seasons in your photos - the air just looks so much crisper. Today, we had an absolutely wonderful, COLD day - unfortunately for Marge, I spent a lot of it lounging around, recovering from our 7+ hours in the park at the trial yesterday!

    I know you wish K can be out there with you during this wonderful season, though. That must be really tough, but I am glad for your bonding time with R while K heals. (I've been reading your posts, and loved the shots of him on the agility equipment!)

  3. Gorgeous shots - oh how gorgeous CO is! I know how badly you must be missing K on your rides, but she will recover and join you again - apparently, it's not out of enthusiasm on her part! And in the meantime, it seems like R is getting some time with you and training in that beautiful country of yours! Beautiful yellows - and cougar too - oh so scary yet gorgeous.
    Sammie, Avalon and Mom

  4. Oh how we miss those sunsets!

    We were only on Colorado for 6 days near the end of July but I have been slowly making all of my vacation posts and reliving every second. That vacation truly changed my perspective on things. And if we were independently wealthy we would have already moved to Ridgway :)

    I look forward to your posts so that I can enjoy the changing of the seasons. We really don't get that properly here in Texas. Our temps went from 99 to 70 degrees in one day. Don't get me wrong I am enjoying the cooler weather and wishing I was in Colorado.

    Girls can dream :)

    Chasing my tale...
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  5. That is one big cat!

    At least K has one week under her belt now. She's getting closer to cast removal. I hope you can find a lot of ways to make those morning outings last!

  6. I was wondering, do you hike in the winter as well through the mountains? Not knowing anything about mountain living, I wouldn't know if that is possible and if you do it. Just curious.

  7. Great contrasts in the light with that photo of R. Thought of you when I picked up a paper in China with a big article about some proposed development, and the opposition to it, in a pristine Colorado valley.That eternal story - jobs v the environment.

  8. just love the aspen groves.....
    glad K's bandage change went ok...will they change it every week...just to make sure there are no sores?
    beautiful fall scenes!!

  9. That last picture in the aspens is beautiful! I like how the broken tree makes a doorway through the trail.

    With her harness and caste cover, K looks like she's suited up in armor, ready for battle. Hoping for continued good news about her recovery.

  10. Just catching up on your posts. I'm so sorry to read about what K's been going through. Must be hard on both of you. It will be interesting reading more about how you train R on the agility.

  11. Beautiful time of year there :)

    Thinkin all seasons there are beautiful in their own way :)

    Fascinating shot of the marked log and Mountain Lion.

    Thanks for sharin :)

  12. Beautiful sunset and terrific picture of R. Keep healing, K.

  13. Life with Five Dogs: I have two types of trail cameras that I love: Bushnell Trophy Cameras and Reconyx Hyperfire Cameras. These are both awesome cameras. Check out They have tons of information about trail cameras and how to choose one.

    And, yes, I always have a slight twinge of fear in mountain lion territory. However, everywhere around my house is lion territory so I've gotten used to it. I believe that if a lion had ever wanted to kill me, I'd be dead. So, I walk through the forest due to the grace and peacefulness of our biggest predator.

    Last, yes I do both hike and bike in the forest in the winter. I have a special snow bike (don't worry, you'll see photos in the next couple of months). When there's really a lot of snow, I snowshoe or cross-country ski.

  14. 24 Paws of Love: Sorry, I accidentally answered your question but addressed it to Life with Five Dogs!

  15. KKS: Yes, they will be changing K's "cast" weekly. I call it a cast because that's what it looks like. It's actually more of a hard bandage or "splint". They're doing to check for sores and for skin infections. Unfortunately, she had both last week so she's on antibiotics now too!

    In about 5 weeks, she starts PT, including running on an underwater treadmill (just her head above water). Now, *that* will be very cool to watch! I hope that my cautious girl can handle it.


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