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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Bathing Bears in August 2016

August is characterized by heat and gorging for bears. During breaks in eating a zillion calories per day, they like to take baths in pools of water.

The particular pool of water that I will show you today is so popular with bears that I try to stay away from it for long periods of time so that I don't accidentally scare any bears.

I love the way that bears roll around in the water and particularly like to clean their faces with their huge paws.

You'll see two bears separately visit the pool. I think that one is "Dot", a smallish female who has frequented this area for a few years. She is very sure of herself, even marking the "bear tree" that is next to the pool. The other bear must be a newcomer to the area. That bear is bigger than Dot but didn't mark any trees. Also, s/he was spooked enough to sprint away from the pool on two occasions.

Enjoy the video, either here or on Youtube!

Although no pairs of bears have shown up at the water holes, it has been a unique summer because I have captured numerous photos of pairs of adult bears traveling together. I have read about this occurring in other regions but I've never seen it here. I suspect that these pairs were mating pairs back in June, and are comfortable with foraging together later in the summer because food is SO abundant this year. That is pattern that has been observed by Lynn Rogers at the Wildlife Research Center in MN.

Here are a couple of examples for you.
Socks' Brother and an unknown bear

It's so cool that my trail cams can give us such unique views into these reclusive animals' lives! I've seen bears in person this year out in the forest but I've only seen their rumps as they sprint away from me.


  1. What is so so very sad for me, is that the first bear in the first video looks like me in the bathtub.

  2. Bert cracks us up:) Love seeing the bathing bears. Guess they don't like to put their heads under the water.

  3. My husband and I loved the video, and loved that the bathing bears all had their own style -- And they all appeared to have wanted their privacy! :-) How exciting it is for you to get these great clips and photos on your cameras -- THANKS for sharing with all of us!

  4. The nursery rhyme kept saying to me " Wash, wash, wash your hands" and the way they wash their faces, I had to smile. Your trail-cams pick up the splashing water sounds so well. what a joy to see them so close.

  5. What a treat! They look so like children splashing in the water. Now if they only had a bath brush...

  6. it's so great to see such moments...many thanks... We must laugh at Bert's comment... but he is right LOL

  7. What fun to watch the bears bathing! Thank you, KB☺

  8. That was fun, thanks for bringing us smiles this morning!

  9. What a wonderful way to start the morning!! Thanks SO much for sharing these moments with us!!

  10. Loved the video - must be much fun to splash around in the water.

  11. The bathing bears put a smile on my face! I've been on the lookout on the trails, but I've only seen paw prints in the mud. Yesterday, we hiked off Peak 10 and saw lots of berry bushes. I was clapping and calling as we went upward!

  12. We love your video and can't believe National Geographic hasn't come calling!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. If the bears are traveling in pairs because there is so much food, that is awesome! That first bathing bear cracked me up.

  14. Probably seeing the rumps of bears is the best way, when you're out. But watching them do their daily activities...being let into their world is fantastic.

  15. It is so fun to watch your videos!! The bears are happy and clean!


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