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Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Desert Moonrise and Sunset

While we were camped in the land of canyons, we did "sunset" hikes each day to walk up higher where the sun still shined after our campsite was in the shade.
On our last evening at that campsite, we got to see the almost-full moon rise to the east over the red rock desert from our sunset lookout point.
And we could see an incredible sunset to the west from the same spot. There has been a dearth of great sunsets at home for a while so that made me appreciate it even more! The colors started mostly orange.
And then a reddish hue started to creep in.
At the peak of the sunset, the Runner found a great spot for a canine silhouette.
And our canine bowed down in thanks for Nature's beauty.
We decided to return to camp via a canyon that gave us a western view so we could see the transition to night.
Indeed, an inky darkness gradually took over the sky.
After a cold day here, that desert sunset seems magical as I relive it in my mind.


  1. We just love the feeling of being there that your photos bring!

  2. Those colors- all of them are so magical as if a paint brush is painting the sky!
    The silhouette is absolutely beautiful!

  3. It certainly does look magical. Lovely photographs of Nature at her finest.

  4. that's great! and the sky looks like an ocean full of waves, wonderful!

  5. Beautiful scenery, thanks for sharing your camping trip to the desert!!

  6. love the color and shyla's shadow in the first shot!

  7. The beauty of that sky and the landscape where you viewed it are gifts to me tonight in my snowy world!

  8. Beautiful photos! We love the first one of you and your shadow, Shyla☺


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