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Thursday, January 5, 2012

K is well, and the wildlife return

K had another good day of treatment. She came through her anaesthesia and steriotactic radiation therapy fine today. Tomorrow holds the final radiation treatment and the first round of chemotherapy. I'm a bit scared of the chemotherapy because of the side effects. Hopefully, K will tolerate it without too much trouble.

Today was very warm and felt like springtime. I found myself having my knee-jerk yearning for true spring and then realizing that I don't want time to move quickly, even if spring is beckoning. I want to savor every day with K - winter, spring, summer, and fall - who cares which season it is? Not me.

A side-effect of K's cancer is that R and I have been spending time alone together out romping on our trails, which is unusual because R normally exercises with the Runner every morning. This morning, R and I took a snow bike ride together. He's a different dog, very focused on me and playing with me, when he's not vying with K for my attention. I think that I need to find "alone time" with R regularly, if and when life returns to normal.

We headed onto the trails a bit later than K and I usually do, primarily because I don't quite trust R in the twilight before sunrise. We arrived up high in full sunlight, and he looked stunningly handsome with his jet-black fur bathed in golden sunshine.
I asked him to stand on the boulder where K often stands at sunrise. He maintained a regal composure for a few seconds.
Then, he decided to tell me very loudly that he prefers ACTION over looking regal. He barked at me from his perch.
So, I barked back at him and added a howl for good measure. Look at his reaction. Puzzled, I think.
We enjoyed a good romp, with his enthusiasm and magnetic personality distracting me from my worries.

R also enjoyed sniffing the scents of the many animals who have recently returned to our neck of the woods after fleeing the onslaught of snow in December. Since some of you asked, the last photo of yesterday's post was a "Spotted Skunk", a very small skunk compared to the more common Striped Skunk. A Spotted Skunk is not much bigger than a large squirrel and lives primarily in the mountains. Skunks tend to spend the coldest part of the winter in a den hibernating. I've read that one den might contain many skunks hibernating together. That's quite a vision (I hope that my dogs never find a skunk den...). This skunk probably ventured out because of the relatively warm and good weather.

Like most winters, the animals have discovered that our driveway is a good place for foot travel in snowy weather because it's plowed. This coyote was running from me. I'd just come out the door, unaware that a coyote was walking on the driveway. I spotted him as he ran away in a blur.
This buck, with one broken antler, ventured down our driveway in the wee hours of the morning.
And, my favorite, the bobcat, has been in our clearing several times. I don't know if this is one of the mother-kitten pair or a solo bobcat. He/she looks too big and muscular to be the kitten.
I also captured photos of a bobcat on a tiny path leading out of our clearing. Before it snowed, I noticed that a bobcat had been scraping the ground and defecating on this path regularly - a way of informing other bobcats that our clearing was his/her territory. So, I staked out the tiny path with a trail camera. The bobcat first sniffed the "scentpost" spot where I'd seen the bobcat markings previously.
Perhaps due to the snow, the bobcat didn't add any of his own scent to that particular spot. But, slightly further along, he rubbed his side against a log. Then, he raised his tail, as if to urinate, but he appeared to rub his hind end against a stump with his back arched upward in a posture that reminded me of a housecat. This isn't a marking behavior that I've ever captured before. He promptly departed after "marking" the stump. Have any of you seen or read that bobcats mark territory in this way?
I love having bobcats in our clearing. They're so full of toughness and life.

I'll let you know tomorrow how K's treatments went. I can only imagine that, after three days in a row of general anaesthesia and radiation and then one round of chemotherapy, she's going to be very tired. We promise to pamper her and tend to her every whim.


  1. Mango says he knows how The Black Ones can be!

    Thanks for the K update!

    We are smiliing for we also saw some GReat news for The Bleu!

    AND of course you know we love the OTHER wildlife pics too!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day
    Benny & Lily

  3. I am feeling such happiness and hope as you describe K and R's responses.................What an amazing duo you and the runner enjoy

  4. I think K is a very strong girl and will come through day three drained but good. It's nice you can spend some one on one time with R to help free your mind from worry for a while. How gorgeous R looks. In his "huh" picture he has the same look Gloria had on Blog Paws wordless wednesday post. Love it! LOL! I also can't believe the wildlife pictures you get. They are fantastic! Everyday must be an adventure. Good luck Friday!

  5. Hi Y'all,

    R barking back made my Human laugh!

    Thanks for the great news about K and taking time to post the wildlife pics.

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    P.S. Paws still crossed here too.

  6. I am so glad that you're able to get out in the fresh air and enjoy time with R because I know it helps to clear your mind for the day ahead. We continue to send hope and prayers of strength your way.

