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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Live with the spirit of a dog

I woke up feeling low... very low. I plodded out of our clearing with my awkward big snowshoes on (they're a necessity, rather than a fun thing, with the bottomless snow drifts that currently cover our trails). I brooded and wished that I could rewind our lives by more than a week.

I released K from her leash, and I watched her trot ahead of me with a bounce in her step. She peeked back at me with mischief in her eyes. Then, she grabbed a stick, did an impromptu play bow, and bounded away from me. I threw back my head and laughed.

K did it again. She knows me so well, and, by being her happy self, she brought me back to our precious moment together and pulled me out of the morass of worrying.
After she saw the effect that the stick had on my mood, K hung onto it for a long time - carrying it, tossing it in the air, and generally acting goofy with it. In the photo below, she was proudly trotting away from me with her stick.
K keeps teaching me how to live a good life. How not to brood. How to enjoy the moment. Our dogs know how to do those simple things so much better than we do.
My resolution for the New Year is to learn to handle K's cancer with grace by following her lead - living in the moment and remembering that every day is precious.

R wished you all a Happy New Year in his own unique way. He howled like a wild dog.
Life is so much happier with dogs as part of it.


  1. I can't imagine my life without my dogs.

    Live like K. She can teach us a few things.

  2. I don't think you will be able to find anybody to disagree with you, especially on this list, KB.

    K looks good except for her baldie legs, but she seems to be doing just fine for the now.

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  3. Do you ever read Boon's Sunday sermon? Today it was about this very thing... living in the moment, letting things in the past go and not worrying about the future. In other words... live like a dog. It's not so easy for us humans to do though. I still say K has had the best dog life ever. If only all dogs could be so lucky:) Yeah, I said lucky! I know it doesn't seem like that to you now, but maybe someday.

  4. Your decision to spend the next days as you will with precious K is the greatest gift you can give her ...and you

    You will never have to say " If Only"

  5. As we keep reminding ourselves, dogs live in the moment -

    We so should learn from them!

    I'm smiling as I think of this post -

    Excuse me as I reach down to stroke my K!

    BTW, R should be quite proud:

  6. What a sweet and smart girl. R looks like he knows what to do too. :-)

  7. Sweet precious moments held close, cherished forever.

  8. follow K's lead ....what a great resolution! we can all learn from our dogs everyday.

  9. Amen to what you said. Live like a dog and cherrish, savor, and rejoice in every single moment.
    Follow their lead and no matter what you will smile ad smile.

  10. Dogs are just amazing....enjoy!

  11. That's one special dog, living and loving the now. :)

  12. We second Bibi's comments, and your decision to help K live as fully and as unfettered as possible for as long as she can.

    Jed & Abby

  13. K has such wisdom in her eyes...R just has goofiness all over himself!

  14. I've got a goofy grin on my face...the perfect way to finish off my first day of the new year. Thank you, K and R =)

    PS-Your line about R's unsadateness, followed by his amazing picture in yesterday's post had me doubled over in laughter. So many moments to savor!

  15. Amen to all you have shared! So much we can all learn from our dogs.

  16. Obviously, I'm very behind on your news and can't believe what I'm reading. I thought of you often during my blog break, but I never dreamed that this bad news about K's health was brewing. As you mention in this post, she reads you perfectly. Try to live with her in the moment even though it is going to be difficult. My thoughts are with you as we start 2012.

  17. LOVE it!

    And the howl too!

    BIG hugs to you guys.

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  18. How true is that? Dogs make everything better!


  19. BOL! Thanks for sharing!


  20. I am just getting caught up on the posts about K. I am sorry to read that the cancer had moved so quickly and that the surgery was cancelled.
    K has such a beautiful spirit about her. I wish her the best with the treatment and hope that you can enjoy her spirit for some time to come.
    Happy New Year to all of you.

  21. All of us should follow K's lead, the world would be a much better place if we did :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  22. I am trying to think what K is feeling- not just today- but everyday.
    I wonder if she thinks,,, "come on- I do not worry about tomorrow- today is what is importand- come on- lets live! Let me see the smile that makes me want to dance- and play!"
    K is so "full of the moment".
    What an example she is.
    And R- he does not look like anything could ever slow him down- he is in high gear- also saying,,,
    lets have some fun.
    So much to learn from K and R

  23. All any of us are guaranteed is right now...listen to the dogs...As the White Dog Army says: it's only life after all, don't take it so seriously that you miss living it.

    Thank you for sharing this journey, all of it, with us.

  24. I can't imagine living my life and not sharing it with a dog. Despite the heartache I feel when we lose them, the memories they leave behind as eras of my life are priceless treasures, and totally worth the sadness when they pass.

    I don't think I've ever seen K prance along with her tail so high in the air before! She must be taking lessons from the Greyhounds. And R made me smile! What a perfect clown he is!

    Is this going to be the Year of the Wolf? The Year of the Coyote?

  25. Isn't it amazing how she can be going through what she has/is/will be and yet she still does something to make you happy and bring a smile to your face. K is wonderful!

