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Monday, October 3, 2016

Fabulous to Worried in one Fell Swoop

We were having a fabulous day. It was crisp with a stiff wind making the aspen leaves quake while Shyla and I did a mountain bike ride together.

And I have a NEW mountain bike. It's bike that makes riding even more fun. It's got a long travel suspension and much bigger tires than most mountain bikes. I got a great deal on it, and I am loving riding it!

After three nights in a row of no signs that a seizure might be impending, I am feeling much more at ease with Shyla's epilepsy. I think that the short-acting Keppra is controlling her seizures. That makes me smile.

Then, when Shyla and I finished riding this morning, I came home and picked up R so I could spend some outdoor time with him. I think that the golden leaves will be falling very soon so I wanted to get some photos of him in aspen groves. What a handsome dude!
After all that, I got the kind of phone call that I hate. A fire has broken out in an area to the west of us where vagrants camp. The wind is howling out of the west at 15 mph and gusting to 30 mph (blowing the fire toward us) so we are all watching the news minute by minute to see whether the fire blows up. Air resources, like helicopters, are grounded due to the wind.

I wish that campfires would be banned at all times except when there is snow on the ground for the sake of all the residents, including the wildlife, like this bear who was busily marking a tree recently.
All paws and fingers are crossed in our house. Thank goodness that the early reports are that the amazing firefighters are managing to keep it from blowing up.


  1. We are saying prayers that the fire stays away from you

  2. Praying the fires stop and y'all are kept safe. Love the color of the new bike

    Aroo to you,

  3. Hoping/praying the fire stays under control.

  4. Fingers crossed here. Hopefully they've caught it early enough. Our fire was way too fast because of the wind. A tree fell down on a power line, and it burned 43,000 acres the first day, about an acre a second. It's scary stuff, especially now that the Forest Service has closed more roads and we have only one way out.

  5. Our fingers and paws are crossed that the fire goes the way of the seizure monster.


  6. It's dry and scary in CO right now. I'm thinking of you.

  7. Stay safe. We'll say a prayer that the fire is put out soon.

  8. We are crossing our paws in hopes the fire is contained soon!!

  9. OH NO,,, the fires!
    We hope everyone stays safe.
    Love your new bike!

  10. I was just thinking about fires up your way, but hadn't heard about this one yet. Will be keeping a good thought for all.

  11. we have all paws crossed that the fire is controlled!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  12. Hari OM
    Such carelessness - in OZ, fires ARE pretty much banned except in certified spots with appropriate grates and stuff... and there are rangers keeping tabs on it too! So glad you and Shyla had a fun time though - that bike looks 'meeeeeaaaann' &*> YAM xx

  13. Fingers and paws are crossed that the fires will be under control SOON!

  14. I'm with you... there is so much what turns into ash within minutes... a BIG no to campfires... we hope that the firefighters can beat the flames and we wish the best for the wildlife and the nature around you...

  15. Good grief, they really need to ban fires. I hope you get some rain and the fire doesn't spread.

  16. Oh dear, how very scary. All paws crossed here too.

  17. We're glad they got the fire contained. Is it out yet? Great news on Shyla!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  18. our paws are crossed
    Lily & Edward


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