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Saturday, July 23, 2016

More Fire Thoughts and Photos

It's taken me some time to digest the wildfire that we experienced recently and to go through the photos from my cameras.

One of the most impressive parts was the aerial assault on the fire. I captured a few photos of that assault. The planes that dropped fire retardant ("slurry") were big jets. They often circled the fire many times before their altitude fell far enough for them to skim above the trees to drop their slurry.

Having jet planes flying lower than the high peaks near us is a very odd sight. The biggest bomber was a 747, and it circled countless times before it dropped the red slurry. This one is a smaller one.

You can see in the next photo that this jet was making a line in the forest between the fire and a house. He also was blocking a path of the fire toward us. The pilots must be extraordinarily skilled to be able to do this!

Thank goodness for those slurry bombers - we still have our beautiful neck of the woods unburned!

Shyla and I are appreciating our beautiful world every single day.
Thank you to every firefighter who helped protect our world.


  1. I love your photos! I agree with you that it truly takes a lot of "flying talent" not to mention nerves of steel to do this, and like you, I admire and appreciate their selfless dedication!!

  2. Amen! Firefighters are much loved for their courage and sacrifice

  3. Brave and fearless fighters and so very dedicated to their work. Thank goodness for them over and over again.

  4. We are thanking the wonderful and brave firefights right along with you!

  5. Those firefighters are true heros, airborne and groundborne!

  6. We are very dry here and watched them fighting a fire nearby. Luckily it was put out the same day. Now Antelope Island is on fire, over 7,000 acres. With the big howliday on Monday we sure hope hoomans do not get careless with fireworks! Glad your area was spared!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. We have a big, out of control fire burning several canyons away from us. Please cross paws for us. I know there are many brave firefighters on sight, though I haven't seen any planes or helicopters. Maybe that's a good thing - meaning that it is further away than it looks.

  8. Those pilots are amazin'! You knows we have lots of wildfires in our state, butts only a few in the last decade around our parts, thank God! I am so glads they were able to save so much wilderness, and all your homes! yea!!!
    Stay safe guys!
    Ruby ♥

  9. Those pilots are skilled. It's great, that there are so many people who fight fires.

  10. We watched big helicopters fly over today - we wondered if they were heading to a fire. We have had a few start but they have been put out quickly. The heat continues and so will the fire danger. We are glad your area is OK and so thankful for the firefighters
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  11. Lovely photographs of such a lovely area. So glad the fire was contained before it ruined your area. And yes, kudos to those firefighters. We are very afraid of wildfires here right now. The extreme heat is driving folks to the mountains where they mistakenly believe they will have cooler weather. They usually do but we are having near record heat. The dryness and the tourists make for some really reckless behavior.

  12. a big hug to your firefighters,I'm so glad that they could rescue one of the most beautiful place we have...

  13. We also said our thanks to firefighters. A local fire department recently had a firefighter killed in the line of duty. So, so sad, but reminder to us of the risk they take for work.

  14. We are thankful to those brave firefighters too!


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