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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saturday Sunset

Yesterday evening, the Labraduo and I were out for a sunset hike, and the night was gorgeous! There was a pillow of clouds that swept over the eastern sky and then lit up at sunset.
As Shyla sat atop a Boulder, her head kept swiveling toward a group of deer browsing on the hillside behind her.
As the world became dusky, we walked toward home, with a stupendous view of the fading sunset over the Divide along the way.
The world felt so peaceful last night, as the deer and the elk trotted around near us and an owl hooted in the distance.
It's been one of the longest and warmest autumns that I can remember. The plants and trees know that it has to end soon - they've shed all but a few remaining colorful leaves. Yet, I still want autumn to go on and on...


  1. it sounds wonderful. i like those peaceful, nature-filled nights.

  2. Yes, all of us locals are celebrating the long autumn and also ringing our hands that the snow must soon arrive or we won't have skiing! We just can't be satisfied. Beautiful clouds to say goodbye to day.

  3. Thanks for painting such a beautiful picture with both your words and photos!!

  4. Those gorgeous evenings just restore your soul. Enjoy them while they last...

  5. Those sure are pretty photos!

  6. Beautiful sunset! I too wish autumn would go on forever, it's been very nice this year.

  7. What a pretty night. Recently our fall days and evenings have been nothing but rain and high winds.

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  9. It's picture perfect! I agree with you about autumn, I also wish it could continue.

  10. I agree, let's keep autumn as long as we can! Boy do I hate moving the clocks back; somehow it instantly makes the days feel more like winter.

  11. Your profile shots are awesome. I love this time of year when the clouds make for some amazing sunsets


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