  7. hope her treatments go well tomorrow.....she's lucky to be coming home to such a wonderful mom, who knows how to take care of and pamper her....

    take it easy K, don't overdo it......hope the chemo doesn't make you sick....take a few days of TLC..and hope you continue to feel good during your treatments...

  8. Try not to worry too much about the chemo. (I know, that's not very likely.:-) ) Even though Zephyr had trouble with the first treatment, and I really think that had a lot to do with everything he had been through in the previous week, I was very surprised and happy with how well he did. They reduced his dose slightly for the other treatments. He had no belly problems, etc., only kind of tired for a few days about a week after. She'll do great. R is very handsome and cute too. I bet he senses what's going on and is trying to help K and you all out. They are so smart.

  9. Mom has been busy with the work this week and we just got updated!

    Oh, how I love the walkies you were on with K - and the news that she is doing well with "The Treatments"! It sure is funny how us four leggers can read our people and make them feel good!! :):)

    I do have to say, it is nice that the Runner is sharing exercising R with you! He looks pretty good in the sunshine too!! And all the other times! What a character! The pictures you capture of R makes my person think he is "talking" like I do!! Ok, most people would call it howling, but not my person!!

    You are in our hearts and prayers on a daily basis!

    Best Paw Forward - and bark at ya all later!


  10. Glad K is doing well so far. Looks like R had a great time and his black coat does look great in the morning sun.

  11. I'm loving R's WTF?? expression! Sending hugs for Miss K and to you.

  12. So glad K is still doing well with her treatments. Your a string one K.
    MOM really enjoyed R's photos. I think I might be somewhat like R in that I want to romp and explore and not stop for photos. But I do humor the MOM now and then and stop for a moment.
    As always wonderful photos of the wild ones.

  13. I'm not wanting to remember chemo with my dog before Sophie...her name was Jessie...loved her to bits too...we handled the situation as best as we could...hope K rests well and is back home in your loving arms so very soon! Three cheers for R...doing just fine with you!

  14. So glad things with K are going well and pray that it continues.
    Just love that R, what a sweetie.
    Thanks again for the trail cam shots, I so envy your trail adventures.

  15. Oh man!

    Good news about K!

    Great pics of R (especially the barking pic).

    Awesome critter pics! I wish I had those wildcats 'round here. I'd be in heaven. I also wish we had the snow, to be honest (it's been a snow-less winter to-date in the our parts of the upper Midwest. In the 40s today, for crying out loud! Not the winters I remember as a kid.

    Very cool pics.

  16. As always, you have such lovely photos. Hope K does well tomorrow too.

  17. In a tiny way, this is good as we are getting to see more of R and the photos are beautiful R has such a beautiful coat and that first shot of him was superb.

    WE will continue to keep you and K in our prayers as tomorrow is going to be a long day for all of you.

    Stay strong

    Bert and My Vickie

  18. R is so very handsome, we love his spunk. :)
    Great news about K, prayers are still flowing her way.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  19. Gosh
    R sure is shinny black with those rays glistening on his coat!
    He looks like he enjoys the cold weather as much as K.
    Its good to hear K handled more treatements well- of course we will keep her in our thoughts for tomorrow.
    Our weather keeps changing too- and I have a feeling that it will for a long time. Today we are enjoying fog. We went outside and looked at the moon- its growing.
    I wished a wish for K.

  20. I'm sure K will be glad to be home, and probably sleep for a couple of days! I'm glad to hear she's still doing well.

    I love R! That picture of him in the sunlight is a stunner, too. He's very handsome when he decides to try the GQ (or is that LQ) look! Our male Greyhound, Hawk, would howl if we would, and I miss having one that will sing along. One of these days we'll have to compare black dog photo notes! Some days I think I'm getting it and others are not so positive.

    Maybe the bobcat has a stiff leg? Maybe it was a lady bobcat who was too polite to lift a leg? I love seeing your wildlife!

  21. I'm glad to hear that K is doing and I am hoping the Chemo goes well for her. She is a strong girl:)

    R cracks me up, he is such a character, I love his expression when you barked back at him!

  22. Hooray for K! Just so happy to hear about her good response to the radiation. . .we'll hope for an equally good one on the chemo!

    To me that looks like a Cat's spraying posture. . .maybe wrong though. Most of my experience is with House Cats!

    Cheers and hugs,


  23. So far, so good. Keeping our paws crossed for K. Is her chemo schedule like a human's - once a week for three weeks, then a break, then repeat? During the break was when mama got her radiation, and K is having her radiation first, so clearly the schedules are not the same. Is this the only radiation, or does it have to be repeated after a spell?

    Bless R for stepping up and being such good company for you, while still meeting all the Runner's doggie needs. R is earning his kibble for sure.

    Hope the wildlife isn't emerging too soon, only to get clobbered if winter ever really comes.

