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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Snowy and Sunny - at the same time!

It snowed while it the sun shined through the clouds this morning, making for very odd light.

I wanted to get a good "seasonal" photo for Shyla, with a Christmas toy. We had fun trying to get the photo, with lots of retrieving in the snow. Shyla desperately wanted to settle in and destuff the toy - but I didn't let her!

During the course of our fat bike ride, we stopped at the local K's Rock, the place where I took the photo of K that was the banner for this blog for a long time (it's in the upper right sidebar). Here's Shyla in the same spot.
While were were at K's Rock, a coyote started yipping nearby. Coyotes have thrived around here in the past although their population is down now. I did capture a fun photo of a pair of coyotes with a trail camera recently. They have gorgeous coats at this time of year.
Despite my love of all wildlife, including coyotes, coyotes have been a huge source of worry for me because all of our previous dogs have wanted to chase them. Rural folks know that chasing a coyote can be lethal to a domestic dog because the coyote might be luring the dog into a pack ambush. Shyla is our first dog who has almost zero interest in chasing coyotes.

This morning, the full extent of Shyla's reaction to the nearby yipping coyote was that she turned her head toward it but looked bored.
I wonder if her general wariness of unknown dogs extends to coyotes. That's the only explanation I have for her lack of interest in coyotes. I don't have to say a word to prevent Shyla from chasing - she doesn't have any interest in doing so.

Thanks for reading. I know it's a busy time of year and so I especially appreciate your great comments!


  1. I love those snowy photos of Shyla! Her "seasonal" picture turned out so cute! That's an awesome toy! :D

  2. Based on that picture of Shyla leaping up for the leg in the tree, I think she considers coyotes to be small beer, and is saving her energy for an elk.

  3. So good Shyla does not want to chase them. I worry about Cocoa if she was off leash because she has NO fear!!

  4. Sunny, snowy days are a favourite of mine! It is a blessing that Shyla doesn't care about the coyotes. I have only seen one in our area, and the dogs didn't notice. A study was done of 6 wolf/coyote packs (I think that was the number) in nearby Gatineau park. Several of the packs were made up a a hybrid wolf/coyote. The Eastern Wolf has been breeding with the coyotes to create a new species. They often look like wolf sized coyotes.

    We are actually into quiet holiday mode for the next week. It is just our pack and my brother-in-law and his dog for Christmas. After Christmas, my niece is spending a couple days with us, and having an almost 19 month old in the house will keep us busy!

  5. I think the fear of a coyote is a good thing. I know we are afraid of them. I want to know if you have ever seen it snow on a sunny day

  6. I am very happy that Shyla doesn't have an interest in them.

  7. Good girl Shyla! Stay away from those kind of dogs! It has been snowing all day here so we bet you are going to get pelted!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. No retrievers here, but they sure are great at destuffing!!!

    Love the shots of Shyla on K's rock.

  9. Love the bright Christmas red and green toy. We have coyotes here, but I have never once heard one. I've seen them and often wonder if they live more independently than the packs of them in the West. And perhaps that is why we never hear them howling.

    Our weather here is absolutely crazy with record highs more than 45 degrees above normal. Doesn't feel a bit like Christmas.

    Hope you get a nice respite from your migraines and enjoy a great holiday.

  10. I am just gonna assume Shyla has the good sense to ignore coyotes. Once Stella and I were walking and we were approched by two big dogs, one Chow size and the pal, bigger. She didn't like them a bit, and I watched her "give up", she went down on her back with all four feet in the air. The dogs just walked right off. I have never been so happy!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  11. Shyla is so smart,,, its wonderful that the yapping coyotes bore her. She probable thinks they are silly!

    Shyla looks so beautiful standing by K's rock! She just glows with beauty!

  12. We're so glad she ignores the coyotes. Shyla's such a good girl around wildlife.

  13. Merry Christmas to your family from our family!

    Anne and Ziggy

  14. Good for you for having no interest in coyotes, Shyla! You can destuff now☺

  15. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

    Aroo to you,

  16. Torrey always "woofs" when we here coyotes. You do have to wonder what they're thinking. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  17. What a relief she doesn't want to chase coyotes. Wariness can be a great thing.

    Merry Christmas to you all!

  18. Shyla sure is a special girl. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  19. I LOOOVE the Christmas photo, I think it's beautiful.

    And an interesting idea about Shyla associating the coyotes with strange dogs - perhaps! That coyote sure is beautiful, if a bit big for my comfort!

    P.S. Sorry again for all the comment spam - I just can't help it!


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