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Friday, October 23, 2015

A Week to Forget

It has been a hard week. My spine pain has not let up in the 18 days since it started, not even today when I started taking steroidal anti-inflammatories. That's discouraging.

On top of the pain, the weather has been dismal - in the 30's (F) with various combinations of snow and rain.

We still have a few lingering autumn leaves but most have now fallen under the weight of the wet snow.

As always, my pups help keep me smiling and forgive me quickly after I'm cranky from the unrelenting pain. I smile when I see Shyla zoom through the snowy world.

I love when the sun burns through the clouds, even just for a moment. It shined on us briefly this morning, and Shyla glowed in a sun puddle in the forest.

During that brief moment of sun, the clouds lifted so I could see the local ski area. The skiers are happy! And I'm happy for them.

Shyla is telling me to "be brave" and maybe this spinal issue will heal. In the meantime, she says she'll keep me smiling.
Yes, she will! Her antics can make me laugh, no matter what!


  1. Momma keeps telling me about this snow thing. We'll see how much fun it is. I sure hope you find relief soon. I also know the duo will do all in their power to bring that about.

  2. Oh so sorry to hear your week was such a bust and the pain has increased. I feel almost guilty about our near-perfect week. Hope yours will improve very soon.

  3. Dang, we sure hope the pain goes away soon and you can get back to smiling with Shyla.

  4. I'm so sorry about your pain! I'm glad you have Shyla to make you smile! She makes me smile, too! :D I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Sorry to hear you are having such a terrible time with your pain. We all are lucky to have our pups to cheer us up when we need it.

  6. Living with constant pain wears a soul down so fast. I hope coming days find you more comfortable.

    Abby Lab and her family

  7. Gosh that pain must be horrendous! Poor thing I bet the weather doesn't help
    Lily & Edward

  8. You rest up and look into those beautiful pup eyes and I am sure you will start feeling better

  9. It amazes me that you can share so much beauty and fun, and post on your blog every day, while in the midst of so much pain. Hopefully the new medication will take hold and make the pain disappear for you.

  10. Does the cold weather effect your spine? If so, we're sending you beautiful 80F breezes with beautiful fall colors and sunsets.

    Your friends,

    Ruby and Otto

  11. Shyla sure does make us smile too. We wish we could find a way to make your pain go away and your spine heal. You are such a fighter. We hope the next week will be better. Many hugs to you .

  12. You're so lucky to have each other! I hope you feel better soon! <3

  13. Oh Booo, on the pain, and the snow. Shyla will keep you smiling.

  14. We hope the medicine will kick in and give you some release from the pain
    So glad you have Shyla to help you smile
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  15. Oh noes. I am so sorry abouts your back...that has to be just exhausting. I hopes the new meds start working, and you can get some pain free days, then more, then more....I'll keep my paws crossed real tight! I could come overs and slobber all overs you ~ that always makes Ma squeal with delight..or something..I'm not sure, butts it does distract her ☺
    I knows that Shyla and R are gonna do a good job at that too!
    Ruby ♥

  16. Gosh, I love that second pic! I hope the steroids work their magic soon to give you relief. It's snowed and snowed here, and I haven't gone into the icy forest for 2 days. I hope tomorrow brings some sunshine.

  17. Were sorry your back is being so cranky! And were hoping the steroids will help with the pain. I think it takes a few days for it to kick in. My mama had those injections before.

    Shyla makes us smile too,, and there is no better medicine for you than her happy attitude! Gosh, your weather is like popouri,,, a little of everything.
    We hope your better soon,, Here comes some magic healing bubbles for you!

  18. Dogs are so healing, especially when it comes to mental and emotional stress. THe joy Shyla gives you is contagious, she made me smile on my sad day.

    Thank you for sharing and may you find an answer to your pain. We have 24 Paws crossed for you.

  19. The last picture of Shyla is priceless!! We hope your pain lessens soon!!!!

  20. We hope that the meds have kicked in by now, KB. We love that last photo of you, Shyla!

  21. So sorry that the pain is not leaving. The look on Shyla's face when she was wearing the hat is priceless!

  22. Yes, the increasing cold, wet etc. seem to have brought pain into focus here too. So glad that you can get out with your family entertainer to take in some sun and fall beauty. Shyla's antics certainly give one something to smile about :-)

  23. So sorry you are dealing with so much pain! I'm not sure there's anything worse than pain in the spine. Hang in there. Glad you have your pups to keep you smiling! (Where is the proper fall weather this year?? Seems like it's either way too hot or way too cold everywhere right now. No one seems to be having the usual lovely, crisp fall days. It's 83 here today! And that's at the coast - it's 90 inland.)

  24. I sure hope the pain gets better, but I'm glad you have the pups to help lift your spirits. Shyla is priceless in the hat. :)

    I'm linking to this post tomorrow. Your comment about the skiers is a perfect example of generosity of spirit. I remember you saying you used to love to ski.

  25. Where would we be without our four-legged inspirations, KB?
    Never mind, let's not even think about it!


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