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Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunrise blazes and wildlife stirs

K and I started our morning hike early enough to see the mountains bathed in the light of the rising sun. I have to admit that, since K's cancer diagnosis, I've had trouble dragging myself out of bed early enough for sunrise, probably due to the blues. Seizing this morning was an inspiration - I enjoyed it so much!
We also witnessed the sunrise itself. It was so quiet and peaceful without much wind. The only sound was a confused chickadee who was singing his springtime courting song. Sorry, mister, but spring ain't here yet!
I'm grateful for every single sunrise that K and I have the good luck to see together. None of us knows how many we have left in our lives... so I appreciate each one. K's fur took its "sunrise red hue" that I love so much.
K didn't seem to want to stay still for long. We started exploring, enjoying the fact that a few patches of ground are visible for the first time in a long time!
K's energy level is good but not as high as a week ago. I've found myself worrying about her more, wondering what the evil cells are doing inside her. I think that fretting is par for the course, and I'll probably see false meaning in every yawn and cough in the coming weeks and months.
We're doing everything within our power to fight the cancer. Now, we need to enjoy each day rather than worry (yes, this is a little pep talk directed at myself). We have a few more days before her next chemo treatment on Friday.

K looked very happy when she ran this morning, and I smiled along with her. Look at the sunrise reflected in her eye.
In the places with snow, I could see fresh animal tracks - showing me that the wildlife is stirring again, particularly overnight when the snow is firmer and easier to travel on than in the sunlight. My trail camera captured a big buck in the middle of the forest...
... a coyote walking furtively down our driveway...
... and a bobcat following suit. I think that this photo shows the kitten from the pair who we followed this summer. I'm basing my guess on his paw size relative to his body size and on his slightly more spotted and lighter coat than the adult who walked our driveway the other night.
It's good to know that some wildlife have survived our relatively tough winter so far, and that the ones in my photos look healthy. The bobcats look as if they've been eating well. The indomitable spirit of the bobcat lives on!


  1. Dis is our furst comment on yor blog butts wee has followed yoo fur a whiles now. Our Momster has da cancer her has hads it 4 years now. Her had it in 3 different places butts her did beat dem all den one came backs. It still has not gone butts it is small nows butts wen her furst got sick her wos told to gets da family reddy fur da worst. Her wos not goin to do dat, her wos gonna fight it witch her has.
    Now wee not tellin yoo dis cos wee is sorry fur her cos wee isn't, her isn't eivver ( well sometimes her has beened ) wee tellin yoo becos evry day wee has togevver is a blessin n a gift. Her knows her is nots gonna go anywhere fur a long time nows butt wee knows dats da likkle bits ovs cancer in her could grow backs weneva it wants. Her can't do all da fings her used to butt wee knows her takes joy in small fings now, likes wotchin us in da garden on a crisp sunny winter mornin or chasin each ova round da likkle tree in our garden.
    Butt da fing her lovs most ovs all is bedtime wivs us wee snuggles up togevver and she falls asleep listenin to us makin our happisome sleepy noises.
    So wee says to yoo n to K enjoy da likkle fings cos dems is da fings yoo will remembers da most. Da quiet times wen her rests her head on yor knee n yoo ruffle her head n scratch her ear n her will look at yoo n lick yor hand & yoo two will jus knows dat somefings do last fureva.

    Izzy, Uji & Ronnii
    xxx xxx xxx

  2. Ah yes: The indomitable spirit of the bobcat!

    Of course, let's add K and KB to that!

  3. That is a huge deer! Much to my MOM’s dismay I love to chase deer. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help myself. Even with all the training MOM gives me on the matter.
    I am glad you got to see the sunrise. MOM see’s almost every single one each morning. It is an inspiring way to start a day and it always gives her such hope. I know you too see the hope in the sunrise and it’s reflections in beautiful K’s eyes.

  4. Hard to believe K is sick, she looks so good and so vibrant. We hope this week's treatment goes well for her and for you.

  5. KB,
    I envy your getting those glorious sunrise shots. On days that I work I walk the girlz in the dark, so I miss it, plus it's been cloudy here the last few days. :(
    Wondering if you could tell me what sort of camera you are using to get the wonderful shots of your K...
    Enjoy your tomorrow!! give K a big old hug from me.

