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Friday, October 7, 2016

Back to Autumn - Our World

Today, our world meandered back toward autumn as the snow melted on the ground in our neck of the woods. However, you can see the mountains behind Shyla - they have entered their nine months of winter.

I was so happy to see that some aspens hung onto their leaves through yesterday's storms. This one even had my coveted red leaves!

Today, my breathing was terrible. I always suffer from some asthma - but it rarely slows me down much. I have an inhaler that I use a few dozen times per year. Today, I had it out way too many times. I felt as if my lungs were refusing to expand to take in air - perhaps the snow intensified something that I'm allergic to (just a guess). Needless to say, we didn't go far during our morning outing.

However, we did check a wildlife camera, and we discovered that there had been a flurry of activity recently.

First, a mountain lion came through. I was thrilled to see him. Perhaps new mountain lions are moving into our territory to make up for our "missing" lions. I wished the cam had captured a better view so I could see if he had any identifying marks.

Next, a very healthy and fat bear passed by.

That night, a red fox posed for the camera. We never have had red foxes consistently in our neck of the woods until this year, and I'm thrilled about it!

Early the next morning, a coyote stood regally in front of the camera. He blends into the world so perfectly.

And, finally, that big fat bear came past the cam again a few days later. I wonder if this bear is fat enough to consider hibernating soon.
That parade of animals made me smile and smile. I love living in a place where we have a diversity of carnivores moving quietly among us - and we rarely see them.

I'm sure that our dogs smell them every day. This golden aspen grove was close to the cam, and I find myself wondering what it's like for a dog who knows what animals have been around by using her nose.
Happy Friday.


  1. I love seeing the red fox especially! Love his big fluffy tail.

  2. A coyote, what a pose right there, and your golden leaves, snow on the far hills, down here a cold start to the day, snow fell about 2 hours north of us. Spring, where has it gone?

  3. I love seeing the fox, too. I wonder if your dogs smell all the other animals around you, but feel safe in your presence. Happy Friday!

  4. It's so beautiful there and I love that you have trail cams and get to share the wildlife with us! How neat! :D

  5. Oh, now those were some FABulous pics!!! They made me BWJ (bark with joy ☺) and made Ma smile! Boy that bear is a fattie!!! Makes me feel betters....BOL!!
    Ruby ♥

  6. I am sorry to hear about your asthma. darn and drat.
    wonderful captures of all the forest friends!
    wishing you more autumn colors.

  7. Wonderful pictures - especially the very first one of you, Shyla!

  8. Your aspens are like glowing jewels. And I'm loving the wildlife parade!

  9. Those are very cool critter photos. I hope your asthma quits pestering you soon.

  10. Keeping fingers crossed your asthma goes away soon. As always your photos are beautiful!

    Monty, Harlow and Ramble

  11. Good to see that fat bear after last year where the bears were having difficulty finding enough food.

  12. You've had quite the parade of visitors! I'm keeping alert for bears - I see paw prints in mud occasionally but not the bears themselves. We still have snow in the yard and on trails, but I think it will melt in a few days. No snow is in the forecast for awhile. Feel better soon!


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