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Saturday, February 18, 2012

A bluebird day with K

A bluebird day... and I was so glad to share it with K.
We headed out into a 20°F world this morning, which is cold, but the sun feels warmer each day as it arcs higher in the sky. We went exploring, looking for animal tracks in the dusting of new snow that fell last night.
I love bobcats and capturing their photos with my trail cameras so K and meandered among the boulders where bobcats love to hunt. I was hoping to find a new place to post a trail camera but we didn't find any fresh tracks... but K didn't care! She wanted to leap up onto a boulder in the photo below but I'd asked her to "wait".
K loves our "exploring" because of the animal scents that she gets to investigate. She's always alert and scanning the area around us.
I did a little research into bone marrow suppression by carboplatin chemotherapy, and I found out that K's white blood cell ("neutrophil" count, to be specific) count is pretty dang low. It's 1200 while the normal range is 6000-14,000. I really hope that it rebounds enough (to 2500) to resume treatment next week... but I'm guessing that it'll be touch and go.

During my research, I accidentally ran into the statistics about the prognosis for osteosarcoma before I rapidly slammed the browser windows closed. I don't want to think about that right now. I just want to enjoy my girl. We savored our morning together.
Best friends together on a glorious bluebird winter day.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I try to avoid research/statistics whenever anyone is sick, it just brings me down and megitivity isn't good for anyone
    Dachshund Nola

  2. I love your pictures but the last one on today's post is one of the best ones. There is just something about it. Her eyes are speaking to the camera like come on we have lots to explore.

  3. Beautiful pictures. Doesn't her shaved leg get cold in the snow? Maybe she needs some legwarmers like an 80s aerobics instructor.

    Don't pay attention to the statistics. Mommy's third dog (who got mouth cancer) was given 2 to 4 months to live and he had a very happy year. Is she on a cancer diet?

  4. Great pics -

    And great move on closing that browser -

    Live in the moment -

    So K says!

  5. Statistics suck!! You and K had a gorgeous day together, that's the positive focus. I love that last picture. She looks like she has such a deep thoughtful soul! Beautiful!

  6. I love the one of K waiting! Good call on closing the browser, I think you have the right idea, enjoying every minute and not dwelling on the "what ifs"?

  7. I have said it before and I will say it again. Every picture you take is print worthy.

    Book worhty. You should right a picture book of the life of K.

    It should have everything it in, like a family story too. And you should use your internet names. K, KB, R and Runner.

    It would be a great book.....Seriously. All your adventures, everything you experience, from the side of nature and its seasons, the animals you follow and most importantly how you are living each Bluebird Day as you walk through this time.

    I mean......really.

  8. You are right to slam the book on statistics. Keep imagining K at the very best level. Heck no, imagine her way above the very best.

    And continue to enjoy today, especially when it is a bluebird day.

  9. At times like these, the internet is not your friend!

    We are glad you had an awesome day with K!


  10. Everyone is right. Close the browser, and don't read that statics stuff. It dampens the positive and the beautiful.
    Focus your time and energy on the "Bluebird Days." That is where you will find and see the hope and sunshine. Just like I see the hope and sunshine in K's eyes.

  11. I think K would say- "just close that browser, and lets go have some fun today."
    These photos are just awsome!
    I love the blue bird days that you and K share!

  12. The browser doesn't know K and every day there is a new hope for cures and new treatments. I don't like to read too much(although it is hard not to sometimes) and just take each day. K is so beautiful as are your photos. They are amazing.

    Loveys Sasha

  13. Bluebird days are good. As for statistics... we've learnt that there are exceptions !

  14. We are blessed each new day with the joy of your blog and to share with both you and K the excitement along the trail with amazing photography.

    Continued in paws and hands of prayer each day.

  15. Awesome pictures which are full of life and love!

    Enjoy and be in each moment all the time with K! Who cares what other people say.

  16. The only thing you really need to know, KB, is that you are there, and K is there, and those moments encompass eternity.

    We just love that last photo.

  17. Your Bluebird winter day is priceless! The shots are K are wonderful.
    Keep the browser closed and continue to live every precious moment in every day to it's full.

