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Friday, July 29, 2016

Flower Friday

Even Shyla stops to soak up the scent of the flowers. Those are our snowy mountains on the horizon behind her.

We have been incredibly fortunate to have an aspen grove where a very rare "Wood Lily" has been blooming for a week or so. Our local botanist has seen this flower only twice in her life. I've found six separate blooms in the past week. Wow, I feel lucky. It's a gorgeous flower that leaps out at me from the vegetation on the floor of an aspen grove.

I've also seen lots of these moths, called the Gaillardia Flower Moth, resting on the very common "Blanket Flower". The moth is colored so that it is perfectly camouflaged by the flower when it rests during the day. It positions itself so that the line between its yellow head and red body is at the same line on the flower.

Here's another angle. I've become so attuned to these moths that I notice them when riding past a flower on my bike.

Another favorite flower of mine is the Shooting Star, a flower that flourishes in wet meadow areas. It bloomed much earlier this season but I didn't get to feature it. I love the color and the unique shape of this flower. I don't love how I have to lie in the mud to get photos of it :)

A flower that is often overlooked here because it blooms at the same time as some other flashier flowers is our wild rose. It seems to blanket the forest in late June and early July. Its scent is so sweet!

Shyla notices the scents of flowers - and, if I have my camera ready, it's fun to capture her look as she sniffs the air near them. Those are Columbines that she was focused on.
Happy Flower Friday!


  1. Gorgeous images, every one! Wow, the colors are so lush!
    I've never seen Piper sniff a flower, but she sure has a good "sniffer" so maybe she just appreciates them from a little distance. The closest she gets to individual flowers is when I'm taking pictures of one. If Piper is off lead and up ahead on the trail, I can count on her to turn around, get a running start, and gallop right through between my lens and the plant - no kidding!
    By the way, I appreciate your comment about having to get on the ground to photograph - I used to do that without even thinking, but not so much now. On the other hand, I take a lot of flower pictures upside down, because I can usually jack-knife from my hip joints better than I can lean or bend any other way.
    Have a great weekend, KB and company!

  2. Such gorgeous wildflowers and you look so pretty sniffing them, Shyla!

  3. Amazing flowers and a beautiful Shyla, happy Friday!

  4. Great flowers and lovely photographs.

  5. Wild flowers are so special since nobody but Mother Nature plants them.

  6. In the mud to get a good angle for a photo, pure dedication!!! I gave that up years ago, Beautiful rich shades on every one, and a moth that blends in so well. Enjoy your summer, down here, snow to sea level in the far south, strong westerly winds, rain, hail and thunder nearby. Fire is lit and coffee ready.

  7. Wow..that last picture of Shyla and the Columbines is beautiful!

  8. Just beautiful!
    The wood lily is fantastic and so is the moth that matches the blanket flowers. Nature is wonderful.

  9. Beauty notices beauty in its presence!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. Amazing KB.. every one of these photos! You capture so much in your photos that it seems we can almost smell the fragrance of the flowers!@
    And see the little bug, blink its eyes!
    Shyla is so pretty as she looks at the flowers.


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