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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mountain Lions of Summer and Autumn

Today feels like the start of winter. It's bone-chilling outside and our mountains have a new coating of snow below typical wintertime clouds that cling to the mountainsides.
The change in our world made me look back at the spring, summer, and autumn. I have noticed a dramatic drop-off in how many mountain lions (a.k.a., "cougars") are traveling past my trail cameras. The drop-off began last winter and has persisted.

Just recently, the sightings have become slightly more frequent. Here was one of the few from the summer. I believe that this lion was around last fall - with two ear tags but no GPS collar. I suspected that he was part of a study of mountain lions but had somehow removed his collar.
That study ended last winter. All the lions with collars and ear tags were captured, sedated, and their "hardware" (collars and ear tags) were removed. I wondered if those activities were part of why we were seeing so many fewer lions. It crossed my mind that perhaps many lions were hurt or sickened by the process. However, that is only a wild guess - I have no evidence of that occurring.

The really nice thing, in my opinion, is that all the mountain lions that appeared in front of my trail cams were naked - they were not wearing radio collars!

I made a video of all my trail cam videos and photos of lions since the summer. You'll see a funny clip when a lion licked his chops while looking toward the camera. You'll also see a lion with an odd lump on his/her abdomen. I don't know what that is.

Enjoy the video, either here or at Youtube.

Thanks to all of you for the well wishes about the fire. The firefighters contained it. However, the wind is howling again today so we are all on high alert for smoke or flames in our area.


  1. Thank you for keeping track of all our wild life friends for us

  2. I always love your big cat images :) Hope the fire burns out soon.

  3. We're sure glad in looks promising that the fire goes out. Those big kitties are sure something special!

  4. I am all too familiar with worries about fires. Let's hear it for the firefighters!

    Such gorgeous cats. We have occasional sightings around here, but not too often; they seem to avoid the towns. Smart cats.

  5. Just read the previous post. I'm totally with you. No fires except in designated and safe camp grounds. This year has been very dry here and thus even more dangerous. Add to that the death of so many Carolina Hemlocks to feed a fire.

    Glad to hear Shyla seems to be better. And still thrilled at R's successful surgery. Sending good vibes that the fire is contained and out soon.

  6. I'm relieved about the fire. And that the lions don't have to wear those collars now. That always bothers me.

  7. Those big cats are sooo amazing!
    Were hoping the fire gets out- real quick!

  8. we always love seeing the big cats, hope the fire stays contained
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  9. They are such graceful animals. We are so happy to hear that the fire has been contained!

  10. I hope the wind calms down a little and the firefighters can beat the flames.... you said it it's bonechilling cold... I elt the same today, even when you and the friends of canada probably will laugh at the temperatures we call cold :o)

  11. I'm so glad they tool the collars of those beautiful cats. That can't be pleasant for them.

  12. It seems that this week the animals in the mountains are all more active. There was a bear and lion spotted this week in Spanish Fork!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. Wonderful trail footage, big cats are so very graceful!! We hope the lack of sightings is just due to them staying at a different elevation or area, and sightings improve this Spring!

    Hoping the fires stay contained!

  14. Love it! Always a treat to wake up, morning coffee in hand and watch your wildlife videos.


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