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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

A Mountain Lion Family Checks out a Scent Post (9/29/19)

We have several mountain lion families passing through our neck of the woods regularly. Early one morning this fall, a mother cat led her two kittens along a forest path. They passed a spot where male mountain lions scent mark, and the kittens were transfixed.

Mom was less curious about the scent. It was likely from a cat who she knew. So, she guarded her kittens as they sniffed.

The family spent a fair bit of time at this spot but their actions, as recorded by my cam, were a bit confusing. All three of them exited left after the initial sniffing. Then, one came back but startled -and leaped straight up the hill on the far right of the photo, knocking a big ball of dirt down the hill. Then, another one came into the picture, and carefully sniffed that ball of dirt before following the first cat. While all that was going on, a kitten was walking up the hill in the background.

Whew, a busy family!

Then, a short time later, a single family member showed up a bit to the west. I'm guessing that the kittens had been left someplace to wait while mom headed off to scout for prey.

She stopped briefly to groom and then look toward my camera. She's a beauty.
I am forever astounded by the responsibilities of a mother mountain lion. She must kill enough prey to feed the entire family. With how big kittens become very fast, that's a tall order!

I made a short Video of the family's escapades. I hope that you enjoy it.


  1. they are amazing animals... and I hope the lion mom can find enough food for the little ones to be strong enough for winter time

  2. We really enjoy seeing them and their investigations!

  3. Hari Om
    Interesting that you should post about this today... we just had an episode of the new David Attenborough show "Seven Continents, One Planet" (highly recommended viewing if you can access it your side), in which a puma in Chile was filmed. She had two kittens and was trying to hunt guanaco, got badly hurt by one, but eventually (after several days) was successful... only to have to drag the carcase a whole mile to reach the cubs! Incredible drive to survive and, as you say, astounding responsibility. YAM xx

  4. Most beautiful. You are so entertained in your area.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  5. just about min 1.31 I love the one in the back ground slinking through the grass and the view of the underside of the paws. they are beautiful.... we are having raccoon problems, they suggested using coyote pee to ward them out of the yard, do you think you could catch a little lion pee and send to me? I bet that would scare them silly

  6. I always feel so honored to be able to glimpse a bit of the day to day of these beautiful felines!

  7. I 100% agree with LLB Gang...thank you for sharing your trail cams of these beautiful felines.
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. It's always amazing to see these glimpses into the wild creatures around you.

  9. I loved watching them and listening to them. I hope they can find enough to eat.

  10. I love watching them from the safety of my house on the other side of the country.

  11. Living in the wild is a tough life for so many reasons. They are all such beautiful cats.

  12. Always impressed with these magnificent creatures ability to sniff things out.


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