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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Our world is cold, gray, and snowing again. The snow is so deep that it's extraordinarily hard work to try to leave the one packed trail. You can see K ahead of me this morning, during a brief flash of almost sunshine, as she cantered along on the easy path.
Aside from a slightly upset stomach, K has made it through the ten days following her second round of chemo feeling very strong. On a hike yesterday, she got the zoomies, tucking her butt under her body, and running at top speed to and fro. Even R couldn't keep up with her! Then, she jumped up and broke a dead branch off a pine tree to play with. She sprinted past R, hanging the stick off to the side to lure him into a game of chase.

Although I couldn't stop myself from worrying about her leg, I laughed out loud to see my girl so very happy!!! I didn't take a single photo - I just soaked up the joyful moment.

For the past couple of mornings, I've spotted coyote tracks on the packed trail. Moreover, after yet another drought in terms of wildlife photos, I captured a coyote photo with my trail camera. I can only imagine how hard it is for our wildlife to travel around the forest right now so I'm not surprised that he was on the beaten path.
I haven't seen the elk since the day after the storm. A dozen elk lagged behind the main herd, digging down to eat in a meadow despite the deep layer of snow.
The rest of the big elk herd had made tracks toward lower elevation feeding grounds. They're smart animals, and they walk in single file lines in the deep snow. Here were a couple of their lines.
The sun on our mountains was so gorgeous that day. Yes, I'm yearning for another bluebird day like that one!
I spent time on our trails with the Duo today and captured some funny closeup images of their faces. Here, I focused on the snow clump on K's nose.
Do you need any more proof that R is a Cracker Critter than the next photo?
He was being incredibly earnest, meeting my eyes, but had such a maniacal look on his face!


  1. OH.MY.GOD...
    R makes me laugh SO hard!!! Thanks for that close up :)

    And give Miss Chocolate Bunny a big squish from all of us...soooo happy to hear she was full of zoom zoom zoom!

    Lots of love from all of us at DVR,

  2.'s so hard not to worry, but why K's not
    Benny & Lily

  3. R loves his KB and says, "I'll be here for you..." Love the close-ups!!

  4. I bet K made you laugh! I'm so happy to hear of these zoom zoom moments and see the fun snow shots. The last one is a hoot!

  5. R, I heart you! I have a hopeless case of the giggles now! Has he lost weight? For some odd reason, the last week, he looks different in his pictures, and I can't pinpoint why. He has more of a puppy look to him.

    I love the shot of K with the snowflake on her nose! That would be a fantastic Christmas card!

  6. Despite our loss of certainly incredible photos, it made me incredibly happy that you were so caught up in K's moment of zoomies that you didn't click once.That moment wasn't lost but is forever etched on your soul.

  7. They went to the wise oracle that lived on top of the mountain. They asked "what is the meaning of life?" The answer? Zoomies!

    Mogley G. Retriever

  8. The last picture, (R's) was perfected with the curled lip. Cracker? I believe it!

    Fun to see K cutting loose too!

    Cheers and Hugs,

    The Minnesota Girls

  9. Oh my, that is the perfect way to end the day. R is so stinkin cute. That last picture is a prize winner if I ever saw one.

    We are sad you didn't get pictures of K having a great time but we understand how it is to be so in to the moment that the camera is an afterthought.

  10. Just catching up...loved yesterday's post and the shot of R today does crack me up. Stay strong and live in the moment!!

  11. Oh i love to hear of K doing the zoomies! Its amazing that she and R can get through that deep deep snow!
    That single trail is so deep!
    The little clump of snow on K's beautiful nose is awsome!
    And that photo of R- he looks like he is trying his best to get your attention! So beautiful your photos with that gorgeous blue sky.

  12. Oh Dog R is the Cracker of Crackers! BOL!!! It's always good to end the day with a smile and a laugh. Thank you. Of course to top it off the wonderful shot of the snow on K's nose.

  13. oh I almost forgot I have something for ya on my blog. If ya want.

  14. R makes me laugh so hard! Beautiful photos I adore that snowflake one of K
    Dachshund Nola

  15. It is so good K can have this much fun! You are very brave to let her have it.
    Hugs and doggie kisses!

  16. Beautiful photos on the mountain covered with snow. Lovely to see K is so playful and happy.

  17. You are such a nut, R! You remind me of someone I know.
    What fabulous pictures!

    Love ya lots,

  18. so beautiful....the snow,the dogs, the sky! so glad K is feeling like doing zoomies!

  19. What fabulous pictures! You can't beat zoomies in the snow.
    Love the photo of R!
    K & R live a wonderful life with you.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

    P.S. We love to see the wonderful trail camera photos. Amazing shots.

  20. Oh R, That is such a typical Lab face, full of exuberance and love!
    Kisses to both of those adorable snooters! Keep zooming!

    KB, Every time I visit your blog I realize how desperately I need a road trip (west)!

  21. LOL! We call the expression that R has in the last photo (when the lip gets caught on a tooth) a "puppy sneer". :) And we laugh.

    K is so beautiful. So far, so good.

  22. BOL! R is indeed a cracker pup! Love their close up shots. The photos of the sights are breath-taking.

    Enjoy zoom zoomies, K & R!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & Forgie

  23. Zoomies and Cracker R... what a combo! I love the elk artwork in the snow! Also love that K is taking all this so well.

  24. BWhahahahaha...Oh R is kerazy and dat look on his face has totally given me da perma grin.
    I don't blames you furs just soakin' up da good times and just watching K in da good times. It makes me so happy to knows her is happy and hads a good day.

    Saw on our news, in da next county overs, dat peoples is armin' theirselves withs guns against da coyotes dat has been killin' farm animals. They "thinks" they may has rabies. I dunno knows thoughs...I is just Puddles.


  25. What a great K story! You must have so enjoyed watching her! All your pictures are great but that last one of R I had to laugh out loud. His goofy look just reminds me of Fred!

  26. Gosh, you got a LOT more snow than we did!

    You did the very much right thing by just soaking up K's happy zoomie dance. I'm so very glad that she's feeling good.

    And R - yep...that picture just kinda makes him the poster child for Cracker Dogs. Heehee!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  27. Oh that makes me smile, thinking about K and the zoomies!

    R is definitely the cracker dog!

    Your pal, Pip

  28. awesome to see all of your critters! i walk in the animal trails, they walk in ours.... teamwork. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Our wildlife here have had it easy this winter...around 50 during the day and 25 at night.

  30. OK - that last picture of R did it. I have an overwhelming desire to hop on a plane just so I can kiss that silly black face and of course, while I'm there I need to give K some major lovin'. She seems like the more serious of the two and maybe she will let me in on one of those secrets she shares with her brother. I can only imagine how interesting that would be!

    Happy trails,
    Chester's Mom ;0-)

  31. I've been catching up, KB - had a busy week and haven't been on-line much. Glad to see you all outdoors enjoying your winter wonderland. Those pics of the pups are priceless! R looks deranged.

  32. I love it when R makes that funny face! :)


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