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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Savoring a bluebird day

Before dawn, a pack of coyotes howled near our bedroom windows. R rushed to the windows to add his own distinctive voice to the chorus. The coyote pack is buzzing with energy now because the females are in heat. K and I saw three spots where a female coyote in heat had urinated, leaving a deep red splotch in the snow.

A pair of coyotes spent a long time in our clearing the other night. I arrived at my camera to see that it had taken 700 photos overnight. That's an extraordinary number! I'll include more footage in the future but most of the photos are of the pair of coyotes wriggling in the snow in front of my camera. They wriggled for about 10 minutes!
This morning, K was excited to sniff all the coyote scents during our morning hike. I talked her into stopping for a moment for a photo in the light of the rising sun as we walked through an aspen grove.
After we'd climbed up higher into the region where the bobcats love to hunt in the boulders, she slowed again to let me capture her in the glowing light.
We savored our time out on this glorious winter day. It was another cold but very clear and sunny day - a bluebird day in February. K seems to love these days too.
I kept noticing K licking her nose today, particularly while she was sniffing the intriguing animal scents. I wonder why she does this...
Late this afternoon, the coyotes were back again. As I worked at one end of the house, a scary howl resonated from the other end of the house. I quickly scanned around me for the Duo because the howl sounded almost like a dog in pain. I saw R but I didn't immediately see K nearby. I was scared that she'd somehow broken her leg and yowled in pain so I sprinted toward the sound. To my surprise, there were no dogs at that end of the house. I glanced around and a coyote outside the window caught my eye. He must have howled at our windows!

I was so relieved that K was fine. She and R romped this evening with the enthusiasm of a pair of puppies. Our fingers are crossed that her chemotherapy is easy for her tomorrow, and that the drug searches out and destroys all the cancer cells in her body. I know that's a long shot but I have hope.


  1. Khyra SOOOO wants to romp and roll with those coyotes!

    Paws khrossed for tomorrow!

  2. Hi K, Wow I'm glad that your doing great things this day! And I know that your feeling better right!

    It's all About Pet Fences | Dog Fence

  3. Those coyote howls would creep me out.

    Hoping for a smooth treatment tomorrow!

  4. As always, love the pics! And the last one seems to resonate "Tag! Your it!"

    Glad the Duo had a great day!



  5. I think I would like to howl with the coyotes. K an R look like they are having a wonderful time. Wish I could romp with them
    Remember what I said about hope?
    I know tomorrow is Friday and we hope for the best for K. But it is also that special time MOM and I take for you and K.

  6. Oh and congrats on 2nd place in MM. You know you are first with us.

  7. Congrats on your double win at Mango Minster!!!

    K has lots of pillars to support her for tomorrow and all of her tomorrows:) We will be thinking of both of you and sending our best vibes for all things good.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. We're here for congrats for K too in the Workin'Stiffs category. She got 2nd place plus Viewers Choice. She lost 1st place to a Seeing Eye Dog which is pretty easy to understand.

    Love and hugs to our girl for the Chemo tomorrow. Our prayers will be right with her all day.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  9. We will be with you and K tomorrow for her chemotherapy!

    Those coyotes howling so close to the house would be so scary sounding!
    A farm down the road has a trail camera too, and got a photo of a bear and cougar. Just like you do!
    The photo of the coyotes rolling in the snow is quite amazing!
    The last photo of K is soooo awsome!

  10. Once again such beautiful pictures! Good luck tomorrow, I'm going for the long shot with you!

  11. KB, just a thought on the nose licking. The chemo and/or meds could be affecting her nose, drying it out. the licking could be her attempts to moisten her nose hairs so she can gather scent better.

    You might ask the doctor if he has any suggestions. It is not a big thing. but you know K, she wants to smell and experience it all.

    As always she looks beautiful....

  12. Congrats on your Mango Minster wins! Good luck tomorrow, paws crossed
    Dachshund Nola

  13. I'm still grinning over that last shot of the two of them!

    You really did seem to have perfect weather! My favorite shot is the one of K with the boulders behind her. Her delicate white eyebrows just look so sweet there.

