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Saturday, January 7, 2012


I took this photo during a short trail walk with K yesterday evening. The moon feels like it holds special meaning, especially in the winter when its light reflects off the snow so brightly that I can even see my "moon shadow".
Last night's moon reminded me of a photo that I took of K earlier this year with the full moon below her. I wished that I could have taken a photo of K with the moon yesterday evening but she was too tired. I hope that she rebounds and has days of lots of energy in the future! Based on my reading of accounts of other dogs going through these treatments, her energy will probably return.
Although the sadness that I held at bay all week has engulfed me, I don't feel regrets. K and I have had so many wonderful days together, trying to make the most of each one. Now, a new journey is beginning. I hope that I can navigate this journey with grace and love.

As expected, K has barely been able to keep her eyes open today as she's been recuperating from her rough week of cancer treatments. I've never seen her so tired. We took a very short walk on our trails this morning in beautiful sunshine. As you can see, the vets added even more patches to her crazy haircut this week. But, she still has enough chocolate fur to glow in the sunshine!
I brought along her special bandana for one photo. It's the bandana that says "Hug me. I've had radiation therapy.". I'm told that the radiation therapy should stop the pain from the tumor on K's front left leg in a week or two.
The cheery sun was short-lived as a storm front laid siege to the mountains shortly after we took our morning hike. It was still snowing this afternoon when K and I took another short hike. The storm caused night to fall early. It was glittery and gorgeous in the woods.
A peaceful end to a restful day... I'm hoping that my K and I refind our spunk tomorrow.


  1. All of the pictures were great but you KNOW our favourite is the last one!

    Happy Napping!

  2. Of course we love the pictures. Even with the crazy hair cut, K is still a beauty.
    Journey on Miss K.
    MOM printed a picture of K and it's on our entertainment center so you both are thought of often. But I don't need a picture for that. My paws are always crossed for you.

  3. That last photo is magical! That big snow flake looks like a moon.. Pain free??? OMD! Enjoy every minute!

  4. Oh, that scene of K in the snow brings tears to my eyes. What a beauty - her soul shines through those eyes.

  5. It's an old saying, but it's so true - Take each day one at a time. Sending you hugs!


  6. Snowflakes on K and the beautiful shine to her coat, every day you will find something wonderful together. Enjoy the walks, slow as they may be, the snow,and the time to pause and take photos. All special. Cheers from Jean

  7. Beautiful photos of K! I'm so glad she's home and recuperating with her loving family. Hugs and good strong mojo from SoCal --


  8. As long as K is not in pain....the last picture is beautiful
    Benny & Lily

  9. Pretty snow picture. I bet all the sleep will really help her. Give her a hug from me.

  10. K has been through a lot, and you too - we hope you both take the time to rest and relax. She is still gorgeous even with her funky hair style:) And oh, how we love that last pic. The pups are drooling over it.

  11. I didn't realize K had been in pain from the tumor... poor doggy. I respect your decision and I hope the treatment gives K many years, but I don't think I would ever put a dog through cancer treatment. It must be agonizing for you both. How long will it go on?

    Tank's Asst.

  12. Fur or no fur K is and always will be beOOtiful!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  13. I looked out at the moon last night and thought about you and K. The same moon shining on all of us in blogger land gives us a common bond. We're still on this roller coaster with you.

  14. I doubt you will refind your spunk as soon as tomorrow. Give K the opportunity to rest, rest and rest and thats how her energy will return, and that is just my feeling.

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  15. Please give K a BIG hug from us!

    So happy to read that K is doing well after her difficult week of treatments, although tired we know her energy will return.

    BIG hugs to you also. You are a wonderful dog mom :)

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  16. I love that last picture of her! She is always gorgeous, but that snow shot is so unique, and very K. I think your journey forward will be a very sweet and rewarding one. I told myself that I wanted to have no regrets with Lilac when the time came, and because I was very conscious of that decision (some days I really had to remind myself hard) I think I did feel a lot more peace after she left us. Of course, she left us a good two years after I expected her to, so that was a lot of time living with no regrets! lol But I think that the bond you have with K will make that happen for you someday, too. It's not that I wasn't sad when she was gone, because I was, but I didn't have things I wished I'd done with her that I didn't. I hope that you and K have a lot more time together before you have to think about things like that!

  17. My goodness, what a journey you are on. Your posts are so captivating, thank you for writing during such a hard time. We are sending you all the good luck we've had over the last few weeks. Our animals are so special aren't they?

