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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Black Dog Sunday

Winter has a grip on us, and it's been a good week for our Black Dog to snuggle up indoors. Shyla loves cuddling close with him.

Because it's been so snowy and cold, I continued with nosework with R this week rather than taking extra excursions outdoors. We progressed to me hiding the "source" (a q-tip with birch oil in a small tin) anywhere in a room. I ask our Black Dog to "search" and he does. I don't hide it in tricky places yet... but I was amazed how he remembered this game so well from years ago.

One of my favorite parts is that he's so excited to get started searching that sometimes he forgets to actually start! That happened in the short clip that I'm sharing with you today. Enjoy our goofball's happiness. I hope that it makes you smile like it makes me smile.

PS Hachi is barking in the background. We had workers in the house doing drywall, and Hachi was really anxious about them. That's why he was barking. He's normally a reasonably quiet dog.

PPS I hope that you have a smiling Black Dog Sunday!


  1. Hari OM
    Oh yes, definitely smiling now! YAM xx

  2. so sweet and smart.. hugs to all of you. when the barking started, Big's head came up and he went on alert, like where is that dog? I don't see one but I hear it.....he pays no attention to the neighbors dogs when they bark, but he sure thought there was one in the living room.

  3. Excellent work, R! We love to see you and Shyla snuggling together☺ Happy Sunday!

  4. "He's normally a reasonably quiet dog" Hachi?? Too Funny - BLK Dog Talking At The Beginning , Excellent - Pretty Damn Cute Witnessing Him Lock In On That Sent - But That First Photo, Pricelessly Adorable


  5. That was fun R, thanks for letting us watch!

  6. His constantly wagging tail says it all. He is clearly having fun. And made me smile like always on Sunday. He and Shyla sharing a bed always reminds me of Ellie and Lucy.

  7. It's so good to see R having some fun! ♥ We are having a spell of warmer weather, but the deep freeze is coming, so we may have to dig out Luke's noseworks games as well. No matter how long we go without them, he never forgets how it works either! :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  8. Smiling is an understatement R...yay you. I loved your cheer at the beginning. OMDs this is so amazing to a feline lady....
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. Stranger danger is what Hachi is saying! R made me smile. What a goofy boy!

  10. He does look so happy to be playing 'his' game.

  11. Good job on the searching. I did that with my American Eskimo dog in hopes he could be a search and rescue dog but I just wasn't in shape enough to do it myself. He would have been great.

  12. It's great to see R enjoying the search so much.

  13. R looks lik ehe is really having fun. We got snow today, two are ecstatic, one sadly watches from the window:(

  14. Is there a particular reason for birch oil? Would other essential oils work for this game?

    1. Birch oil is always the first one taught - I don't know why. As a dog becomes more advanced, they can search for anise and clove oil as well. I think that any particular essential oil would work but a dog must be specifically taught to focus on its scent rather than the other scents in the area.

  15. Love that happy Black Dog!

    Chris from Boise


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