  26. Hi there KB,
    It's times like this (as you know) that our dogs teach us the wisest things. With Max, I just tuned into him...and discovered that his reality was very different to my own. Remember the 'Carpe Diem' sentiment...
    I know this is heartbreaking, but you are a wise woman and I know you will make the most of every moment, every minute, every day. Your approach to the 'rules' is excellent...
    Hang in there, special friend. And lots of cyber-hugs to you and your amazing dogs - especially K.
    With love

  27. Follow K's lead, she won't steer you wrong. Beautiful photos.

  28. There is a part of you that belongs to only K, and I know a huge part of K that belongs to only you. That will never change. Wish the news could have been better, but none of our furry little friends live long enough.

    Sharing your journey hits very close to all of us who share our heart with a dog.

    Hugs to you both --

  29. Hi, Maggie and Max sent us over. We're sending our most powerful paw vibes.

    just savour those moments with K.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  30. Lovely post and wonderful pictures .You're so right. They have so much to teach us . They somehow know that miracles are not contrary to nature but only contrary to what we know about nature .

  31. She is a beautiful tough girl, I can tell! Paws are crossed that things go well.

  32. Thanks again for a fine post. You and K are certainly soulmates. Helping each other to gain spirit. I love the pictures of K, most the one med the stick and the houmerous glimse in her eyes. Love and good luck EM

  33. Howdy KB, yes that's the spirit. Follow K's lead and you will enjoy every moment to the full. We did with our Oscar and he taught us a mighty good lesson on living life in the now. Looking at your wonderful photos still brings us great joy. Thanks for sharing this special time in your life. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  34. We think your New Year's resolution is absolutely the perfect one!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  35. Whenever anyone asks me about Tommy, I tell them he is joy made dog. It is true that our dear friends are so much wiser than we are. They know that only today counts because only today is real.

    We just love the pic of K with her stick!

  36. Happy new year to you, too! Try to enjoy your time with K instead of worrying about how long it will last... Great resolution.
    I am not sure if my old heeler will see another new year (he is 15 1/2 and has probs with his back)but so far he is fine and we enjoy our time together!
    Hugs, Tina

  37. Thank you for this post. We are facing an unexpected health crisis with Pip, too, and your words are very helpful. Living in the moment is the key, but so hard sometimes.

  38. I am a new follower but, for the life of me, can not remember who sent me over! Oh the joys of senioritis!
    I will be here to offer love and support to you and your precious K.
    Your pictures are spectacular and reminds me why I live in Colorado! I admit I do not like the cold weather, will always consider myself a Desert Rat, would rather sweat in 112 weather but I do love the glorious Colorado scenery!

  39. What beautiful photos!
    I too can't imagine my life without a dog. The compassion they teach us, the living in the present attitude, among other things. I have been so blessed to have had them in my life.

    Hang in there KB....we are still thinking of you all.


  40. Dogs do indeed make everything better. We continue to hold you and K. in our thoughts.

  41. Beautiful post, beautiful photos, beautiful K, and beautiful words of wisdom. You are all in our hearts and prayers.


    Suka and K

  42. Oh my...Sophie does the very same thing with a stick...she knows exactly what to do to get me all fired up and in a dancing tizzy. I so love Sophie. I know now how much you love K.

  43. Madi and I are over from Max and Maggie Mae's to say hi and let you know you are in our thoughts.
    You are so wise...following K lead is exactly the right thing to do.
    Our pets are so wise...she'll tell you when she doesn't want to romp in the snow...
    Hugs and purr
    Madi and Mom

  44. Oh, dear. That picture of R made me laugh. Silly, puckered-lip boy. Great to see K with her stick as well. I know the journey ahead isn't simple, but it's great to know that you have the time / space to savor your time together.

  45. she is telling you its all okay...
    Happee New Year
    Benny & Lily

  46. K looks so soulful in the first picture. Her expression seems to say, "Why are you worried? I am here now with you, and that is what matters the most."

    I think you are making the right decision to let K enjoy her off-leash time as she usually does. The both of you are such strong individuals. I am glad to have gotten to know the both of you so well over the years.

  47. We've got our paws crossed for precious K.

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  48. I just came across your blog after you received this terrible heart breaking news. K is beautiful, utterly gorgeous, and I can only imagine how hard this must be for you. I admire your ability to appreciate every day. I have five dogs, 4 of whom are seniors and I know that the inevatability of loss is just around the corner. I look to my dogs for guidance and see how they appreciate every moment where as I worry and fret, they truly are my role models and I endeavor daily to be more like them.

  49. I often read your blog and look at your pictures but rarely comment. K has led an amazing life living with you and the adventures she has had. I think following her lead is the best thing you could do!

  50. I know you have tons of photographs of K. But this first one with the stick is so totally her I know you will treasure it.

    Gotta love R's goofy salute! HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you!

  51. When the dark days come, you will have these precious memories to help you get through them.

    When we take the time to think about their behavior, we can learn SO much from them! I can't get over how much K resembles Chester. I know many Choco labs look a lot alike but I think they have more similar facial qualities than most I've seen.

    Woof it up R - when you focus on good things, there's a lot to have happy howls about!

    Chester's Mom

  52. I think I'm going to save that photo of R in the back of my head and refer to it whenever I'm feeling down. If that isn't a pick-me-upper, nothing is! Thanks for giving me a much-needed smile!

  53. Hang in there and follow her lead. We can only learn from them. Have 2 Labs myself and love their unconditional love.
    We take hikes in out beautiful Colorado and they love it. Let her lead you......
    God bless,


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