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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Our Black Dog's Puppy Friend

We had a bundle of cuteness visit the other evening. You all remember, Sadie, our friends' puppy, don't you? She's about 5 or 6 months old now, and she weighs more than Shyla!

It's looking as if she may be keeping the helicopter-ear look. She is part Lab and part Shepherd so having one ear of each type makes sense. I love it!

She and R picked up with their play exactly where they left off last time. I suspect that Sadie and R will have a special bond forever.

Even though Sadie is getting more mature, R still "self-handicapped" all evening long, throwing himself onto his back so that he wasn't threatening to his puppy friend. In this photo, he's on his back but has Sadie's paw in his teeth!

Sadie didn't hesitate to maul him, in play, of course!

The look of pure insanity of R's face at times made me laugh. You can also see that he was recovering from an "eye contusion" - based on the very red color of his left eye. We don't know how the contusion happened but R got to spend a day at the vet hospital this week getting it checked out.

We discovered that Sadie had fine tuned some new moves. The paw swat... (which scared me that she might get R's eye with her paw but I tried not to be a helicopter-mom ruining their fun).

And Sadie showed the start of a snarly mouth look...

But she still can't come close to the exaggerated snarly looks that R makes!
There's no doubt that Sadie is growing up - yet another case of puppyhood flying by too fast!

You'll notice that Shyla was not in any photos. She chose to snooze in the bedroom while the two black dogs played. I didn't try to lure her out of the bedroom because I do worry about the camera flash possibly causing a seizure.

However, at the end of the evening, the black dogs were tired. Shyla came out and lay down on a bed with Sadie. I thought that was a great step for Shyla. She's had a number of recent events that have reminded me that she'll never be a totally normal dog after her fearful start. However, she's made huge strides! I love her just the way she is.


  1. What fun Sadie and R had. I am glad that Shyla found a way to be happy during the chaos that can come from puppy play.

  2. Oh, those ears! They sure do make us smile. Good to see all the fun a puppy can bring.

  3. Looks like R and Sadie had a wonderful playtime! And Shyla is her gentle furend!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. What great pictures of some pure black dog fun!!

  5. Bitey face fun! Loe those 'helicopter' ears!

  6. What a huge step for Shyla, to lie with Sadie!!! What fun, and if I didn't know, would think it was dangerous. And the ears!!!

  7. Can just see how much fun they're having. I've had people ask if my dogs were fighting when there's gnashing of teeth and paws flying, but they just love the game!

  8. Sadie could be one of Millie cousins. They both have the same ear carriage and I see Sadie has brindle paws just like Millie too. It sounds like Sadie is certainly going to be a much bigger dog than Millie though.

  9. Such a cutie and all full of fun and energy!

  10. That is how Otto plays with Osa - lying down on his back. She growls, snarled and makes all sorts of scary noises and he just rolls around on his back. I love dogs!!

  11. R certainly has an impressive snarly look, but you can see how much fun he is having playing with Sadie! We're glad that Shyla also had some quiet time with her.

  12. Love that snarly look!! Oh my goodness, what precious ears!! I bet both R and Shyla slept very well the next day!

  13. The black dogs are having so much fun! Sadie has the coolest ears. Yay for you, Shyla♥

  14. I think it shows a lot of maturity and self-confidence that Shyla is making good decisions about interacting - or not - in her own way. Hmmm...maybe that's because if I was a dog, I can easily imagine myself making those same decisions ;)

  15. Oh my word! Those EARS!!!! I love her!
    She and R look like they had such fun == and it's good that Shyla eventually came out! She's a sweet girl!

  16. They are having a grand time! Look at those big bear teeth!


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