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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Black Dog Sunday

Do you remember, not so long ago, when every photo of R was of him resting after his surgery? This was the look that he gave me the other day as I headed outside. This is the look of hope... hope that we are about to do something fun! And he's even allowed to do fun stuff outside now.

R is the most enthusiastic dog that you can imagine. He yips and even trembles with excitement when we get to a lake where he can play.

He adores tennis balls but is willing to relinquish them if we promise to throw them again.

And he looks distinguished among the golden aspens.
These are good days for R and therefore for the rest of the pack, too!


  1. He is working it! Looking handsome R!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. ~Happy ~ Crazy ~ Love


  3. That first picture is SO ADORABLE. So much going on in those beautiful eyes.

  4. Oh, how I miss my black dog!! They really do photograph so well against those gorgeous yellow aspens! SO happy R is able to go out and run and swim and play again! Glad you are all able to get out and enjoy fall together!

  5. I'm so happy for him, and for you all!

  6. Hari OM
    A blessed day fur sure!!! YAM xx

  7. it's so great to see you as a happy black dog... sometimes the things have a super happy end and I'm happy with you that efurrything is well :O)

  8. We are so glad the days of worry are behind are R's recovery has been so successful
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

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  10. That makes us all very happy too handsome R!

  11. Gives us a smile. Remember when you were trying to decide if the surgery was the way to go? Just look at that boy now.

  12. You are such a handsome boy, R, and we are so very, very happy for you♥


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