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Monday, November 10, 2014

Winter Rushes into our World

The dawned sunny and warm (around 40°F). Shyla and I headed out around sunrise.
We lingered in the sun, enjoying the warmth and solitude. I love capturing her different facial expressions when I can. The top one is her "alert look", and I think of the bottom one as saying "OK, let's run now!".
So, I rode my mountain bike and she ran up to Hug Hill. As we climbed, the weather began to change. Gusts of wind started hitting us from the southwest, and the forest creaked and groaned around us as the trees swayed.

Atop Hug Hill, the wind was strong. The wind pushed Shyla's ears and tail to the side as she tried to run.
Lots of people hate the wind, and I do too, sometimes (like when I have try to propel my bike directly into it). But, I also love the raw intensity of it. It's part of living in the mountains, along with other wild aspects to the weather.

Shyla seemed to adore running with the wind at her back this morning. Look at her fly!
After I rode with Shyla, I wanted to do a very remote loop before "winter" arrived. For some reason, I hadn't ridden this secretive loop yet this year. I knew that the weather forecast said that the temperature was going to suddenly drop by 25°F, and that it was going to snow. So, although it felt silly at the time, I layered on the clothing, prepared for a full-on winter ride.

I adored the ride - I had complete solitude as I linked together trails with small paths that I've discovered over the years. I spent almost the whole time deep in the forest where humans rarely go. I am so very glad that I seized the moment to do it today because it's impossible in the winter.

But, in the last half hour of the ride, it began snowing very hard and the air became so cold that my drinking water froze. I was glad that I'd dressed for the sudden onset of winter! A couple of years ago, I had a close brush with serious hypothermia when autumn suddenly became winter in the middle of a bike ride.

By this evening, the Duo and I did our sunset hike in 10°F air and with snow still swirling out of the sky. As I write, most of the roads around us are closed because of black ice. Indeed, the Runner is stuck in town until officials can clear the estimated 25 accidents (including buses and big trucks) between here and there.
Winter is here, and it arrived with its usual drama!


  1. It has arrived here in the mountains, too. Blue sky at dawn but by 10 a white-out. We had gone the the Whole Foods in Frisco and drove home in a blizzard. I think tomorrow is to be clear. I hope your husband got home safely. I love the third photo of Shyla running freely with the mountains behind her.

  2. I read that a Polar Vortex is coming south, to almost all of US, with plummeting temps., and frigid conditions. Sounds like it's already in CO. and other states too, Take care, we have some rain, some wind, and in November,.., the fire has been going all day!!! I look at that heap saved for next winter, and already we are scavenging the drier logs to use right now. Love that last photo, as always, superb beyond my words. Hugs to all, Jean.

  3. Zohar boy, get out those boots. We don't like the wind, it makes us a scared
    Lily & Edward

  4. Yes, seasons change quickly at elevation! Our pawrents ran in the wind this morning but didn't seem to appreciate it. And Shyla looks like she runs faster than mom too! Stay warm and safe!

    Your Pals,


  5. The WI winters were not as severe as yours but we had plenty of snow and frigid temperatures. For the growing up years of our children's lives it was perfect. Cross-country skiing, ice skating, toboggans, and lots of winter fun. We truly enjoyed the winters. But that part of my life is over and I am loving the occasional snow and freezing weather in our winters here in NC.

    I do remember your brush with hypothermia. Take care blogger buddy.

  6. wow, what a swift change! hope the runner stays safe!

  7. Oh man!! That looks like a good time guys! That Winter is comin' in like a big ole Lion! Stay warm and do some snow zoomies for me! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  8. We got the start of some snow tonight and the temps are going to be dropping for a few days.
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  9. Oh KB,
    Mother Nature is totally in charge today- isn't she,,,, and she painted so many different pictures, with the wind, and snow and cold.
    Shyla and R each have a different texture of Mother Earths spirit painted all over them.
    Be safe,,, a coldness is coming to us too..
    And hope the runner gets home safely.

  10. We think you might need a repeat of the Sunday Snuggle.

  11. Brrrrrrr.....We hope you all are warm and snuggled in!

  12. We hope the runner is able to get home soon. Stay warm and safe, guys!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  13. Hope your husband got home safe! Be careful out there!! Sounds like you all are prepared though. Love these pics!!

  14. We got about ten inches here over a layer of ice. Glad I was able to work from home! Tried riding my fat tire bike. It was fun riding over mounds left by snow plows and gliding along the street (except when I hit too much ice). But full on snow - no go!

  15. Glad you got that fabulous ride in before (but not much before!) Winter would make it impossible. Take care, stay warm!
    (Work begins on the porch at 8 AM today, a bit earlier than yesterday. Next week's weather predictions are a great incentive!)

  16. You savored autumn to the very last moment!

  17. That is really a fast change and snuggles seem in order!

  18. Wow you guys got nailed. We just got cold air but no snow, thankfully.

  19. It is amazing to us that you can experience such extreme changes in condition. We hope The Runner will be able to get home very soon!

    Stay cozy and warm!

  20. Wasn't the cold front amazing? It hit here in KS at about 3 yesterday afternoon. I was in a t-shirt and shorts, temps near 70, then BOOM! The winds shifted and oh, heavens! We are barely making it out of the 20s today!

  21. It's crazy how quick the weather can change!

  22. A day late, but better late than never:) All that winter cold has hit our area now. Wind and cold are so not my cup of tea. No walk today, but that had nothing to do with the weather. I can at least say that at this point we have not had a seizure in 6 hours, a far cry from the every two hours of earlier in the day. Poor thing is totally zapped tonight. Hopefully we will all sleep. Thanks for your comforting comments.

  23. We've had cooler weather and gray days but our sun is back! Love the wind in Shyla's ear!


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