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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Our Amazing Girl

Today, I read about the huge accomplishments of Shyla's full sister, who has become a huge champion in the field trials world - following in the paw prints of their father.

I can see elements of an amazing champion in Shyla. She doesn't have the intrinsic confidence to compete formally in any dog sport but she's learned to cope with her fears to such an extent that I can train her to do all sorts of fun things, like nosework and other behaviors. Knowing where she started her life, I feel as if she's a champion too.

I can't quite believe that Shyla has been faced with another hurdle - epilepsy. It seems as if Shyla has had too many obstacles so far in her life. However, I thank goodness that we can face it with her. Every single obstacle that she faces in life is our hurdle as well as hers. In other words, we will be by her side helping every step of the way, no matter what.

She may not be what some people would see as a "perfect dog" but she's perfect in our eyes.

So many of the twists and turns in life are beyond our control. The best that we can do is delight in the autumn bluebird days when we're feeling happy.

And, make sure to avoid the huge bull elk right around the corner!
I hope that you're enjoying your Saturday.


  1. Your beautiful girl is a champion in all of our eyes!! No, she won't ever compete and win ribbons, but she has won something else, and that's the hearts of people around the world like me, and someone like YOU who is devoted to her and see her as perfect, which I totally agree, she is!!!

  2. Shyla has some pretty nice gifts of her own!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. We think Shyla is a LEGEND....though congrats to her sister.

  4. Shyla won the ultimate prize: becoming a member of your pack!!

  5. Shyla's a champion in our book! She's such an inspiration.

  6. I agree that she's a champion and is extremely lucky to be in your pack!

  7. Shyla is so gorgeous! She's a champion in my book! Honestly, sometimes I think people put to much emphasis on pretty ribbons. I think that the most important thing about having a dog is just having fun with them. Regardless of whatever that fun might be, ribbons or no ribbons. :)

  8. We agree with the others. Shyla is a huge champion to us! You conquer it all, Shyla!

  9. Shyla and you are a great team! and as a family you're one loving loyal pack.

  10. Okay, the votes are in Champion Shyla and you are the winner!

  11. She is my Champion have molded her into just that <3

  12. We agree with all the other comments. Shyla sure is a champion in our eyes.

  13. Look at that open, trusting, at-ease expression in Shyla's eyes...gosh, you have really accomplished a LOT with this girl!
    There's "champions" and "champions" as every animal-lover knows...I even have "Campion (My Champion)" who is a goat :)


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