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Saturday, December 22, 2018

An insomniac bear vs. a trail camera

Usually, almost all of our black bears are in dens by this time of year. Some years, a bear or two is still wandering the forest but usually very sleepily.

This year is different. Bears have been spotted still foraging recently, and I've followed the tracks of a fast moving bear moving through our forest.

Then, a few days ago, I rode my snow bike into an area that bears like in the summer to check a trail cam. As I approached it, I wondered why I'd left it pointing at the sky. I explained it to myself by remembering that I'd been freezing the last time that I checked the cam, and I'd probably departed in a big hurry.

The real reason didn't even cross my mind.  A bear...

... had attacked the trail cam within the previous week.

Fortunately, unlike a previous time, the bear didn't kill the cam so it lived to tell the story. I have the video here for you to see.

Those healthy and clean teeth suggest that he's a youngster. Perhaps he needs an adult to tell him that it's time for bed!


  1. That's one tough cam! And a view I hope never to have in person - what a maw!

    Chris from Boise

  2. Pretty Sure He Had Something To Say


  3. Glad to hear the camera survived the bear attack. We hope he finds a den soon.

  4. like little red riding hood, I thought My what big teeth you have and wow what big claws you have.. glad the cam survived. I wonder why they are still wandering around? maybe because it was dry? or not enough food to get fat? or maybe all the BEST dens are taken?

  5. He may be angry because he isn't sleeping. Great captures.

    Have a fabulous weekend. ♥

  6. He must have been very hungry to want to eat a trail cam!

  7. Great footage. . . obviously a bear who hates surveillance!

  8. OH MY BEARS... that was so up close and purrsonal I could smell the berries on his breath.
    Thank goodness you have a bear proof trail cam.
    I've been watching a series on animal planet called Into Alaska. One of the most interesting parts was the ranger who was a bear expert, named Bill. He goes to a remote island in the summer sets up cameras and does lots of walking around trails and watching the bear fish for salmon.
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. He could hardly bear being on candid camera!

  10. It's past your bedtime, young man!! LOL. I'm glad your camera at least survived, when I saw your title I thought it might not end well for it!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  11. Glad the cam survived, and loved the video.....

  12. Trail cam with a different view. Phew, it survived to tell us all the story.

  13. We think he didn't want us to see what he was up to:)

  14. That's one tough camera!
    I think the weather has really upset a lot of wildlife behavior, and bears are always in the back of my mind. We just got an alert this week here in MA about bears taking chickens, even east of 495! Apparently a lot more folks now keep a few hens in residential non-rural areas, and the bears are certainly expanding their population and territory. Chicken houses and bee hives are such easy pickings for a bear. I cringe every time someone posts a "cute bears in my swimming pool!!" type video on youtube - I think more people need to see the damage those powerful claws and jaws can do, just to prevent foolish confrontations that will only end badly for the bears.
    Meanwhile, I hope that boy gets himself a good meal (not cameras or chickens) and gets tucked in for a few months!

  15. Glad your camera survived! They are still out on this side of the canyon, had a visitor early this morning. Never in 22 years have we seen bears this late in the year. I have heard that some people are "freaking out" and calling DOW - sure wish they wouldn't do that. :(


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