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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Feeling More Optimistic plus a Moose!

All of your kind and generous words comforted me immensely yesterday. Moreover, through lots of research by me and a friend, I feel like I understand a little better what these "myoclonic seizures" are and where they may lead. Although there are terrible possibilities which we will need to rule out, it is most likely that they are the start of epilepsy. They may never become full "grand mal" seizures but they are not to be taken lightly. We are starting a medication tonight to try to prevent them, and we'll probably be heading to a specialist in the near future.

This morning was cold (40°F) and rainy - a combination that shocks my system at this time of year but that makes Shyla insanely happy. She can run as fast and as far as she wants without getting hot! In contrast, I had on fleece mittens and winter clothes but I was cold anyway. Ah well, at least Shyla was super happy.

Overnight, some aspens "popped" into their autumn attire. I can't wait to see them in full sunlight.

Shyla just wanted to run and run and run.

As we rode toward home with me hurrying because I was freezing, Shyla did zoomies in circles around me - and I was riding as fast as I could! What an incredible athlete she is!

It turned out that we came within a short time of crossing paths with a big bull moose who the Runner saw drink out of our bird bath and then mosey out of our clearing, using the same trail as Shyla and I were using to get back into our clearing.

Unfortunately, my trail cameras are generally pointed low because few of our animals are so tall. Thus, the one in our clearing photographed only the legs of the moose as he departed.

Just the other night, a big bull moose sauntered in front of another trail camera and stood in the most unflattering way. Try to ignore his hind end (ha, ha - too much detail there!), and look at those antlers. Until the past month, we've had only young bull moose in our neck of the woods. Now the big guys are here too! I really wish the moose in this photo had turned around so his head was toward the camera!!!!
Moose mating season is either underway or starting soon. I've recently captured photos of a bull moose and a cow moose hanging out together. The cow moose laid in a watering hole for almost an hour, just soaking! I have video that I'll share soon.

Let me end with something other than the moose's hind end - here's another photo of Shyla in the amazing autumn colors today!
Ah, how I love this girl. She came into our lives almost unexpectedly, and we've traveled such a journey with her to help her overcome her fears. Now, she's a fountain of love and affection with those she knows well or those who she immediately identifies as good people. We are the luckiest family in the world to have had her land with us. We will do everything in our power to keep her healthy and happy!


  1. I'm so glad you are feeling better about Shyla.
    We're going camping in Maine soon and I can't imagine what a shock the temps will be after weeks of 100+ heat index days...

  2. We hope the medication will work well for Shyla.

  3. We enjoyed seeing Shyla running and the moose is pretty cool. We know you'll be on top of whatever dear Shyla needs!

  4. Oh my...the fall scenery in back of Shyla left me breathless! We are hoping the meds do the trick for Shyla!

  5. Your fall colors are amazing. Change is also happening rapidly in Summit County. I'd say in the next week or so, we'll have peak colors. Shyla looks so confident and happy in these photos. She's a treasure. I keep expecting to run into a moose (well, maybe not "run into"). So far, none.

  6. Catching up on a few blogs tonight, and you are always one of the first...after all, how many blogs provide such, erm, "informative" wildlife images as Mr. Moose! Maybe next time he'll show you his good side :)
    I've been thinking often about you and Shyla, and hoping for good news. I hope the meds turn out to be the perfect solution, and meanwhile you got some great advice about ways to look at things. Know I'll be keeping a good thought for both your pups, every day.

  7. Amazing, isn't it? How very chilly 40 degrees can be when it first hits you in the fall? Especially with rain. And in months to come 40 will seem balmy. Lucy, like Shyla thrives in the chilly mornings. Unfortunately she does not recognize that she is not a youngster any longer and we have to slow her down. I do so love your Aspens and Shyla running free.

  8. Anxieties about our dogs can be crippling. We do hope all is well with our favorite athlete. Go job getting the moose picture

  9. Shyla is a beauty! Even more so highlighed by the autumn glow. I hope these new meds help prevent seizures.

  10. Let love, happiness and good health prevail in huge amounts, Shyla looks so happy, the moose, well I'm sure he has had plenty of very happy times lately too. hugs, with all my earnest wishes that Shyla's health improves, and she is as well as she can be.For you, heaps of love from down here, that temp, sounds so cold.

  11. Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl. Healing Pawkisses and purrayers and hope she feels better soon <3 <3 <3

  12. Wow! It's so beautiful there! I'm really excited for Fall this year!

  13. We are praying that the new medication works. You are so beautiful in the autumn colors, Shyla♥

  14. Glad you might be headed toward a way to control Shyla's seizures.

    It seems really weird to see fall colors already (or hear of 40 degree temps! My dogs are jealous!) as it is still a hot summer here, and I played in the ocean yesterday with the pups.

  15. we still cross our paws that everything works and that you find the way to help Shyla :o) the mama said the moose from behind looks like me LOL

  16. I'm glad you are feeling better about Shyla. Information can help for sure. The moose I see a lot of that around here. (Maybe not that close) The rut is gearing up around here.

  17. Shyla is blessed to have you and the runner as her advocates .............I have faith that soloutions will be found

    I love that she is racing with wild abandon in the cooling temps :)

  18. We are thinking about you Shyla. We know in our hearts those medicines will help you. Bullwinkle sure has long legs
    Lily & Edward

  19. Oh gurl, I gots my paws crossed real tight that the meds do the trick for you!!! No matter what, I can see you are one happy gurl!
    OMD, those Mooses are just awe inspiring!
    Ruby ♥

  20. All pug paws crossed here that the medication will help Shyla. She is such a beautiful girl, you have brought her so far and we know you will do what every it takes
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

  21. Wow - autumn sure did show up big time! We are glad to see happy photos of SHyla. She is a sweetie and we so hope this gets resolved in a favorable way! Yes, the moose are kinda active aren't they?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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