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Thursday, October 21, 2010

NIghttime visitors

This morning, K and I headed out for our mini-hike, following a trail from our land into the forest. As we walked, K sniffed the ground so vigorously, snorting loudly, that she made herself sneeze. Then, she resumed sniffing, and it looked as if she focused on particular spots that would fit the step length of a middle sized animal like a coyote or bobcat.

Indeed, our wildlife camera showed lots of travelers on our path, starting at about 9 PM last night when a coyote visited our clearing. Then, around 4 AM, several coyotes left our clearing to head into the forest.
These two hung around in front of the camera for a while, perhaps hoping for blog fame with lots of photos!
I was extremely surprised to see that a bobcat, who looked like the kitten who visited last week, walked our path despite the fresh scent of several coyotes. I've read that coyotes can kill and eat bobcats. Indeed, you can see how much bigger a coyote is by comparing the photo above to the one below.
Seeing K's reaction to the scents this morning emphasized to me how differently we perceive our world. K can know what happened last night because of her exquisitely sensitive nose. In fact, it appeared that she could pick out individual paw prints on the path using her nose. By contrast, I couldn't see (or smell) the tracks.
After walking along the fascinating little trail behind our house, we emerged into sunshine and some aspen leaves.
K sniffed the air and gazed around us, soaking up her time in the forest.
Then, she walked up a gradual boulder, casting a long shadow in the kinnikinnick ground cover behind her. The amazing shadows are one advantage to the low arc of the sun at this time of year.
After I walked K, I headed out for a mountain bike ride, visiting the places where aspens still have autumn leaves. Snow is forecasted for tomorrow so the final leaves may fall.
Near the end of my ride, clouds began to gather as harbingers of the winter blast about to arrive.
I've been having a fabulous time playing brain games with the Duo. They end up sleepy and content...


  1. Ohhhhh! K is just so gorgeous! Wow! And your "backyard" always amazes me - such beauty! You certainly DID have a lot of visitors last night - those coyotes look so healthy compared to one I saw several years ago in Joshua Tree - it was so mangy and, I believe, must have been quite sick. And the kitty kat looks like she/he can handle itself whoa! I guess it depends on how hungry the coyotes are.

    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie's and Avalon's Mom

  2. You must live on the party trail!

    Those shadows definitely make for a very striking portrait of Miss K! That last picture of a tired labraduo made me smile.

    I'm all shades of curious about what they're going to do to answer The Herd's challenge, too! *grin*

  3. We are curious about your response to The Herd too.

    K looks so good. We are so hoping she will be back on the trails when she has healed. The pic of the sleeping duo is precious.

  4. I just LOVE K on the rock with the shadow K and rock!

    And yes, Khyra still wants to smell that khytty!

    What an awesome post AGAIN!

  5. You guys look content after your hike. Good sniffers!
    Benny & Lily

  6. Being a 'newbie' to your blog, I can only say that I find this post and your photos so intriguing and I can't wait to see what shows up next in front of your camera!

  7. Are you expecting some deep snow or just a blow? We are having autumny weather but the temps are starting to drop down into the 40s for daytime.

    All pics and pups, just great. Bobcat looks healthy as do coyotes.

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo and Stella

  8. Great aspen and shadow shot with K! Looks like you have a couple of snoozers there. That Bobcat kitty better be careful. This morning on my run, a thought of a fox came into my head and when I turned the corner, I saw something running toward me on the road. A fox! It's like I conjured it.

  9. What an exciting night, waiting for snow...and knowing you have many wild neighbors just outside your door! It is interesting that the bobcat followed the same trail the coyotes took...

  10. After each visit,,, it leaves me with a sigh,,,,, capturing all the beauty of K and R ,,, and your magical world.
    The night cameras are so great to have so you really know who or what has visited. I wish we had the cameras too, maybe someday.
    We have the wild surrounding us too.

  11. That Bobcat is just alive with energy.

  12. Beautiful photos! Really love the one with K's shadow, and the wildlife camera never ceases to amaze me. Truly fascinating! Speaking of K, it's so neat that she's from Roanoke! Our worlds are quite different, and yet the internet seems to make the world a little smaller. It has been interesting to learn of people like yourself that are familiar with Roanoke. It's not a small town, but not metropolitan either. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Everything looks beautiful, but that breathtaking Chocolate Lab just makes my day!!

  14. Everytime I read your posts I am just in awe of your amazing world!
    Being a city folk it is just so great to see!

  15. Some visitors you had last night! I always wonder how my girls would react if they sniff a cayote or a deer or any wildlife.

  16. Sleepy and content are a great combination - grins.

  17. What a luverly foto of K...her is so beautifuls!
    Gosh dat spy cam is da coolest thing evers! Though I'm not sures id I'd want to know if a bobcat was around...hehehe..or a coyote. We has several coyotes around heres and we live in da heart of da city, right downtown! Purty scary if you asks me.
    But you lives in a most beautiful place..sigh.


  18. What wonderful photos - of both the dogs and the wildlife!


  19. I had no idea coyotes would eat a bobcat. I thought they would be an even match and steer clear of each other. Shows what I know?

    Beautiful pictures and stories as always!

    Your pal, Pip

  20. Woah! Look at those coyote tails. They're so fluffy! Nice to see them look so healthy.

    You got such a neat shot with K and her shadow. I don't think I've seen such a mini shadow like that! Did the snow roll in today?


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