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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Darkness and the Light

It was a dark and gloomy day here. It reflected my mood this morning perfectly. Shyla and I headed out together, knowing we only have a couple more days of our normal routine.

It was snowing lightly, and Shyla was looking pretty with flakes all over her.
Then, as I was taking photos, the coyotes started howling in the meadow below us. Shyla's eyes swiveled toward their singing. So far, she's not too interested in our wild canines, except that she marks over top of their marking spots almost daily.
A little later, I checked a nearby trail camera where I'd captured a couple of coyote photos. This one was the best - I personally love having coyotes as part of our natural world.
After the coyotes finished their serenade this morning, we played a few retrieving games mainly to try to cheer me up. Seeing Shyla romp almost always makes me smile. It was amusing to capture a photo of Shyla retrieving with her eyes closed!
I know that my state of mind today is a normal part of the mental process of getting ready for surgery and accepting that my life will be very different for a while. I usually have much longer to mentally prepare. But, I'll get there - I always have in the past! I usually try to make a list of fun things that I want to do (and will be capable of doing) during my recovery but I didn't have the heart for it today. Maybe tomorrow!

On the good news front, R is walking without an obvious limp now that his bandage is off. Just after his surgery, I was pretty worried about whether he'd get back to running without further reconstructive elbow surgery because the damage that they found was so bad. I'm now feeling much more optimistic, after watching how well he can walk less than a week post-surgery.

Don't worry - this photo was from before his surgery. We will be keeping him quiet for a while but I think he'll be running like this again by spring!
I had a funny incident with him today. I took him for a very short walk on our driveway, just for "business". When I was ready to turn back toward the house, he dug in his heels and refused to walk toward home. It took lots of cajoling and treats to get him moving toward home. I think it was a sign that he feels ready to go for a long hike. Sorry, R, but you have to heal first!


  1. Hopefully, he'll continue to heal quickly so he can go for those longer walks.

    We hope it isn't your 'throwing' shoulder that is going to be out of action for awhile!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. The first picture of Shyla and the last one featuring R were both so gorgeous they about broke my heart!

    We are back up with more Polar Bear stuff, sub zero temps, winds, snow and more snow. This is enough I say, a great plenty!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  3. It can be so hard to keep the pups resting when they need to, but it can be hard for us to rest when we need too as well! Hope you do have enough time to be as prepared as you can for your surgery.

  4. so glad to hear R is doing so well! i hope YOUR recovery will be as good!

  5. The days before surgery are hard to get through, and thoughts creep in unasked. Your photos show glorious times, and R will be better every day, and for Friday, the surgeon will know all of us out here are sending him, and you, positive wishes for a surgery that is successful, no complications, and a pain free recovery. Maybe he can send one of us an email, and then we can forward the good news. Would that be TOO much to ask of him??? Greetings from Jean

  6. Yes, when the day comes you will be ready to face whatever happens. Poor R. Good thing you know what's best for him.

  7. Shyla is looking a little worried about you,,, so good to see her run with the wind-when you gave her the toy.
    And R-- you best listen to your mom and runner and just wait for awhile..
    you and your mom will be healing together,,,
    KB,, maybe make a list of foods you want to have on hand- while you recoop a little.... well its an idea anyway,,, we know your restless, the wind right now.
    Its gonna be ok

  8. I love that first shot of Shyla! It's framed beautifully.

    Fingers crossed your surgery goes well!


  9. She knows how to work a look to get her way! Really beautiful clarity. Hope R is stronger than ever come spring.

  10. I'm glad you have Shyla to make you smile. Poor R is ready to get going again. Thinking of you as the surgery day approaches.


  11. So glad to hear R is healing well and in good spirits!
    You are getting even more opportunities (lucky you) to practice "being in the moment", aren't you? The emotional ups and downs must be pretty normal as you prepare for surgery and recovery, but it's good to know you and Shyla are enjoying your usual routine as much as you can before the upcoming Interlude of Different Things, I hope you think of lots of interesting and entertaining things for your recovery list!

  12. R is saying, " See? Nothing to it! You'll be up and about in no time!"

  13. You'll get there, R - it will happen, buddy, for both you and your mom!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  14. We hope that the way R is healing is a portent as to how you yourself will do after your surgery!

  15. KB - good luck with everything - Indy and I will be praying for your surgery to go well :):) Glad that R is doing so well - I knew he would, he has you as an example of how to bounce back.

    Shyla - oh she is just so sweet. Love her.

    xo ~dt~

  16. Glad R is feeling so spry! Isn't it funny how good they are at making their opinions known?

  17. Such good news about R. And you will be a part of our thoughts and prayers KB, as always. And I have to say that I love how Shyla's long furs above her eyes stand out.

  18. Glad R is doing so well. If he's tired of lying around the house that's a good sign. Soon you'll be in recuperation too. Best of luck with your surgery, I'll send good vibes your way :)

  19. Glad to see you guys enjoying your time together. Sooner the better to get this over with

  20. I would bet that R is restless. He is way out of his routine. I hope the dark and gloomy ends soon, for you and the weather.

  21. Love todays photos...especially number 2

  22. It would be so much better if we could tell them why we do things, wouldn't it? What will Shyla do while you are recuperating?

    Monty and Harlow

  23. It's great that R wants to do more! :)
    We'll be praying for you, that your surgery and recovery will go well.

  24. Hang in there, KB!! I know it feels right now that you'll be "walking to the gallows" on Friday.... cos those are the exact words I spoke, in the car, as Dan was driving me to the hospital for my procedure last Thursday. Mine is nothing like yours but the feeling is the same.

    I am holding you close in thought & in prayer, sweet friend. Springtime is too joyous... and summer is too heavenly... for ALL of you not to be prepared for it. Just keep looking at past pictures of spring & summer... and embrace them into your spirit, of good things to come.

    Love~ Andrea

  25. Poor R! Here is the secret, refuse to potty until you get the walk you want. I was on a zero walk restriction that was supposed to be for a month, but it lasted for three days then the vet had to change it to a "no more than a 1/2 mile" restriction because I refused to poop and barely peed for the whole three days! Mommy even drove me to my favorite pooping spots, but I held it. --Merlin

  26. That is very good news about R!! He will recover Quick I Think....hope you do as well

  27. What wonderful pensive photos of Shyla! I believe she's developing batty ears like K. I'm thinking of you daily now- prepare yourself! Let all be well with you.

  28. I have a feeling that you and R are a lot alike! I'm hoping that you have a pleasant couple of days before the surgery to feel more comfortable with it, and that things go well!

    And that first picture of Shyla is definitely one of my all time favorites! I love it!

  29. Beautiful photos. I empathise with struggling to stay positive, I'm struggling with that myself at the moment.

    I can see why R's digging his heels in is funny - so different from my one experience with a dog digging his heels in - a poor old dog I tried to help once, he was neglected by his folks so I came and bathed him one day, took him down the road and he dug his heels in too! Poor guy just wanted a walk!


  30. As surgery becomes ever closer I fully understand your anxieties. I must go back to hospital for another operation in early February as the last op was not successful and I am determined to have home dialysis.

    Our pets help us through the anxiety and uncertainty and in so doing we retain their love and affection as we show to them.
    Keep strong and paws in prayers for you.

  31. Hi Y'all!

    Please know my paws are crossed and my Human have you and yours in their prayers, but especially you.

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  32. That's great! To see how ready he is to get back out there. May his spirit infect yours with zest and vigor!


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