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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wordless Wednesday - An Acrobatic Recall

A quick note - Blogger messed up the time on my post yesterday that was a video of the mother bear and cubs at the den this spring. If you missed it due to Blogger's "issues", please check it out!

Would you ever choose that route to if someone called you? Not me!


  1. I guess Shyla figured her feet were already up on the stump, she might as well carry through.

  2. Love the ummmmmmm...balancing on two legs shot. BOL! We've been having blogger issues, too.

  3. Shyla that screams for the gold medal at blogville owlympigs!!!

  4. You are the perfect athlete, Shyla! Beautiful moves!

  5. I remember when using the most physical energy possible to achieve something made sense - rejoicing in strength :) But I was never as graceful as Ms Shyla!

  6. It was just more fun for her. Lol

  7. totally awesome stump jumping and photos to.. just funny and beautiful... no i would not choose that route.

  8. In our younger days, perhaps! Love those photos—so joyful!

  9. We came back again to look at the circus dog Shyla!


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