    Extra Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  18. You and K never make bad pictures huh...I always feel as if I can reach out and touch her, I wish!

  19. What a brilliant blue sky! Your mom is right, K - enjoy the beautiful day - the heck with statistics!

    Love ya lots,

  20. Bless you for loving K like there's no tomorrow! We're all rooting for K and that you have many more happy and glorious times together.

    Your stories and pictures are inspirational and I pray that they continue for a long time. We are sharing the journey with you!

    Lily Belle

  21. WOW! Those are some gorgeous pictures. I always thought I was a good model for Mom's pictures, but I guess I need to step it up a notch.

  22. Hi Y'all,

    We have a human friend who was diagnosed 3 years ago with a bone cancer. He is still going to University for treatments. He was given 2 years to live and is still going strong.

    Another friend who recently passed was 9 years with stomach cancer.

    As long as you keep looking ahead and doing and planning to do...that's what kept the latter friend going and what is keeping the former going.

    You're doing it right, don't think...just do!

    BrownDog's Human

  23. Lovely pictures of K. What a beautiful wheather you have. We had rain yesterday and today + 5-6 C. A lot of snow melted away. We had bad luck with our camera. Only 1 picture of a roe. Now I put it on another feeding place and there was a lot of roe tracks. Let´s see next weekend. Hugs from the dachshundfamily in Sweden.

  24. We love what Lily said about loving K like there is no tomorrow.

    Forget about the statistics, we have the Power of the Paw and the gazillion pillars of strength there for you instead:)

  25. Zephyr's WBC count and nuetrophil count would get really low too. His would drop to the 100's and the first time, when he got the fever, his neutrophils were 72! Some days going on a walk was too much and after a few days only going in the yard he'd be better. I read that beef is good for helping it. Not sure if it helped, but he really enjoyed, and still enjoys, having cooked ground beef added to his meals. :-) His treatments were about 4 weeks apart. The Internet can be dangerous. Usually I'm all about research, and I found out as much as I could about encepalitis and the chemo, it's just that there's not much known about his type of encephalitis. I had to stay away from the sites and forums with people actively struggling with the different types of encephalitis and treatments. I knew it would cause me to wonder and stress about even more possibilities. I felt like he was getting the best treatment possible and focused on that and tried to stay positive. I think you're doing a great job of balancing things and making sure your girl stays happy!

  26. Love you photos, K! We got the power of paws for you and your Mom!

    Loving is the top priority. The browser can wait. Enjoy the outdoors like you always do!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & Forgie

  27. So glad you days you cherish. K looks like she is enjoying every minute, and that is the important part here.
    Always with hope.

  28. Your photos of K are glowing - at first I thought it was the morning sun, but then I decided the light came from inside her. Wonderful portraits!

  29. Beautiful post!! I agree with need to write a book. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  30. Every dog is different but... When our dog Boo was diagnoses with osteosarcoma they gave her 3-6 months. We cried, our neighbors cried, we worked our way through the stages of grief... and here we are 2.5 YEARS later (Tripawd)Boo is still with us! All you can do is choose to love and live each day to the fullest! Oh! And ignore all those internet statistics! :) You're doing a great job! Keep enjoying the bluebird days be kind to yourself!
    - Amanda & Boo

  31. Sending love to both of you! Jean

  32. I think every bluebird day is a blessing! It's not just the time together that's precious, it's the way you store those feelings into your soul. I'm glad you and K had such a perfect day together, and I think you're right to ignore the statistics and just enjoy the now. None of us knows what the future will bring!

  33. We love the photos!

    Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily

  34. Gorgeous photos.

    I'm sure there are many stories to be heard regarding what can happen, but I keep thinking back to the woman I met on the commuter train right around the same time K was diagnosed. Her lab went through similiar treatments, and at the very same place as K, and she's more than a year out now. Doing well.

    I hope this is the result in store for you, too.

  35. Spectacular photos! and so you should enjoy your days together. A big hug from myself and Ron to K. And a slurpy kiss from Sophie!! K so reminds me of Sophie, except K is better trained. I bet K could/would teach Sophie a thing or two!


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