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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Winter Makes Shyla Happy!

This day has been a shock to the system. It was 5°F when we woke up, and it has dropped to colder and colder temperatures all day.

Shyla was quite impatient as I set up my snow bike for its maiden ride of the year. I also had to search for the 87 layers of clothing needed to snowbike in weather like this. As a side note, I was cold despite the 87 layers of winter gear. My body isn't adapted to such cold yet.

I was once told that Shyla didn't have much drive. I beg to differ.
This girl is incredible. If she hadn't pushed and prodded, I might have spent the whole day sitting by the fire. When we finally hit the trails, she made the most of it!
This is her favorite log. I don't even have to say anything to direct her if I stop my bike by it. She runs to the other side, waits until I'm paying attention, and then sprints and leaps toward me. She makes me burst out in happy laughter.
Shyla leaps simply because she loves to. Seeing her bubbling over with happiness is such a joy.

Something that she seems to love about winter is that I am constantly dropping all the extra "just-in-case" gear that I bring on snowbike rides. I'd had a neck gaiter stuffed inside my jacket, "just-in-case" I got too cold. I guess it fell out.

Shyla to the rescue!
Just so you can visualize how much our world has changed in less than 24 hours, here's a photo in almost exactly the same spot, atop Hug Hill, as yesterday. Today was like a white-out.
This is what the same spot looked like yesterday.
I'm sure that we'll see the sun again soon but I think that the warm weather is probably over until springtime!


  1. Shyla is so cute!! I love the snowy pictures!!

  2. wow. winter has hit! shyla is a doll!

  3. Burrrrr but beautiful through the eyes of that sweet girl....

  4. Accuweather says for your place, -14C, real feel -25C, and tonight -18C, tomorrow -12C, no wonder 87 layers wasn't enough. Love those snow-on-the-nose- photos. Stay warm and cosy, like we are with a fire lit, and this is almost summer down here!! Jean.

  5. What a change! I agree, Shyla does have drive. :D

  6. We saw the US snowfalls this morning. We dogs love the cold weather--not it's that cold. And getting HER up and in layers takes a long time. No wonder Shyla was trying to hurry you up.

  7. You have us smiling broadly this morning, Shyla! We love the fact that you love winter and you love life ♥

  8. Great action photos! I'm curious, do you use shutter priority to get such clear photos of a moving Shyla?

  9. She looks so happy and free. In fact, even her ears (flapping in the wind) look happy!

  10. Shylia's little snow beard sure has me shivering, but laughing too.
    Love to see her having a great time jumping over the log. She is in her element and driven.
    Be safe, keep warm and have fun.
    xo Cinnamon

  11. Wow, you guys really got nailed. All the snow missed us, thankfully.

  12. Maery Rose,

    Thanks for the question!

    I've spent a long time figuring out how to get clear photos of Shyla running toward me. I generally use manual mode with a shutter time of at least 1/800, and as high an f/stop as possible (5.6 at a minimum). On a cloudy day, that means that I have to use a high ISO. I think that I was using ISO 3200 in today's photos, which introduces some noise but I didn't have a choice due to the low light.

    When Shyla is running toward me, the f number must be high to make the depth of field as big as possible. I then set the lens to manual focus on the spot where I want to get the photo. Auto-focus doesn't always do well when a dog is running straight at me. Then, I have to time my shutter to open when Shyla is in the spot that I've focused on (that's the hardest part).

    Yes, it's quite a process but it isn't so bad after you practice a bunch of times!

    When Shyla is running across my field of view, I do everything the same except that use "auto focus servo". I also can reduce the f-stop if I want to. Side-to-side movement within the field is much easier to photograph.

    Make sense?


  13. I'm not crazy about the cold myself. But seeing the excitement of a snow-covered muzzle bring a lot of fun to the snow.

    Shyla looks like a great motivator. Who wouldn't want to play in the snow with her?

  14. Yikes that weather is nutty. Good find Shyla we almost thought you put moms gear in, BOL. You always look so free and happy
    Lily & Edward

  15. Wow! What a difference!

    Monty and Harlow

  16. Those two shots make quite a juxtaposition!

  17. While we don't get snow here, Mabel used to beg to walk in the rain! As long as it wasn't lightening, I obliged. Some of our best hikes were in the rain, deep in the wash with no one around.

    I just love reading how Shyla is developing.

  18. Hi there, Old Man Winter has definitely arrived; I thought it was cold yesterday, but today was much worse. The weather man here in town said it was -1, the coldest temp in the country, but I'm guessing you might have been colder. We have quite a bit of snow and I am now content to stay inside in front of the fire.
    I love seeing your girl, she has grown so much and has such joy in the snow. Love it!!!!
    Have a warm afternoon my friend.

  19. The 'Daughter of the Mountains' is loving winter,, !
    Just looking at her makes us happy!

  20. Love to see pics of a happy pup, and that is one happy pup! Me... I'd be not so happy in all that snow. I'm such a cold wimp, I got shivers just looking at the pics of all that snow! Nice of her to find your lost items for you!

  21. Great action shots of your girl! Mom isn't used to the cold yet but it has only been here 1 day.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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