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Monday, December 7, 2015

Unique Desert Views

First, a quick update on the acute spine pain that I've been battling for quite a while now. I still have pain, although some of it has been replaced by pins and needles. That's actually a promising development, as my spine doctor says that pins and needles sometimes accompany nerve healing. It's hard to be patient but I'm trying because there's a chance my body is healing on its own. I'll find out about surgical options (or necessities) later this week. However, if the docs are comfortable with it, I hope to stick with conservative treatment for a bit longer, in hopes of avoiding yet another spine surgery.

Onto more upbeat topics... During our trip, I was awed, again and again, by the gorgeous silhouettes that the wind had carved from the sandstone that dominates the area. This was the view across the canyon from one of our campsites around sunset.

As dusk fell, this was the view up the canyon. I kept seeing "abstract art" as I looked at the sky colors and shapes around me.

Before we left that campsite, I did some mountain biking on my own. My attitude toward pain is that it's just pain and is nothing to be afraid of. As long as I don't make myself worse or put myself in danger by riding my bike and hiking, I'm going to do it. Based on my long experience with spinal pain (it started in my teen years), I know that I am far happier if I do things that I love despite it. It's an attitude that has worked for me - letting me be pretty happy despite chronic pain.

Anyway, I had fun riding along a rim that overlooked both desert and snowy mountains.

The juxtaposition of red rock desert and the high mountains always catches my fancy. Those are the mountains that we sometimes visit during late spring Utah trips when the desert gets too hot for us.

The "destination" of my ride was a butte with slickrock all around it. Its size is truly awe-inspiring. My bike looked tiny propped against its base. It's a popular destination for motorized off road travel in the spring but, aside from cawing ravens, it was completely deserted on this trip. Yipee!

After I played on the slickrock, I headed back toward camp, with another of those crazy views of the combination of sand, red rock, and snowy mountains.

When I got back to camp, it was time to pack up camp and move on. We headed for a place we call "K's Rock". It is far from civilization and quiet even on holidays. With Thanksgiving coming up fast, we moved there.

It's a place that our whole pack knows and loves.
Thus, it was the perfect place to celebrate Thanksgiving and our sweet chocolate girl's 4th birthday a few days later.


  1. Amazing photos - we can see why you love to go there so much!

    Pins and needles - a good thing - OK by us - we hope it is the sign of healing you need.

    Happy Birthday to Shyla. We have a birthday to celebrate here this week too.

  2. That third from the bottom shot is my kind of scene!! Happy Birthday, Shyla!! We love you :-)

  3. One of my favorite places. We have spent some wonderful time estimate there too.

  4. So much beauty that you can see with your own eyes!

  5. Silhouette #1, I can see a lion there, slightly turned away, but with a crown instead of his mane!!! What amazing views, you are so brave to bike up there, I would be so scared of going off the edge. Enjoy those wonderful places, and I am so glad the pain is now those pins and needles. Hugh has those,every afternoon, but heaps better than that all consuming endless pain. I hope the progress continues, and there is no need to pack a bag for a hospital visit.

  6. I sure hope your body is healing on its own and the pins and needles are a good sign. And absolutely, those two night shots look like abstract paintings. Just beautiful

  7. That last photo of Shyla is Very sweet! Glad to hear you may have worked your way through the pain, hope the pins and needles do the job.

    Cheers and Hugs,

    Jo, the pup and the cat

  8. Beautiful! Happy belated birthday to Shyla. Hope you get good news later this week.

  9. That is seriously such an amazing place!

  10. Gorgeous pictures. I like the one with your bike. You have a good attitude with your pain. I mean, you need to live life and it is so good that you get out and do things and hopefully this is a good sign the pins and needles that your body is healing!!

  11. Mom says Utah has spots of beauty with ugly in between BOL! We hope your back is improving!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. We will keep our paws crossed that your are healing!
    Mr Bailey, hazel & mabel

  13. Sending you lots of healing vibes. Mom had a neck injury about seven years ago and gets those pins and needles in her arms, hers is caused by pinch nerves
    Lily & Edward

  14. These views of the desert are so beautiful! I'm glad you were able to bike and hike the area and bring your experience here for others to see.

  15. We so hope that you can heal without surgery, KB. Paws and fingers are crossed! Happy belated Birthday, sweet Shyla☺


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