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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Living Life to the Fullest

We've been so busy trying to get the most out of this autumn that I've barely had any computer time. The other evening, we went to a favorite lake, and the Duo retrieved balls from the water.
I thought about it ahead of time, and I realized that some people might say that an epileptic dog shouldn't swim - out of fear of a seizure happening in the water. I haven't read about it but I can see the logic behind it. Forget it - Shyla is going to swim! I think that we have to constantly be ready to go in the water to save her, if needed.

She loves it too much to take swimming away from her. What's life worth if you don't do the things you love?
On that topic, we've revised her medication. She's back on the shorter-acting Keppra three times per day. She started last night with the new medicine, and it seemed as if she didn't get restless during the night around her seizure hour (all have occurred around 3-4 AM). Our neurologist says that some dogs can't digest the coating on the longer acting Keppra, and Shyla may fall in that category. After we get things under control, we will start measuring blood levels of Keppra and considering whether there may be a two times per day medication that will work for her.

Given all the things that can derail life, we are living each day to fullest, and the Duo is very happy with that.

The sun set on our favorite lake, and I realized that we might not be back until next year. I love that DogLeap Lake and its serenity is unchanging from year to year. We've been visiting this quiet off-trail lake for 16 years!
Happy Saturday!


  1. Let her swim, have a lifebuoy handy, and a wetsuit for yourself in case it is freezing!!And a change of clothes. Love that last photo, what a paradise. Enjoy those autumn days, down here almost time for summer clothes and no fires!! Yippee, no ashes to clean out, no coal dust, not logs to haul inside every afternoon.

  2. Yes,, do the things you all like to do.. Happiness is what is most important!
    We love the photos of R and Shyla in the water! And the beautiful, beautiful lake!

    We have so much to learn from you KB,, so much

  3. What a lovely tranquil scene in the last photograph. Nice contrast to the action-filled ones preceding it. Which are so much fun indeed. I totally agree with living to the fullest. Especially for dogs. Shyla's risk is very small given the relative infrequent seizures and she doesn't have any idea why things need to change. And that is so much better than we humans who worry so much.

  4. That is a lesson for all of us - to live life to the fullest!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. Good for you! I have no doubt you could rescue her if you needed to. And there is plenty of time for computers when winter comes.

  6. We would probably do the same as you re-swimming. Somehow, it seems like it would do her a lot more good than harm to continue swimming.

    Wonderful photos!

  7. Live life to the fullest - you gotta! We love seeing the two of you romp and swim together! The last photo is too beautiful for words♥

  8. Shyla needs to have the fun she wants and you are the best for giving it to her!

  9. We think of you Shula all the time and pray those seizure monsters will subside
    Lily & Edward

  10. That's a gorgeous lake and I totally agree with you about letting her swim! Life is too short to not do the things we love!

  11. You're wise to allow Shyla the freedom a dog loves. Her life is richer for it (and so is yours). Love the looks on her face!

  12. Such a gorgeous lake!!

    We love your Carpe Diem outlook, and definitely think Shyla should enjoy swimming!

  13. Yup, good advice from the Duo!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. What a beautiful post! You and the Labraduo are indeed fortunate to have such a gorgeous lake nearby and lots of land for romping. And we are so happy that they both are healthy enough to seize each day!

  15. I agree with your outlook. I've decided that my word for the rest of the year needs to be "play." I have been taking things too seriously & missing out on the fun. Taking my duo to a place they could run loose safely was a good reminder of this. Talk about utter glee on two dogs faces. And yes, it ended with Java swimming despite that meaning I had to put her in the back seat of the truck sopping wet.


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