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Friday, September 30, 2016

Happy Golden Friday

Our golden world never ceases to awe my senses.

It's been such a gorgeous autumn so far. We've even been waking up to the sound of bull elk bugles! It's an eerie and beautiful sound. Bull elk make this sound only during mating season, when they are trying to gather a harem of cow elk.

The bull in these photos is not one of the biggest although he has a decent sized harem. We are heading out in search of bull elk and their harems this afternoon. I hope that I can bring home some fun photos.

Happy Friday!


  1. I love being in the mountains and hearing the bugle of the elk. I was in the Tetons Tuesday and Wednesday and would stop in awe as they sang their song. I only saw them from a great distance so your photos are a great delight to usual....

  2. Love your pics KB!!! I'm so surprised that on our last drive through the park, we didn't see one Elk-bull or cow.
    I am shocked that our colors peaked so much early than other areas and years.

  3. Elk are such wonderful and majestic creatures..but that last shot of Shyla stole my heart today!!

  4. I've never heard an elk bugle. What a wonderful sound. Hi Shyla!! Have a fun weekend with your brother!!

  5. Such a beautiful place and a stunning Shyla!

  6. The bugle call is so different to other male deer or stags that we have down here, but Shyla's smile and wave, a perfect start for our Saturday.

  7. I'm learning so much about bears, and moose, and elk from your blog. And then there are the dogs and training. And the mountains and the desert. And all the wonderful photographs of the skies...sunrise, sunset, and stars in the night. Thanks

  8. thanks for sharing this happy furryday... now we have a happy golden day too :o)

  9. Aw, we sure love that Happy Friday photo of Shyla!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. Ohhh how it would be so fun to hear the bugle sounds!

  11. So beautiful seeing those animals in the wild almost every day
    Lily & Edward

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