    Good luck tomorrow! I hope everything goes well! :)

  14. Awesome shots!
    Will be thinking and praying for you and K tomorrow.

  15. Wow, it looks and sounds like the coyotes are pretty full of it right now. Good luck to K with the chemo treatment. She's not letting her brother tag her in the last photo. :-)

  16. what beautiful pictures and what exciting adventures you have. Paws are crossed that chemo goes well and Mommy is praying for you.

    loveys Sasha

  17. Very cool! Although I think those coyotes might be a little close for comfort for me. :) I wonder if our dogs would join in a howl if they heard a pack around here? So glad you had a good day together. We will be thinking about you and K. 24 Paws Crossed. Always.

  18. We are send lots of powerful White Dog healing energy and cancer killing vibes to take along to tomorrow's treatment. Oh, and also, comforting woos to keep the scaredies away. Be are supported by so many Pillars of Strength.

  19. Congrats on the MM success! I love the close up of the nose licking. That took some lucky timing to catch it like you did. Keeping you both in my thoughts tomorrow for the chemo.


  20. We also wanted to offer you congratulations on K's double win at Mango Minster, and we had the same idea as Bert's Vickie about the nose licking. It probably enhances her ability to smell, whether it's due to a dry nose, dry air, or something else. We'll be thinking of K tomorrow; hope she has an easy day as chemo days go.

    Jed & Abby

  21. Oh what an interesting post! I love your photos and your dogs!
    Your are in my thoughts - lots of hugs to K!
    x Teje & Nero

  22. Hope all goes well with K. You'll be halfway through today !

  23. You and K are in my thoughts today.
    Hoping all goes well.

  24. Great pictures agian. Interesting to see the coyotes. Surprised that they are so nearby your house. Could they attack the dogs??

  25. Paws and Hands in prayer for 'K' and so delighted to see K enjoying the scenic beauty - which you have captured beautifully on camera.

    Amazing photography - we love it.

  26. Stopping by to let you know we are thinking of you and praying for K...your photos are beautiful...K looks awesome in those photos!! The coyotes are a bit scary...being so close!

  27. We're thinking of you, K, and my paws are crossed.
    Congratulations on your MangoMinster wins!

    Love ya lots,

  28. Absolutely fabulous shots!
    K & R are having so much fun. Congratulations on 2 nd place in MM comp!
    We have all our paws crossed here for K's treatment session. Thinking of you.
    Stay strong & positive
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  29. Just stopping by today to let you know our PAWS OUR CROSSED for K today. Sending good vibes and drool. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  30. Hope all goes well today and congratulations on your Mango Minster prize! Those coyotes are wonderful, though I'm not sure what it's like to share a neighbourhood with them! As for the nose-licking, dogs' noses aren't always wet and if it's dry it's not necessarily a sign that the dog is ill, although K's treatment might affect it. A wet nose is better at scenting.

  31. We share your hope, KB.

    Congrats on winning Readers' Choice for Working Stiffs at MM 2012, and placing second in the judged bit. We think you should have won that too!

  32. What a great coyote photo - it almost looks like they were posing for you!


  33. Wow...having coyotes that close to the house would be very creepy to me. I'd always be worried the dogs would decide to tangle with them.

    We're thinking about you and K today and keeping our fingers and paws crossed for success.


  34. Your photos today show K's personality so well. I thought of her & you immediately upon awakening when I looked out at the high peaks. My hope is the same as yours, KB - more glorious romps with K in the morning sun.

  35. I was mesmerized by the coyotes, until I scrolled down and saw beautiful K, glowing in the light!

    Although we hear them and see scat regularly, I've never seen a coyote on our property. Thanks for sharing yours!

    Thinking of you and K today!

  36. I hope K's treatment works well and gives him a cure.
    The coyote pics are wonderful!

  37. Hope is good, without has nuttin'! We are prayin' and thinkin' of ya'll today. We so hope all goes well.


  38. how cool is that! But we would probably be their snack
    Benny & Lily

  39. I howl along to the coyotes by our house too, and those lady coyotes sure are smelling good these days. Mommy calls me her "piss-licking-tooth-clacker" this time of year and I'm fixed!

    Good luck on the chemo. Mommy says to tell you that her second dog had chemo and other than being tired when he came home from treatments, he never had a side effect.

  40. Nice shot of the coyotes. Keeping you and K in our thoughts and prayers.

  41. That last photo is AWESOME! How funny the coyote was howling at your house! We love to hear those guys almost every night behind our house. Such music!


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