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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Wild Cats: Mountain Lions Courting - Part 2

Last week, I showed you footage of a pair mountain lions who were courting. At the time, I didn't know that they'd later passed a couple more of my cams.

The first one was on a north-facing slope where it was icy and snowy. In fact, ice was clinging to the front of my camera. But, you can see the pair walking almost side-by-side.

A few hours later, they were in a slightly less snowy spot where there was a "scrape" - a spot frequently marked by lions. They seemed to pose for a portrait. The female is on the left. The male, on the right, looks a bit grizzled, as if life hasn't been easy on him lately.

The next day, the pair passed the last cam that recorded them. First, the relatively thin and lithe female walked past.

The male paused near the cam. You can see that he has a big scratch on his neck.

And you can also see that he looks a bit beaten up from the front.
The territory near us has been up for grabs among male mountain lions over the past 10 months. I wonder if this guy had to survive a lot of battles to win it. I hope that the price hasn't been too high.

Later on the 13th, a single mountain lion who looked a lot like the female of this pair appeared by herself a few miles further along in the direction that they'd been traveling. I am betting that their time together was almost over when that daytime footage was recorded.

Please check out the video if you have time. Be sure to have your sound on - there's lots of talking between the pair.

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  1. what mighty paws they have... even the bush fire swatters of da nelly looks small now ;O)

  2. That is a nasty looking scratch on Mister. They are so beautiful to watch!

  3. We hope this was a successful pairing and that the male's wounds have healed.

  4. Love hearing their 'pillow' talk. The male really does seem beaten up. Hope it was worth it, buddie.

  5. I looked at your links and wondered if there is a: trail cam Friday.
    Loved seeing your photos and footage!

  6. Yep, probably the result of a turf battle!

  7. I am wondering if you hear them at night when you are safe inside. they do a lot of talking. poor big guy, hope he will be ok

  8. the daylights shots are my favorite. so beautiful

  9. They do talk a lot! Hope the male isn't too injured...

  10. OMCs...purrfect link for Feline and Nature Friday.
    Purrs that the mister is ok!
    Hugs cecilia

  11. I loved hearing them (and watching them of course). I really hope the male is ok.

  12. I was reading one of the lion's blogs. They are really fascinated with the camera.

  13. Being male in the wild is a tough life, always fighting to be the top guy. Hopefully he will be fine.


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