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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Lots of Words Wednesday

This has been a day of rapid-fire education about canine epilepsy and the medicine that Shyla is taking for it. She took her first dose last night and then another one early this morning. When I took her outside this morning, she stumbled and almost fell. Her hind legs kept crossing as she tried to walk. I asked her to do a few simple obedience things, and she didn't seem to understand my verbal cues.

That was scary but my friends with canine epilepsy experience immediately eased my mind that these are common side effects when a dog starts an anti-seizure medicine. When my vet touched base with me, she said that the side effects should be gone in a week or so.

I also have received so many great suggestions from you all! Much to my surprise, I've heard from readers that there is an extended release version of Keppra that can be given every 12 hours!!! It may work for us, and it would make dosing so much easier! Thank you for educating me!

Back to this morning.... when I saw Shyla's side effects, I thought that we'd just do a short outing. However, within about 15 minutes of running around outdoors with me watching her like a hawk, she ran gracefully like usual and she could respond to obedience cues. That made me feel much better.

Here are a few photos from our gorgeous autumn outing and from my bike ride this morning.
Autumn's Glory

I feel fine!

I feel better than fine!

The gold is starting at the top and working its way downward


  1. Hari OM
    Oooh, had to look back and realised I'd missed a post... nasty that there has to be such drugs as have these effects, but on balance, a whole lot better than the seizures. Keeping up POTP for you all - but especially for Shyla! YAM xx

  2. Wow, gorgeous autumn colors and photos!

    I am so glad that you saw improvement with Shyla.

  3. You keep going good sweet Shyla, we're cheering you on.

  4. golden beauty, and sending all wishes for Shyla to do well with the new meds, and for you to do well also. Hugs from our place, that had a frost this morning, now sunshine and blue sky that lifts anyone's heart and soul.

  5. KB, I know you are so thankful for those friends who've had experience with the drugs and can reassure you that Shyla's behavior was normal as can be expected. So dear friend, your colors are glorious-we didn't see any this beautiful last weekend. I'm hoping we might get to Poudre Canyon or Walden within the next week.
    Sending hugs your way.

  6. All paws crossed here for Shyla and lots of hugs and good thoughts from me.

  7. You must have been terribly frightened. I am glad that Shyla improved. I hope your heart is no longer in your throat. I pray the medication works and the side effects pass.

  8. Oh KB! That first reaction must have been very frightening for you - I'm so glad others with experience were able to inform and reassure you about the relatively short adjustment period for this drug. I'm surprised (to put it mildly) that the prescribing vet didn't warn you about the possibility of such side effects. Anyway, I'm so glad Shyla overcame the brief reaction today, and I hope the full adjustment will be smooth.
    Shyla looks GREAT in these pictures - thanks for putting a big smile on my face!

  9. I'm glad she is doing better but how frightening that had to have been. As always your photos bring smiles to Mom's face, raised in the woods of the Pacific Northwest but living in the middle of Chicago.

    Abby Lab

  10. I'm so glad she got as good a diagnosis as possible! I hope these meds work for her, and the side effects leave quickly.

  11. We hope the adjustment period will be short and the side effects will be minimal for Shyla
    Mr BAiley, Hazel & Mabel

  12. Fingers crossed! It would help a lot if you could use the twice-a-day kind.

  13. OMD, that is such good news abouts the 12hr med!!! SO much easier than the alternative! Wows, that must have been scary when that happened to your Shyla, and super-duper scary for your Moms! Glads it was just fleeting, and glads your Moms knew what was happening. Paws crossed that that won't happen too often!
    Sendin' tons of POTP your way! And RUN GURL, RUN!
    Ruby ♥

  14. KB,,, we know this is an obstacle ,, and you and Shyla will soon be over it,, Thank goodness friends are sharing information with you,,, and your research with the medical team is helping too,
    I know how scary it was for you to see Shyla stumble,, but later,,, yes, the photos showed she was more than fine,,, she was perfect and happy! Beautiful fall ,, beautiful.

  15. Poor Shyla! Those side effects sound so scary! I'm glad they don't last very long!

  16. Kreppa is Otto's next step if necessary. Your autumn is SO gorgeous. Have I mentioned that it's my favorite season? And that we don't get it until about November?!? Paws remaining crossed for good measure :-)

  17. your photos are super beautiful... we cross our paws that the side effects slow down and that they will help to chase that seizure monster away... hugs to you all

  18. Your autumn colors are just stunning! Our paws remain crossed for you, Shyla, and we continue to send you tons and tons of AireZen♥

  19. It's so scary when they don't react like they normally do. :( Back 13 years ago when I had a dog with epilepsy, we had old-fashioned phenobarbitol. We had to add potassium bromide (KBr) before we got good seizure control though. They're always coming up with new drugs or finding new uses for old ones, though!

    Continued best wishes for Miss Shyla and for you. It's such a scary ride when our dogs aren't well. Love and hope to you all.

  20. Do you follow FiveSibes? She has a lot if knowledge with seizures.

  21. We are so glad that you are feeling better and have a better way to administer meds!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  22. We're right here rooting you on, Shyla! You just keep fighting that old S-Monster and we all have your back! And tons of hugs to your Mommy.


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