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Friday, September 9, 2016

See Beautiful - The Alpine Edition

My reaction to worries about my dogs' or my health is to go do something that we love. Yesterday, Shyla and I took advantage of a rare completely storm-free day to get high up into the alpine world.

We climbed up to the Continental Divide, and peered to the west at the gorgeous view.

On the very high exposed ridge, the wind was howling out of the west.

We quickly descended into a basin contain an alpine lake! The wind was calm there, and no one else was around except for some marmots who had Shyla's attention.

As soon as I let her, Shyla hopped in the lake. Its water level was very low compared to most years. She could wade way out. I could almost hear her saying "throw it, throw it"!

So, I did, and she leaped through the freezing water to retrieve it. I cannot imagine swimming in such cold water but she loved it.

We lingered in high altitude solitude for quite a while. We played games on the soft autumnal colored tundra.

And Shyla sat atop boulders to survey the marmots and pikas.

But, all too soon, we had to start our trek downward. But, first, one more funny photo of the power of the wind on top of the Divide. Shyla was almost falling over in it!

The last part of the hike was all downhill through very rocky terrain. Downhill makes my spine scream in pain but it's worth it to go up so high. I wish that I could run like Shyla. Alas, my docs outlawed running for me... thank goodness for hiking and biking!
Happy See Beautiful Friday. To me, there's nothing more beautiful than the high mountains and seizing the day!


  1. Your hike up high produced a happy Shyla and some great photos! Glad you got to a high mountain lake before the snow flies.

  2. These days are priceless!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. That was a seriously beautiful good time!

  4. You are so right. Seize the day for what it gives you and your beloved dog. Love the photographs. Such a good way to see beautiful.

  5. It is beautiful to see Shyla enjoying herself so much. We will keep our paws crossed that she doesn't have any more visits from the evil monster.

  6. I love it KB,, that you and Shyla went and seized the day! I can tell by the look on Shyla's face,, how happy she was,,, Even in the cold water.
    Thank you for sharing,, and showing us,, how to go seize the day,, It makes everyone feel better..
    And one thing for sure,, it makes us feel better to see you and Shyla have so much fun

  7. I'm sure that water was so cold. Enjoy those high altitude times before your snow gets there. Seize the day. wise words.

  8. oh that was great and we saw alot of beautiful things with you and Shyla :O)

  9. Getting out in Nature always seems to bring things into perspective.


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