    Jed & Abby

  24. We are glad that K is doing well. R looks just as handsome as ever!


  25. Glad you got outside with K

    Stop on by for a visit

  26. I'm glad that k is doing great right now! You look so happy and enjoyed your day together!

    It's all About Pet Fences | Dog Fence

  27. HI there KB,
    I've been reading your posts (but not always finding the time to comment), but I wanted to say how I admire your strength in these difficult times. It is such a joy to see R stepping up and giving you what you need. My love and prayers continue to be with you and K.
    Live in the moment and seize the day
    (Beautiful pictures, yet again)
    With love

  28. So pleased to hear K is doing well!

    R is gorgeous. Looks like you had a great day time together. Fabulous wildlife photos. Thanks for sharing them.

    Sending lots of pawative thoughts for K today!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  29. We're so glad that K is handling the treatment well. May the good news continue. And we are glad that you and R are enjoying each other at this difficult time!

  30. We are commenting for the first time having just caught up on your story after reading Sophie's blog post this morning. We are so very sorry that K is going through so much and we very much hope that the treatment goes well for her.

    Murray here was absolutely fascinated by all the animals that visit your driveway - he couldn't believe it!

    - Clive & Co

  31. Morning and good Friday to you all. I hope sweet K gets thru today ok and can have some much needed R&R and lots of snuggles at home. I absolutly LOVE that picture of R and the quizzacle look on his face! I burtst out laughing when I saw it! I get that same look alot from Indy and it gets me every time. Have a good weekend and thanks for keeping us updated on K. My husband now asks about her too since I've started reading your blog :):)

    God Bless..

    ~dt and Indy~

  32. Sophie sent me here! Sounds like things are going pretty well with your pup and I wish her all the best in the upcoming treatments. Your photographs are beautiful.

  33. Another Sophie follower stopping in to wish you well. Enjoyed all your pictures.

  34. Chester is never happy if photo sessions take too long either. I LOVE R's expression - if only we could read his beautiful mind! (Just in case you haven't noticed, both K & R are exceptionally gorgeous labradors.) ;0-)

    I love seeing all your wildlife pics. The bobcat behavior pics are soooo interesting. What a paradise you live in!

    Glad to hear that K is holding up well with the treatment and I hope that it is effectively taking care of the tumor.

    Chester's Mom

  35. R looks very handsome here.

    I'm glad to hear that K is doing well so far. :)

  36. I can only sus;ect dat R is tryin' to takes "care" of you by him bein' so attentative. He knows hows you is feelin'. I hads to giggle at his look he gaves you.

    One more day and hopefully all will be betters fur K. I bet these 3 days have felt likes a lifetime furs ya'll. But, we is still heres to get you through it.


  37. I love that picture of R barking and then his confused face in the next picture.

    I am glad K did well with the radiation treatment. I hope the Chemotherapy goes just as well.

    Your pal, Pip

  38. Hi there...Sophie wanted me to visit your blog. Very nice and interesting. Glad that K is better today. My old Nova had it too but after serveral operation it came back. Now she´s hunting up at The Rainbow Bridge.
    I love your wildlife cameras..I will come back for sure...

  39. Great photos of R! The golden sunshine on this fur is just beautiful and his bark photo is adorable!

    We are always amazed with the wildlife photos, too!

    We do miss seeing K's photos here but we are very happy to know that she is ok. Our paws are crossed for you, K!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai & Forgie

  40. Well, R made me laugh today, too! What a character! Love that cocked head after you barked back at him!

    So glad everything seems to be going so well so far for K. Fingers crossed and prayers sent heavenward for today's activity...

  41. You and K remain in our thoughts! Hope she's feeling rested and energetic soon!

  42. Hi KB, thinking of you all and especially K. Glad the treatment is ok. We love the photo of R barking and of course all your wildlife photos. Hugs to all. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  43. Hi,
    Just came over from Sophie's blog to wish K well. My mama is going threw the same thing and doing well. She says she read that us dogs and cats seem to tolerate Chemo. very well. We will keep you in our prayers.

    Love the wildlife you have around you, esp. the bobcats!

  44. I have a feeling we could lump our Lucy, the Herd's Rusty, and your R into one big goofy funny trio.

    Yes, I imagine the triple anesthesia and chemo will slow K down this weekend. Have a wonderful weekend with your wonderful girl.

  45. R is sure trying his hardest to hold things together and to keep you focused on the positive side...bless his sleek black self! We continue to send White Dog healing energy and our strongest hopeful vibes.

  46. I love the puzzle expression photo, when our dogs do that head cock we just melt and so that is what your R just did to my heart. really enjoyed the wild life shots. we live in Florida in the city limits and wonder of wonder, we have coyotes that are stealing cats and dogs, causing a huge uproar.

  47. Thinking of you and K...gorgeous pics of R.


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