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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Thankful Thursday

I could be happy never going into a town or city. Alas, that's not possible but I always feel grateful for coming home to our more peaceful part of the world after a day in more urban places.

As I drive home, I let out a sigh of relief as I pass this sign. To me, it symbolizes leaving the concrete world and entering a more peaceful world.

A short distance later, I pass another sign that I love.
Yes, that's an elk. A jokester added a funny fart sticker to it.

Just after the elk sign, the elk herd loves to cross the road. I have waited for 5-10 minutes for the herd to pass in front of me on multiple occasions. That's the best kind of traffic jam.

Then, I pass this sign.
It's been hanging there for decades, and some of the print has faded too much to read. However, the point is obvious even without reading the sign. There are bears here, and please don't let them get into your garbage.

It is so peaceful to pass this scene on my way home.

Or to see this scene. If you look closely, there are elk at the edge of the forest.

No signs warn of this one - but I absolutely adore that the Continental Divide peeks through the trees near home.
My gratitude for having a home surrounded by nature is boundless. It feeds my spirit and happiness.


  1. I'm with you... I rather would skip the city, but we have to go from time to time...

  2. Hari OM
    yup. Me too. (Though to be fair, the city I have to deal with is Edinburgh... and as cities go, one really ought not to be too down on it!) YAM xx

  3. I totally understand. We might not live as remotely as you but living on 5 acres in a somewhat rural area has been very peaceful. As we age we are starting to look for a home with less property to maintain. It will be a difficult transition to live next to neighbors we can see every day but that will happen some day. Until then I will relish our little piece of paradise.

  4. Wow! The scenery on your commute is so beautiful. I live in the city but grew up in the country so I understand the shedding of the stress from the traffic and crowding. But these days I couldn't deal without city water and sewer and the proximity to grocery stores and the like.

  5. We all often wish we lived out in the middle of nowhere somewhere, but you've sure got a most beautiful place. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  6. I love the signs and I know why you do too. You live in heavenly country. It's always a huge WOW when I see your photography.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  7. We are thankful for all beautiful and unspoiled landscapes where wildlife is abundant and thrives. Long may such places be kept safe, for the sake of all our futures.

  8. Do you have a gravel road? Lots easier when the frost gathers, tarseal is so skiddy, and I gravel or salt trucks do not go all the way past city limits. We lived about 40 minutes from a city many years ago, and the road was part metal, some seal, and nothing was spread to make the ice safer to drive on. Now, some 34 years later, all sealed, lots of narrow parts and corners that get no sun in winter. I am so thankful for our open roads where we live now. And coming home, always that wonderful feeling of peace, serenity, quietness, and delight in your own part of this world.

  9. I agree completely; I could never live anywhere but the country. While we're not quite as remote as you, we feel so blessed to have a home where we cannot even see a neighbor and where the deer and wild turkeys wander through our yard. ♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  10. KB I am thankful you share your beautiful world with us!!
    Hugs cecilia

  11. We live in a small city in the country. Don't mind the occasional foray into a city, but love the quiet and friendliness of the country.

  12. Happy Thankful Thursday!! This is something that later on we are able to do after we retire. Your area is so beautiful and we want that peaceful feeling as well. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  13. I begin to wonder as Bob and I age whether we'll end up in an urban setting. We hope to hang on to our edge-of wilderness lifestyle as long as possible. Your views, like mine, bring a sense of peace. I don't even like to go into downtown Breckenridge - too many tourists!

  14. You really do live in the wilds. I love nature and solitude, but I still would need somewhere to go dancing. :)

  15. Like you, I have a spot that says to me, "you're back home." Although we survived a happy suburban life when our children were growing up, we always yearned for the mountains.

  16. That is beautiful. My mom loves to be in places like that, but she needs to live in a suburb close to everything she needs. She could never live in a city, that would be awful. Glad you love where you live so much.

  17. What a wonderful place you live at. The city life is not for everyone and with all the congestion anymore I'm beginning to think I might like to join your wilderness world.


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