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Friday, November 21, 2014


My snowbike leaves wide tracks in the snow that many animals like to use for walking. Near my house, I've seen bobcat tracks superimposed on my snowbike tracks almost every morning.
Seeing that photo made me want to check my other trail cameras in bobcat-rich areas.

This is one such area... where bunny rabbits hang out and bobcats hunt them.
It made me laugh that a bobcat stood in almost the same spot a few nights later, getting his profile photographed.
And, on another animal trail, I'd noticed many bobcat scrapes throughout the autumn months. So, I decided to put a trail camera there to see what activity was occurring. I captured a photo of a mother bobcat and her kitten. Here is the mother...
And, here is her kitten, lagging a few seconds behind. The kitten is getting big but is still clearly smaller than mom.
I've observed that female bobcats don't leave scrapes (territorial markings) like I'd been seeing along this trail as often as males do. So, I wasn't too surprised when a bigger bobcat, a male, showed up the next night.

Here he is, preparing to scrape the ground and mark his territory.
Marking involves kicking backward multiple times with both back paws. In this case, he dug all the way down to dirt. On this occasion, he left scat in the scraped area.
One of the promising things about finding a bobcat marking area is that it usually attracts all sorts of wildlife to sniff it and then mark it themselves. I am fairly certain that mountain lions occasionally use this route so it'll be interesting to see if we get any photos of them.

I don't know what happens when a male bobcat meets a kitten. There are stories that wild male cats kill kittens but I don't know how many solid facts back up those stories. This trail seems like a place where this male and the kitten could meet...

It is the season when all the animals are changing their "usual" routes because of the snow and cold. I'm hoping that I can figure out more of the their "usual routes" this winter than I have in the past! These bobcat photos are a good start!


  1. For me, the Bobcat photos are the best, even above the lions and bears... Beautiful, and I can see how that kitten will grow. Super trailcam photos. Hope you are not snowed in up there. Jean.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. That bunny has nerves of steel
    Lily & Edward

  3. Amazing. Every time I see your wildlife photos, I am just amazed that you live so close to trails where these animals walk freely. So Cool!

  4. Those pictures are great and those bobcats are beautiful.
    stella rose

  5. They are beautiful cats!
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  6. We too really enjoy reaping the benefits of your trail cameras - love seeing those handsome bobcats!!!

    Have a good weekend.

  7. We really enjoy taking a peek at the beautiful critters in you neck of the woods!

  8. You really are off to a great start. Your photos are amazing, and I can only imagine the excitement you feel at capturing the beautiful cats!

  9. I think the bobcats might be my favorite creature you show us!

  10. I never realized how beautiful Bobcats were!

  11. We got bobcats around here too but they are scrawny compared to your cats. we also have those pesky rabbits that like to taunt me, oh how they make me crazy. Thanks for sharing your photos.

    Aroo to you,

  12. KB, We would get such a thrill to be able to witness all that you capture on your trail cams. To see the bobcat tracks in the snow!
    Your world draws us in,, and its such a good feeling when we visit you.
    Thank you again- for sharing your world- even though your not always feeling so great.

  13. You're such a good nature detective! I'm looking forward to seeing what busy routes you've captured this winter!

  14. We love listening to you piece together the stories, KB. The photos are wonderful!

  15. Thanks for sharing these with seeing them being natural in their own environs.

  16. I was interested in the marking with the back paws and the fact that the bobcat left scat in the scraped area. Our little blind/deaf Brook does something similar quite often. I always think she is acting like a cat since she will also scratch with her front paws prior to a bm.

  17. I think Delilah is part bob cat. She does that with her back feet too. LOL Love the photos, it's very cool to see them in their natural habitat.


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