  6. That is just a fantastic sunrise! It's so perfect it looks painted. I'm glad you got out of bed this morning to share it with us!

    You have no idea how much I envy your blue skies today!

  7. My Vickie said to tell Runner that she doesn't blame him for telling you to turn off the sound on the video we posted. IS that the worst thing ever?????

    And we are glad to report that we got more snow tonight. yeah....

  8. K always looks like she is living each day to the fullest
    Benny & Lily

  9. Sometimes we all need a pep talk to keep us going. K looks beautiful and strong in these pictures:)

  10. K looks so wonderful its hard to imagine her having this disease. I can imagine that sometimes she might feel a little tired and need some extra rest during the day. She should have it and next day she will probably spark up!
    Most of us love little Wilfee and thats how it seems to go for him.

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  11. Like Ronnii, Uji and Izzy's mum, our mama is also a cancer survivor. We're hoping K will rebound after her treatments are done, but mama knows from experience that both radiation and chemo are just plain exhausting, and it's a cumulative exhaustion as long as you're in treatment. We're delighted that K has as much energy as she does to go bounding out with you every day, living the life you both love to the fullest.

    Jed & Abby

  12. Dear KB,
    I know how difficult it must be for you at this time...Your strength and resolve shines through are amazing! I am so glad to hear that you are holding up. Know that we love and support you. Be gentle on yourself, dear are important to us all.
    BTW, you pictures are exquisite (as usual).
    Lots of ((Hugs)) to those two precious canine companions of yours. Special hugs to K.
    With love

  13. Beautiful sunrise as usual. Good luck with K's next treatment. I'm keeping all of you in my thoughts.


  14. For each simple act and beautiful day you and K share in your amazing world we are thankful to the Universe.

  15. That sunrise that you and K shared is one of the most beautiful that I have ever seen with my eyes!
    I see the reflections of the beauty in K's eyes!

    Yes, that is a big, big deer for sure! And the bobcat- oh wow!

  16. You live in a very nice place. I would love to hike with you. Great pictures of the sunrise. K looks great.
    What a nice deer. Great to see it on the camera. The bobcat looks healty indeed.

  17. K is certainly living life to the full with you. She looks absolutely stunning in the shots.
    Love to see your wildlife shots they are amazing. Our hoomans have never seen a bobcat!
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  18. Our mom understands those blues only too well.
    It looks like you're having a wonderful early morning romp, K, and your sunrise is just beautiful!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  19. Look at that glow on K - I think it's emanating both from inside her and out. She constantly searches your face for reassurance and meaning. I was thinking this morning about attitude and how it can shape our lives. So hard sometimes though to shift attitude when there is worry surrounding us. However, witnessing that glorious sunrise, I have a feeling both you and K were uplifted. I think of you often, KB.

  20. What a beautiful sunrise for you and K to enjoy! She looks to be savoring every moment!

  21. What a terrific sunrise! How the sun does capture K's beauty! None of us know what tomorrow will bring. That's the funny thing about life; it can change in an instant without warning for the good or the bad. The hardest part, acceptance! It still amazes me that not only do you share your surroundings with so much wildlife, you actually capture the moments. Love that bobcat! Good luck on Friday!

  22. You are K's strength and you keep her healing and going strong. You both are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsym Lucy, Phoebe and Lily

  23. Hi KB, What a wonderful sunrise! To see your ground and not snow-wow. WE were up in Estes over the weekend and I thought of you as we snowshoed-lots of work but tons of beauty. Hope you have a good afternoon.
    Hugs, Noreen & Reggie-dog

  24. You and K are an inspiration to all of us :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  25. KB- I'm so jealous of your sunrises! I SUPPOSE that we have them here on the East Coast, but I'm not too much of an early bird ;)

    and WHAT kind of buck is that? The rack looks Elk-y, and tall compared to our WTD. And that butt looks tail-less...???

    Those kitties are so beautiful. I will 'trap' one this spring, determined!

  26. All right. Now I am jealous. I grew up in the Rockies living on west side in Montana and the east side in Wyoming and Colorado. Always in the foothills.

    I have always told myself that I was so glad to be away from the snow, but your photos are so enticing. Yes, I think I miss the Rockies.

    As always, amazing photos.

  27. NICE buck and bobcat. I think I'm going to have to go to a zoo if I ever want to get a bobcat pic ;).


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