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Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Sunrise to Remember

This morning, I decided that I had to do something to bring some uplifting happiness into my life. I have spent a lot of this week fighting the pain. Why not accept the pain and try to do things that make me happy?

So, Shyla and I headed out early this morning, with me absolutely determined to be up at a good viewpoint when the sun crested the ridge to our east at sunrise. We succeeded. And, I had the opportunity to photograph Shyla in that wonderful, almost-winter, reddish light. Photography is one of those things that makes me forget everything else and lose all track of time. I love that about it.

The low angle sunlight is one of my favorite things about winter. Shyla glowed at sunrise.

And I took approximate 87,000 photos because I love taking them at sunrise. I think of the look on her face in the next photo as her "motherly" look. I don't know why exactly.

And Shyla adores sprinting in the cool air.

As you can see, almost all of the thin layer of snow that fell the other day has melted, leaving a wonderful playground for me and Shyla.

Being out at sunrise lifted my spirits immensely. Shyla seemed pretty happy about it too.
It reminded me that my life is what I make of it. If I try, I can make myself happier and see the beauty around me.

I think that Shyla agreed, as she levitated over a fallen log. It must be a joy to be as pain-free as Shyla. I'll enjoy it vicariously.

Life zips by as fast as a shooting star. I'm going to do my best to soak it up.
This photo was from the desert last spring. I never looked at it until today. What a pleasant surprise!


  1. Such wonderful, wonderful photos and we love the glowing and smiling Shyla! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Very beautiful pictures. I hope they were worth any discomfort you experienced. Shyla looks brilliant

  3. That last picture moved me to tears. After losing both beloved dog and only brother at the same time to cancer, much of our past came to the surface. I wrote my book, both books actually, to capture it, but there are still moments where there are bits of it, that gather around the edge of the room as dust bunnies of memory, tickling the emotion as the eyes tear up.

    I still feel them both looking down on me, with my Mom and Step Mom, both of whom nurtured me for almost 20 years each.

    I know you've had a lot of physical pain. Just know, that you have brought a lot of emotional healing to this one small person, in the form of your insights and photos.


  4. We would have to echo LBJ's words too. Your photos do wonders for the spirit. We are happy you take such joy in creating them and sharing them. We hope you are finding some relief from your pain. How we wish we could lift it away from you.

  5. I know exactly why the motherly look from Shyla. She has learned to sense your pain and is trying to comfort you. Lovely photographs.

  6. That shooting star- it was so meant for you to see today!! It is beautiful.
    And we think Shyla is in your life to help you,, because she gets just as excited as you do - when you go out to meet the morning. and capture the glows of her beautiful coat.
    You amaze us KB,,, you really do,,, We love your search for happiness moments.. We have so much to learn from you,, so much

  7. OMD, Shyla can RUN! You look like a 'cracker dog'! BOL!!! Okays, maybe I'm projecting...☺ I loves to see you run and run and gives your Moms such joy. I am sendin' her tons and tons of slobbery, I MEAN.. POTP and healin' vibes! ☺ And that last pic was..WOW!
    Ruby ♥

  8. yes, a lovely surprise, everything about that photo is beautiful!
    so glad that photography gets you so present that your pain subsides. pain is no fun at all.

    wishing you another beautiful sunrise.

  9. You have the most wonderful outlook, KB! We wish everyone felt the same way that you do. Beautiful photos♥

  10. You do have an amazing outlook! Shyla looks beautiful in the sunrise light! Hope you are feeling better today.

  11. what wonderful effects! I love the glowing tail you got while running... it's a little like a flame :o)

  12. Shyla looks like she is flying over the log. So glad you found something to distract you from the pain, even for a minute.

  13. Lossing yourself in the creation of art can make you forget all kinds of pain, both physical and mental. And so does giving to others, and you give us all so much with your wonderful dogs and stunning photos.

  14. It's... so... yellow! Beautiful photos! :)

  15. We can't imagine dealing with constant pain. It wears down the soul so we are glad you decided to do something that brings you joy!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  16. I just love the way Shyla glows in the winter!

  17. That morning light is so beautiful! I am the same way with photography! I just get lost in it. Those photos are gorgeous!

  18. If I were in the desert, I would take 87,000 pictures of those starry skies, enlarge them, and paste them to my bedroom ceiling, ergo, sleeping under those stars every night!

    Thanks for all the beauty you photograph and give to us!

    Cheers, Hugs and a bathtub full of get well soonest messages,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  19. What a fantastic message. Life is indeed fleeting. The last photo is stunning, but all of the shots of Shyla at sunrise are gorgeous too. Leaping the log, she radiates such joy.

  20. Such pretty light on her. We all need to remember that is short, and we need to get all we can out of it.

  21. We loves Shyla in the sunrise light too! She just glows! And guess what?? On our walk this morning, Momma spotted a shooting star!!

  22. Often when walking in the woods with Piper, I have marveled at the sinuous movement of her spine as she effortlessly trots along in front of me. I have tried to absorb some of her ability in a sort of deepbreath osmosis, but so far...not successful. Still, she gives me the visual to accompany my hopeful thoughts. :)


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