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Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Starry Black Dog Sunday

On our last night in the desert, the clouds cleared out for an hour, and I captured the stars above K's Rock, spinning around the North Star. The moon hadn't risen yet so the rock was black.

It was very lucky that we had that one hour of clear sky. After that, the snow started again. The next morning, R enjoyed the new snow as much as Shyla did. Just before we departed to come home, he turned his face to the sun, and I thought the blurry red rock, snow, and juniper tree set off his black fur beautifully.

Since arriving home, I've been doing lots of training with both dogs. I have more time for it in the winter so we are taking a couple of "Fenzi" courses - one on "nosework" and another on shaping new behaviors using a clicker and treats. So far, both dogs are learning to alert on a certain scent (birch), and they've learned how to walk backwards by clicks/treats when they take the tiniest backward step. It's amazing how fast a tiny step turns into walking across the room backwards.

Of course, we never stop working on recalls. The moose have returned to our neck of the woods. They've been running around in a very nervous way this weekend, so recalls are critical! I practice them with Shyla in the mornings and with the Duo in the evenings.

I'm not sure why Shyla has returned to her habit of hanging back and letting R win the recall races.  Here's the victorious R at the end of one recall!
He looks bit like the flying nun, with his ears flapping!


  1. We bet the convent would welcome R with open arms:) He is just so handsome - that first shot of him is gorgeous!

  2. They're such gorgeous dogs! I LOVE shaping. It's how I teach most of Nola's behaviors, including back up!

  3. Hey R and Shyla, those stars are almost as amazing as you!!!

  4. Love the black dog. He seems so intense at times.

  5. The photo of R in the desert is stunning - the light on the contours of his handsome face. But I just love that last one of him. He has the prettiest brown eyes!! Happy Sunday :-)

  6. My Irish Wolfhounds were phenomenal at backing up! Big dogs in small spaces learn fast :)
    Piper is good at it too, and once caused hysteria at an obedience class when instead of a "stay" she kept trying to advance toward me, but then responded to my hand signal to "stand" and "back." Then she would start to move toward me again. Then stop and back, all with hand signals only. It looked like she was doing a cha-cha-cha! And of course once she knew she was the center of attention, she kept it up with added grinning and tail-wagging, the ham! ;)

  7. Dog oh dog that R is awesome!!!

  8. R is soo handsome!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  9. I just love when you catch R's sparkling brown eyes!!!

  10. Prince Arrr is a wonderful dog but I do kind of miss the Cracker Dog . . .does he ever get as goofy as he did at one time?

    Lovely Pix . . .we are down for 5" of white stuff by Thursday.

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  11. what a finish, R ! wow! maybe Shyla thinks: gentleman first and is happe with the silvermedal too?

  12. Beautiful! Maybe Shyla enjoys the happy look on R's face when he wins too.

  13. I think Shyla is respecting her elders, BOL. We hear the snow is on the way
    Lily & Edward

  14. I think every dog in the world would like to spend a day with you!
    Oh,, the stars! How beautiful


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