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Sunday, September 18, 2016


I am so grateful for the beauty around us and the gift of no seizures for Shyla for a few days. Perhaps her meds are helping. I'm not sure yet but I am trying to simply enjoy each day.

The other evening, I wanted to be out for moonrise. First, we stopped at a good viewpoint to the east. Yes, behind Shyla and the golden aspen, clouds hovered on the eastern horizon.

The clouds were beautiful but they were also blocking where the moon was going to rise.

I had a time limit for waiting on the moon because I needed to go out to dinner. The Duo and I watched the clouds fade but the moon was still hidden.

I gave up on it and began the walk home. Then, I caught a glimpse of the full moon just above the clouds. It was gorgeous!
Our world is so filled with beauty, and I am grateful for it.



  2. Let that medication work its trick like magic, the same as the clouds gave you that glorious night sky view. Stunningly amazing.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful shots, KB! We hope the seizure monster stays far away from you, Shyla!

  4. Hooray for no seizures and beautiful photos!

  5. Fabulous shots....this was a indeed a beautiful moon!

  6. I hope the meds work and all your days are as beautiful as this one...

  7. We hope the meds work also, and there will be no more seizures. We loved that moon shot. stella rose

  8. That's right friend, one day at a time. Say no to monster seizures
    Lily & Edward

  9. Feeling grateful that your girl has had a few days w/o the S. We saw some beautiful foliage by Granby yesterday. Joy to you KB.

  10. Beautiful shots! Glad for another good night!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. You have so much to be grateful for. We pray for no seizures for Shyla every day

  12. Oh my gosh,, yo captured such glorious photos!!!!! The moon,, the clouds,, Shyla!

  13. OMD, paws crossed that this trend continues gurl!! You look most FABulous runnin' and in that most beautiful silhouette!!!
    Paws crossed real tight
    Ruby ♥


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