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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Shyla Saturday

Shyla and I are loving the start of spring. It's a crazy weather time of year here, ranging from below freezing in the morning to as warm as 65°F some days.

This was one of the cold days. It was freezing and foggy. Shyla was a good sport to pose for me.

What I love about her is how much she revels in every kind of day. This was a far warmer day. It was the first day of panting!

After all that running, she's happy to cover my back during a brief stop to watch the birds. This was an exciting day for the swallows.

They are now incubating their eggs!
On that day, I was so busy taking photos that a coyote could have walked right up to me without me noticing. Thank goodness for Shyla!

After the bird watching, she was back in high gear.
Shyla and I are the perfect match because we both love the outdoors and wearing ourselves out cavorting on the trails. Of course, we have our differences too - like how I want her tight by my side in meadows (for coyote protection) and she wants to search for elk poop. Ah well - every bond has its strengths and weaknesses. The balance is that we have an amazing bond.

It's a dream that every dog, no matter their innate personality, can find a way to have a happy life. I think that Shyla has done just that. Happy Shyla Saturday!


  1. Hari OM
    All I can do with this one is smile... &*> YAM xx

  2. that pose is priceless and Shyla is gorgeous. the bird wings in flight are AMAZING.. so glad she had your back with the coyotes. on another blog yesterday the lady said it was night and the coyotes were circleing and howling and making her dogs bark

  3. You two gals are a perfect match...and always make me smile
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Shyla is so pretty and we totally love her happy smile!

  5. You girls are the best of friends and this makes us smile☺ Happy Saturday to you both!

  6. Happy Saturday to you and Shyla!

  7. Lovely photos today. And I think I've learned something new about swallows. I thought all swallows had forked tails (the ones we see in the UK all do). But then I did some research and concluded that the ones in your photographs are tree swallows. Is that right?
    Cheers, Gail.

  8. Beautiful birds and lovely Shyla doing her thing, protecting you and posing for your camera. I don't know any dog who likes to pose for cameras. Pretty soon she'll be dancing in fields of yellow flowers. Good dog.

  9. Shyla sure looks happy to be out exploring with you. Those are great pictures of the swallows.

  10. Great that you and Shyla look out for each other. My daughter came across a bobcat last week when she was out on a trail. We don't have large predators here, so the thought of them makes me a little nervous.


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