    H and Flo

  18. Of course the last picture is gorgeous, but you know what....I like the one showing her standing there with her shaved patches. Standing so firm and steady showing the world she is still here! I hope she rests well this weekend and comes back with some spunk. Every photo shows that K loves her life, where she is and how comfortable she is in her surroundings. Enjoy a good lazy weekend with your K.

  19. Oh My Heavens, that last picture of K took my breath away.

    Bert and I, with friends have spent the day out in the snow and tonight I looked up at that same moon you two were watching last night.

    Through it all, we though of you and we said little prayers for you both.

    I, personally have loved all the photos you take but have never yet felt a desire to print one out as I knew they would always be available on line,

    However, this last photo of Miss K has so much meaning to me, that I find myself doing as Goose did and making a copy for above my desk.

    The struggle, the battle, the beauty, the peace, all there in the photo.

    HOpe you don't mind.
    Bert's My Vickie

  20. Dear KB
    Are you walking in your moon shadow tonight? We are thinking of you- as we watch the moon creep across the foggy sky.
    I feel that soon, you and K WILL be walking in the moons shadow. It will take time for both of you.
    Your words speak of K and that rest is now what she is needing. She is wise- to not push herself.
    We must all let her rest now.
    She will recoop- we feel it!
    Those magic snow bubbles in the last photo with K standing is so awsome- and I think they are filled with rest and healing.
    You also need to rest and heal emotionally. You are giving everything you can muster into helping K- that is love.
    K would tell you to rest and heal too, and then you can return to the "now moments".
    We are wrapping our arms and paws around beautiful K and you.
    I hope you feel it.
    nitey nite

  21. The body might be tired - but I can see K's spirit shining brightly in her eyes. She doesn't know what the future holds, and doesn't care. It's today and as far as she is concerned it's another day to hike, hunt, and be a dog.

    Chester's Mom ♥

  22. Embrace the journay whether it be at a slow walk or joyful bounds... each has its time. All of you should wrap yourselves in the stormy magic and fall into restorative cures more than just the body's pain. Sending White Dog Army positive energy and healing vibes to make the way a bit easier and less lonely.

  23. There may be a hard battle going on inside K's little bod, but outside the world is beautiful, she is beautiful and we send our love and hugs to help. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  24. Well, we added our hugs in the last post, but since it's a new day, please send another round to her from the 4 of us.

    Yes you can make the journey with grace. I'm sure it will be filled with much laughter and adventures as well.

  25. Glittery and gorgeous in the woods and warm and welcoming at home. Sounds pretty good. K looks good on it . Strength.

  26. K's photo in the glittery snow is gorgeous! She is beautiful.
    Dig deep and stay positive. We have all our paws crossed here and sending bucket loads of pawsative thoughts.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  27. Hi Y'all,

    K is as beautiful as ever. I'm sure the love and grace your blog displays will guide you through this wonderful time ahead even when pricked with pain.

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  28. Anyone would be exhausted after being bombarded with al that stuff! Paws crossed that K wil get her energy back soon.

    We LOVE the photo of her with the snow!

  29. Nice to hear that K is doing ok. Very nice pictures and the last one I like with the snow falling...

  30. Gorgeous pictures especially the last one, absolutely stunning photo of K.

    Lily usually rebounded after a day or two from the chemo, but she didn't have the radiation so not sure how that will affect K.

    She looks great despite her patchwork of fur.

    Best wishes.

  31. Your family has been through a lot lately! Enjoy each day as it greats matter the "weather"!

    I also have pictures of K and R handy, and think of you folks daily.

    Amazing, the bond we forge with these four legged gifts, isn't it?

    Bark at ya later,


  32. Dear KB,
    Tears in my eyes and heart as I read your post today. What a journey you and your girl are experiencing. Even though we've never met, I feel a kindred spirit with you and your K. We seem to look at the world with a "like mind". Like you, I'd do anything for my girlz.
    I hope that you are taking care of yourself. There are so many people that care about you and your precious K...
    Continuing to pray and sending hugs,

  33. Beautiful photos. Enjoy naptime

    Stop on by for a visit

  34. I know you will both find your strength again, and I have a feeling it will come from one another. Take care!

  35. That last photo is wonderful with the snow suspended in the air and lying on K's fur. There is a feeling of peace and quiet to it.

  36. Love that snow pix. I bet all of you are exhausted. What a week.


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