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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Snarly, Snuggly, and Starry Sunday

I love how ferocious our pups can look when playing. There was no true snarl here.

After fake snarling and fake snapping at each other during play-fighting, our Duo goes to sleep together. I just love this habit.

Finally, the "starry" part of this Sunday. This photo was from our first campsite in Utah in November. It's a "happy place" I go to in my mind when everyday life is overwhelming. The camera was pointed generally toward the south so you don't see the more conventional circles of stars going around the North Star. Instead, you see the streaks the stars made as they moved from left to right across the sky for an hour and a quarter.
Back to "snarling" for a moment - Shyla has become a repeated victim of bullying by certain dogs who live near us. They snarl and terrify her whenever they see her (but none have ever hurt her physically). It almost seems like Shyla's sensitivity attracts bullies. It's upsetting to me but Shyla does bounce back pretty quickly. Have any of you ever experienced this with a relatively meek and sensitive dog like Shyla?

I hope that everyone is having a peaceful weekend.


  1. That snuggle shot is awesome!

    So sorry to hear about Shyla being bullied. No experience of that here but curious about how R reacts when that happens. Des he ever stand up for her?

  2. A full fledged snuggle! I love that!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. My angel dogs snuggled and it melted my heart as much as R and Shyla snuggling!

  4. You two are just snoozy adorable!

  5. Pocket is a very meek, and small dog. She has grown more bold as she has aged. Shyla will get there. You are doing a great job with her.

  6. Superb star trails, maybe you were looking southwards to our place. Bullying, are the other dogs protecting what they think is their own territory? Can you have an extra loud alarm squeaker? whistle? something that would scare them off, but Shyla would know she is safe? Fly spray is said to be a good deterrent!!

  7. Love the sleeping picture and the snarl looks menacing but all in fun :) That stinks about the bullying. Daisy was very sensitive and would get so upset if another dog growled or was mean to her. Cocoa does not seem to care, ha.

  8. Sometime people think we're really fighting when we start snarling and grab throats! But we're just playing. Poor Bella seems to be the target for bullies. She's become very quiet in a group.

  9. Oh Shyla what big teeth you have! Love the sweet photo of you and R.

    Aroo to you,

  10. Ciara and Lightning play rough too (when she is in the mood for play:), but it is all just fun. That snuggle shot is so endearing.

  11. They're such a cute pair! Olivia is a very meek and gentle dog that other dogs seem to think begs to be picked on. Pike is one of them, sigh. He loves to bother her (not attack or try to hurt in anyway, just pester her like crazy). I redirect them, and more often than not Nola will correct Pike. If it's an unfamiliar dog doing it, I carry Liv.

  12. I love you happy place that you go to in your mind when things get a little stressful!! We need to practice that more often!

  13. Our GSP had a very short, cropped tail. Other dogs may not have been able to gauge her intentions, and she got attacked frequently. Of course, Shyla doesn't have this problem (with a normal length tail). We were constantly on the defensive when out of the blue our pup would get attacked, or would end up on the bottom of a dog pile at the dog park. It was disturbing. We have since started carrying pepper spray with us, now that we have Greyhounds who are always on leash. They do get charged, periodically. I wish that dog owners would fence their aggressive dogs in. Good luck...


  14. I love the play snarl. Ziggy is an only pup so he doesn't have anyone to snarl with lol. The snuggling picture is the best.

    Anne and Ziggy

  15. They are so cute! I love how they snuggle! Mine don't often snuggle because Zoe can be guardy.

    I'm sorry Shyla is getting picked on that sounds awful!

  16. Molly has never been bullied by another dog - yet, thank doG.
    We never get tired of seeing Shyla and R sweetly sleeping together☺

  17. oh I would like to snuggle with you... and I think my fur color would be a great addition :o)

  18. I've more noticed that certain dogs we pass by seem to have a personality that wants to challenge other dogs, meet other dogs, or could care less about other dogs. And my dogs react according to these personalities, ignoring the "care less" dogs and being drawn towards the other two.

    I do wish I understood more about dog growling and vocalizing. At the site of deer recently, Latte went berserk, making a high pitched whine that turned to something that sounded like she was being strangled and couldn't get the noise out. Java wanted to find the deer after they disappeared but remained soundless. Both dogs bark in greeting when I come home. Java carries around her toys while growling, even though no one is near her. Latte rarely play growls. If she growls, she usually means it and it's so rare that I know to get out of whatever situation brought it on. I'd love to find a video that depicts some of the sounds my dogs make with the body language so I could read it better but although I've seen videos of dog behavior, none of it matches what I've seen in my own dogs.

  19. Love the star shots.
    Torrey can be the victim of bullies sometimes. But I never know when exactly. She doesn't like most boy dogs, and they intimidate her because of that. If a dog is off leash and won't let us pass by, or is a persistent barker, she will cower.

  20. Ahhh so sweet
    Happy Holidays
    Lily & Edward

  21. Good question. I wish I knew. Obviously my experience is almost negligible comapred to you guys, but I once saw a Lab persistently harass Gatsby at the dog park. It kept following her and barking at her (and only her) for no reason that we could discern, so perhaps it could sense her nervousness.
    (Gatsby rolled over and squealed in fear, Lab kept it up and owner wouldn't call off his dog so we left.)

  22. Oh poor Shyla and you, it is an awful situation to be in. Khumbu (husky) tends to get picked on if he is on his own, he is a lover and not a fighter! It used to be Bruno our big 70kg Leonberger who would be picked on??!! Khumbu really just wants to say hi to everyone but for some reason some dogs find him intimidating or they don't know how to read doggie language? What I have noticed is that most of the dogs who have gone for him do not have standup ears, they have floppy ears. I've always thought that dogs with floppy ears have more difficulty in expressing their facial expressions as well as pointy eared dogs. Even I can read pointy eared dogs, but floppy eared dogs I struggle with, unless it's very obvious. Could be complete rubbish too, they are the experts not me ha ha. Every time Kyra (Leonberger) is with us and if there is an incident she will stick up for Khumbu and charge straight in there to protect her brother. I also think that once a dog learns it can intimidate a certain dog, they will continue to do so, just because they can. A pack of dogs always works as a pack and if only one of that pack shows a little aggression the whole pack will join in. Here in Spain just the action of bending down to pick up a stone is enough to send most dogs on their way, I wouldn't want to throw a stone but if that was all I had to help me I wouldn't hesitate. Hopefully as Shyla gets older she will become confident enough to stand her ground knowing you are there too.
    Kiersten :)


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