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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Miraculous world

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle. Albert Einstein.

When I look around me, the whole world is a miracle. The mountains, the sky, the trees, the bears, and our dogs.
I hope that a miracle is underway in this aspen grove. My friends and I spread huge number of columbine seeds in our forest last fall, including in this aspen grove. The seeds are sleeping right now under a deep layer of snow. I hope that we have new columbine seedlings next spring!
A storm moved into our world today, right in the middle of my snowbike ride. It was sunny when I started on the trails, following in the footsteps of two coyotes.
And, a thick snowy soup had invaded by the time I finished. It's been tough to keep riding even though K can't go with me on snowbike rides anymore. It makes me sad but I know that my spine feel worse if I don't ride.
K took advantage of the day to snooze by the fireplace.
Now, it's still snowing - not too hard but it feels like deep winter outside. The Labraduo loves it.
The softly falling snow speckled K's chocolate fur this evening.
During our evening hike, R had his trademark high-voltage energy. Sometimes it feels like he's going to levitate straight out of his skin with pure energy. He's an inspiring soul - he grabs every instant of joy and fully immerses himself in it. The miracle about R is that he's recently turned a sharp corner, becoming much more focused on us than on the world around him. I can be far more relaxed while hiking with him than I used to be.
I wonder if R's transformation will last? I think so. Miracles can happen.


  1. My word is patio!

    Khyra and I wish the view from ours was as magnificient as yours!

    Once again, thanks for sharing!

    BTW, R says he was this cute - no doubt:

  2. All your shots are like postcards
    Benny & Lily

  3. Ahhhh.....yes! Miracles do happen. Do you not have K and R?

  4. Miracles are laid before us every day, every moment. I know you see this, for I have seen the pictures you take and the words you speak.
    Thank you for reminding me of the truth of miracles.

  5. I think back to Treat's illness and then her passing, and I think the five weeks when she was sick was a transformation time for Blueberry. I don't remember Blue being very different while Treat was sick, but I was so wrapped up in Treat that I may have just been oblivious to what the other dogs were doing. But Blue really changed and blossomed after Treat left us. Sometimes I wasn't even sure she was the same dog I'd seen wrestling over a whole chicken with my husband in the living room! lol Perhaps K has had a little talk with R about how to be the best dog he can be! Miracles do happen, and part of the miracle is that they often happen just when you need them!

  6. I think R is growing up finally. I love the sleeping by the fire picture today.


  7. I do hope the columbine bursts forth so you can enjoy them and we can have even more photographs of this wonderful flower.

    Perhaps R perceives that everyone is a little more worried than usual. And might grow up a bit and focus on you and the runner a bit more. His eyes in this picture do seem more knowing. Then I remember his silly face not long ago. He might be growing up, but he will definitely have more teenage days ahead. And I'm sure that's how you want it.

  8. Hi KB
    I agree with you that the columbine seeds are sleeping under the snow and earth- waiting for spring to come. I just know you will see them this year.
    I think you also answered a question I had in my mind when we had our snow. We saw these paw tracks in the road- each step was like a single file step- like the photo you showed of the two coyote tracks along side each other. The instep was longer that my moms foot steps.-- just a single file track in the snow- I think it was a coyote track.
    K and R- look so beautiful with the snow flakes on them. And I am sure that resting by the fire felt good to them.
    And of course there are many miracles, and I am asking for one for K.
    Thank you for sharing more beauty of your world.

  9. The thing about miracles is you don't know where they're going to strike. How funny that the light bulb is beginning to come on for Mr. R!

    I like K's gecko collar :-)

  10. Such wonderful photos of your world today, KB. I'm going to be thinking of those Columbine in the aspen grove. I can see them in my mind's eye already. I think Miracles happen whether we expect them or not.

  11. Yep. I suspect that R knows something is "up," so he is being a good, good boy. NOT that he isn't a rock star in his own right, but he's being extra good. I'm glad to hear it.

    We got some snow today too. The roads closest to the house were crazy icy, when I went down to see my mom this afternoon, but everyone is home now ... in front of the fire.

  12. You said it so beautifully, I have no words to add.

  13. That is one of my favorite quotes; it hangs over my computer desk in the office. And yes, Miracles DO happen every day. Be open for one.

  14. Perhaps as my 7th grade teacher used to say "R is matchooring!" WE can always hope so, just not totally!

    As always, Great Pictures!

    Jo, Stella and Ziva Zophia

  15. We believe in miracles! Such beautiful photos! We love K sleeping by the fire best.

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  16. Wonderful photos, as ever, but that last one of R is really special. The way he is looking at you is so soulful.

  17. I believes it will last with R...they knows when they has to step up to da plate, He knows he has to look out furs ya'll nows. We dogs sense these things.

    I soooo wanna lives where you lives? Has you ever thougths bout takin' in a little redheaded doxie??????


  18. Your photos are exquisite! Enjoy the warm from the fireplace.
    Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily

  19. That first picture is breathtaking!

  20. Beautiful photos. Miracles are all around us, we just need to slow down and see them:)

  21. See, I has springs in my legs dat makes be ables to jump way high up into da trashcan.
    It was a new trashcan and I was investigating...da peeps bought a new dat had a lid so "some" dogs wouldn't be ables to do dat. And mum, furgots it had a top and didn't close it...I jump in! Then I couldn't get and nows I learned my lesson...hehehe.


  22. Beautiful first picture....Everything is a miracle. I´m happy that one of the puppies in my first litter last year turned out well. He was born with a defect, one in a million defect. He is ok after a operation. Thats a miracle. We kept him like his sister.
    We have now cold wheather so the snow we´ve got will stay.

  23. As much as I love seeing K's auburn fur in your pics, the first one is breathtaking with her shadowed form against the purple sky. I hope you don't mind if I borrow this as a screensaver for a little while. (Usually it's Chester but in this case, I might make an exception) I guess because of your colder climate, I can tell her fur is much thicker than Chesters is and it makes me want to run my fingers thru it. R is a handsome boy in his own right - interesting how he is maturing all of a sudden.
    Every day is a gift - that's why they call it the present!

    Chester's Mom ;0=)

  24. Your blog is photographic proof of miracles every day! R must be in tune with you and K. Makes sense! Love that you planted a field of columbines. Can't wait to see the fruits of your labor!

  25. Hi Y'all,

    Positive things come with the spring. Spring brings promise. Winter is peace. Summer is warmth and love. Autumn is beauty.

    All my dogs have stopped to smell the flowers. Hawkeye is no different. When they do they remind me how to stop and enjoy all that's around me and the journey.

    Seems like y'all have been doing just that, even during times when it's difficult.

    Love all the photos, but the close up of K are always special and R's portrait shows the depth of his soul. (and grandmother said animals don't have souls - the only thing she was ever wrong about.)

    BrownDog's Human

  26. We believe in miracles, dey is all around us.

    Woofs and Licks
    Maggie Mae and Max

  27. I believe in miracles! I can see a change in R's face and I am sure it will last.

    Your pal, Pip

  28. Hi KB, I tried to post to your blog on wednesday via my phone but my big fingers got in the way!!
    As I read your blog I smiled as I was going to post the same quote by Einstein on my blog that day!!
    Miracles do happen everyday and they are all around us as you well know.
    It's now saturday and I know K had a treatment yesterday, so I am hoping that you and K are enjoying a quite day together-- Look forward to your updates on her progress.

  29. That photo of K snoozing by the fireplace is so very sweet. Is there anything more peaceful that a dog basking in a favorite, sunny spot?


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