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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Winter Takes Over and Farewell to a Friend

Winter is here, at least for a day. This was the view on our deck this morning. We have nine chairs lined up in a row so that R can crawl forward and backward under them for his rehab. I think we're going to need a new setup for snow season!

The first day of riding in truly wintery conditions always throws me for a loop. I have to find my warm cycling clothes and water-resistant shoes, and then I start cursing the need for so many clothes. Silly me - I always end up appreciating the beauty when we finally get out the door.

And, this year, I have the perfect bike for this "shoulder season" when we have only a thin snow layer. My new bike has 3" wide tires. It handled fabulously in our first snow, letting me wind through the same trails as in summertime.

I stopped to take lots of photos of our temporary winter wonderland.

And, we saw bear tracks in the snow! On the left is my boot print - enlarged by the clumps of snow sticking to my boot. The bear's hind paw was pretty big - probably bigger than my actual foot.

After a stormy start to the ride with snow falling out of the sky for a while, the sun finally broke through the clouds. Shyla was full of energy despite having a rough night due to a minor setback in our effort to control her epilepsy.

This was what the world looked like at the end of our ride. All the snow will likely be gone by tomorrow evening.

After returning home, I learned of very sad news - that the seizure monster took our friend Ciara's life. I was deeply shaken up by that terrible news. Ciara's mom had been offering us words of support as we navigated the start of the epilepsy journey with Shyla.

You can see that Shyla has a new tag in case we ever get separated. It says that she has epilepsy and the back of it says which medicine she needs. It gives me a little peace of mind.
Perhaps Shyla's wave is bidding Ciara "until we meet again".

Rest in peace, Ciara. We are heartbroken.


  1. KB, I am heartbroken for the whole pack-I knew they were offering you lots of wisdom from having walked through this. Sending you hugs and headed to give them love.

  2. I admire your spirit. I did not know about Ciara. Heartbreaking

  3. We are stunned and so sad right now.. We hate that monster,,,, and try as hard as we can to think of something else,, we can't. We see the beauty in your post,, but too many tears make it all a blurrr/.
    Were sad along with you and all of Blogville about Ciara.

  4. Oh dear, that is very sad news and I'm sure it threw you for a loop. Condolences to all Ciara's family and friends.

  5. Brrrr Humbug, we don't like winter here in the South, as you know. We are so very sad about dear Ciara, that sweet girl always made us smile. We're still shook up over that news.

  6. Snow wow! Oh no. I did not know about Ciara. So sad. She was having such a hard time lately
    Lily & Edward

  7. Oh my gosh, I didn't know about Ciara. That is absolutely heartbreaking.

  8. We were so sad to hear about Ciara too. So sad, she suffered for so long. But we are glad Shyla is doing better. And we bet that snow melts quickly!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    Pee Ess - Dang, big bear print!

  9. Snow seems to come so early there....

    We were so sad to hear about Ciara this morning. We did not see that coming.

  10. We are just heartbroken about sweet Ciara. I hope that evil seizure monster is satisfied and leaves Shyla alone!

  11. Thanks for telling us about Ciara --- I'll go over to that blog now. I was hoping things would get better.

  12. Oh, I just couldn't believe it when I just broke my heart! The comfort being that she is at peace now. No more Monster to fight, just peace and joy.
    Lookie at you Shyla!!! You look good gurl! Man, I really, really, really HATES that frickin' S MOnster!!! We gots to find a way to wipe that sucker out! Sendin' POTP to you gurl and to R for his continued recovery! {{{hugs}}}
    Ruby ♥

  13. We miss Ciara already, she was such a brave and sweet girl and our hearts go out to her family...

    What a beautiful ride you had...such dramatic skies to start...and tranquil blue skies to finish!

  14. We are beyond sad about Ciara. She fought so hard. We just love that last picture of you, Shyla♥

  15. Oh wow that was a white reminder that we better carry on with our firewood :o) we were so sad as we read the sad news about ciara....

  16. Thank you so much for remembering Ciara in such a sweet way. We are all struggling here. Lightning is having a hard time figuring things out. We are sure you will have good luck with Shyla and managing her seizures. The neurologist cannot understand why Ciara reacted so poorly to so many different options. Take care and send some snow for Lightning.


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