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Saturday, December 26, 2015

A White Christmas

Yesterday morning, like a Christmas gift, we received 5 minutes of sunshine, starting at sunrise. After that, it was cloudy all day. Shyla and I made the most of our 5 minutes of sunshine!

Just as the sun rose enough to be blocked by the clouds, Shyla was holding her favorite Christmas gift. It's a small Wubba that I can carry in my pocket. She already had a blue one but purple is my favorite color!
After the sun was blocked by snow clouds, I rode my beloved Meriwether fat bike up to Hug Hill with Shyla. As we arrived on the peak, Shyla was slightly ahead of me. She stopped on the peak and stared down from the top. It turned out that Shyla was watching a mother-youngster pair of deer very close to us. I was astounded at Shyla's great self-control and at how much the deer trusted her.

I asked Shyla to do a "down-stay" next to my bike so that I could photograph them.
This was mom, looking very healthy. I wasn't using a telephoto lens but the deer pair stayed close enough for me to take some fun images!

And this was her offspring. The youngster was eating a dried out Monument Plant (also known as "green gentian").
After a few photos, I rewarded Shyla hugely for her good behavior so close to deer, and then we were on our way. Seeing those deer so close was a wonderful Christmas gift for me!

We ended up getting fresh snow over the course of Christmas Day. This was the scene as we started our ride this morning at 6°F!

We've both adapted well to the cold. Neither Shyla nor I was ever very cold during our fat bike ride today. Shyla wore the red neckwarmer simply to brighten up a gray day!

I hope that all of you are staying warm and having a relaxing weekend. We are!


  1. What a wonderful and memorable white Christmas you and Shyla had!

    Our Christmas Day in New Zealand was blue skies,. It is too hot to be outside at lunchtime ("walkies" early morning and evening now), so we loved seeing your snow photos!

  2. Amazing that you could get pictures so close to the deer! And very good job, Shyla :)

  3. 6 degrees! Our winter has not really started yet, but it won't be long as the temperature has started dropping. Very unusual for New York. As usual, your photos are gorgeous. Happy New Year.

  4. We are having above normal temps here so we will enjoy your white Christmas from afar.

  5. It all sure looks pretty there and we are glad it is there and not here!

  6. wonderful to have snow, we have heat, yesterday was about 30Celsius, today a cooler 27C, hardly a breeze and sunny skies all over. How you manage to not get cold in that frigid air is beyond me!!! Enjoy every day .

  7. Those deer are gorgeous! I wish we had a white Christmas, though I'd've just settled for one that wasn't 85 degrees with 90% humidity.... Wubbas are so fun!

  8. I am thinking about the Kong toy. Is it good?? Hope you all had a wonderful day. That is a beautiful picture of the deer!!

  9. What a lovely Christmas adventure! I am certainly jealous of your snow, as it has been unseasonably mild here.

  10. Wow! That deer does look really healthy! Your forest is so beautiful! Shyla is adorable with her red neck warmer!

  11. Merry Christmas. We had such a contrast to your snow. Warm rain. Temperatures more than 40 degrees above normal.

    Our deer have no fear whatsoever of people. We can pass them grazing and they hardly look at us.

  12. Shyla is one with nature! such a good girl.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  13. The deer in your neck of the woods are so healthy and their coats are so thick!! We have deer who live in the canyon behind us, but as I'm sure you know, we've been haveing a drought. I feel like my dry skin is mirrored in the coats of the deer!!

  14. Your pictures of Shyla always make me smile because she looks so much like our Sally. Thanks.

  15. you made the best of the 5 minutes of sun... I love the sunlight on Shylas fur :o) btw: my momma turned the laptop in all directions and pondered for 87 hours, till she found out that it was your bike what was next to Shyla lol

  16. You are such a good girl, Shyla, and you look so pretty leaping through the snow in your red neckwarmer. Have fun playing with your new Wubba!

  17. Those sure looked like some well fed deer. We hope that helps them through the winter. Woke up to snow today. We could get as much as 6 inches!

  18. Shyla looks so festive in her neckwarmer! Thanks for sharing your white Christmas. We had a wet and windy one instead!

  19. You're out at 6 degrees huh? Maybe mom can use that to get out for a long run tomorrow. That pic of Shyla and the bike is cool. Makes that bike look huge!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  20. Oh Shyla,, you have the most fun of anyone that I know!!
    Your such a good girl for doing the "down stay"


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